Jeff Lubbert

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis. If the item is not found there will be a $25 call out fee to cover my fuel expenses. Additional expenses may incur for my travel time of more than 30 minutes per leg of the trip. In order for me to do a water recovery attempt, which involves scuba, there will be additional expenses for the rental of equipment.

Search Types

I search all types of terrain from flat parks to ski slopes, beaches and in the water.

Search Locations

Denver metro area, but I can travel throughout Colorado, southern Wyoming and western Nebraska with proper notice and arrangements. I am a certified diver with underwater machines.

Jeff Lubbert's Bio

I’ve been involved in metal detecting since the mid 1980's. In 1998, I became a member of the Eureka Treasure Hunters club in Denver, Colorado where I’ve held the positions of president (2 terms), vice president and board member (3 terms). My inventory of metal detectors is quite extensive as well as my overall knowledge and experience with metal detectors in general.

I have written articles about my metal detecting experiences for the magazine, "American Digger", and have appeared on the television show, "Forensic Files", recreating an evidence search for a crime that had taken place in the Boulder, Colorado area.

Jeff Lubbert - Recent Blog Post

  • Keys found in Washington Park and returned (2018)

    Alec was in Washington Park Monday night playing with his dog Slushy (that is really the dogs name, Slushy) in the freshly fallen snow when he lost his keys. He went back to the park that night to search the five inches of snow for the keys with no luck, searching till 1:30 AM. He […]

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  • Wedding band recovered near Elizabeth, CO (2018)

    Colin was visiting his parents’ house near Elizabeth, Colorado for Thanksgiving. He went outside to play with his five year old son on the grassy hill in back of the house. He felt his carbon tungsten ring slide off his hand while wrestling with his son. He spent over an hour searching the grass with […]

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  • Texas A&M class ring recovered, Arvada, Colorado (2017)

    Paul was out playing disc golf when he lost his beloved Texas A&M class ring. He went to a near by store and rented a metal detector. He then spent an hour sear…ching the small island in a stream that he was on when he felt his ring slip from his finger with no luck. […]

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  • Platinum wedding band found in Erie, Colorado yard (2017)

    David was out doing some yard work, back filling around a retaining wall and raking leaves, when he lost his platinum wedding bad. He rented a metal detector from a local store in an attempt to recover his ring. But like most novice detectorists, he didn’t have the necessary skills to find the ring. David […]

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  • Gold pendant recovered from Thornton yard (2017)

    Mayra Hernandez and her children were visiting her sister-in-law for a late summer picnic and celebration. Her son, Adrian, was playing in the yard with his cousins when his necklace that held his gold baptismal medallion broke. It wasn’t till minutes later that he noticed the necklace dangling from his neck. The family stopped their […]

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Jeff Lubbert - Testimonials

  • Thank you again Jeff for finding the one and only, most important ring I’ll ever wear! (2011)


    Thank you Jeff Lubbert for finding my ring! I lost my ring and was pretty sure it happened at a baseball diamond while playing kickball. It was cold out, I was wearing gloves, and had been taking the gloves on and off throughout my game to get a better grip on the ball. I did not realize until towards the end of the second game of a double header that I was missing it. My wife was there with me, and so I broke the news to her right away that I did not know where it was. We were both devastated. After the game, 4 teams of kickball players and I searched the two fields we played on for about 20 minutes. No luck. The next day I posted a lost and found ad on Craigslist and Jeff gave me a call. He told me he was there at the park, looking for my ring! I realized I gave him the wrong information about the area I was in when I went there that evening to look myself that evening. So he returned the next day, and after giving him some more accurate information, HE FOUND IT! Granted, it was right where I thought I lost it, I probably never would have found it buried deep in the grass and mud, I’m sure I would have called it a lost cause if I did not find it myself after a couple of more searches. I definitely learned some lessons and will be much more careful in the future with cold weather, physical activity, and wearing of gloves. Thank you again Jeff for finding the one and only, most important ring I’ll ever wear! (I hope – If I ever loseit again, I know who to call!)

    Andy Kobusch

    Denver, Colorado