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Heirloom Confirmation Ring Lost in Pittsburg, CA…Found!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

It was a routine day at my office where I’m a Project Manager for a steel erection company.  In between writing up change order requests and preparing for an annual Quality and Safety Management Systems Audit I received a text message from the Dunmore Family in Pittsburg, CA.  The text was requesting someone to locate a children’s ring lost in the backyard.

I promptly contacted the family on the phone for more details and to schedule a time for the search.  I explained the service I could provide and the contract that would be required once I arrived to the site.  Once a time was decided upon, I requested the family to confirm the appointment and their address via text message.

Arriving at the location, I was greeted by the family and we discussed more details about the missing ring and how it was lost.  It was revealed that the ring was a gold heirloom “Confirmation” ring that was once a gift to the son who was preparing to pass it down to his son at an impending Confirmation Ceremony.  The child was wearing the ring while playing with a soccer ball in the backyard when it flung from the youngsters hand. The family searched and the ring was not recovered.

Before I searched, I explained my process to the family and we had the child duplicate his actions and the location to the best of his ability.  After approximately 15 minutes of being on site and maybe 6 minutes into the search…we made the recovery!!!


Dunmore Family Testimonial:

Thank you Brendon! Thirty years ago our son received a gold ring from his Godmother and was passing it down to his Son. We were all heartbroken when informed it had flown off his finger in the backyard. We searched without success when I googled how to find lost rings and came across “theringfinders.” Brendon responded promptly and showed up the next day and found the ring in minutes. He was timely and courteous and we appreciated the explanation of how he would search the yard and what the different metal detector sounds would mean. Thank you Brendon for finding the ring which will allow it to continue being passed down for generations.

Lost Platinum Wedding Ring Lost in Sand at a Orange County, CA. Beach .. Recovered by Metal Detector Man

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)










If you lose a ring in the sand call Stan the Metal Detector Man .. 949-500-21136

… Ryan lost his platinum wedding ring in the dry sand at a local Orange County, CA. beach. He had just finished applying sunscreen when his ring flew off his finger as he quickly waved his arm.

Ryan had previous experience with trying to find lost items in dry beach sand, so he didn’t waste time searching by hand. He called me after finding my contact information online. We made arrangements to meet at his location at Crystal Cove a California State Beach. 

It was less than a five mile drive for me, so I was on the beach shortly after we talked on the phone. 

Because Ryan was still in the location and he had called soon after the loss it was,a quick recovery. I wish all searches were this easy. Many calls come after people leave the beach. Then we have a problem of finding the general area of the loss. Nevertheless this time we had a successful ring recovery and Ryan was extremely excited to have his wedding ring back in his possession.

“ I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “  Call ASAP with any questions or help finding your lost sentimental keepsake .  Stan the Metal Detector Man  … 949-500-2136


Promise Ring Found In Claremont Horse Country

  • from Seal Beach (California, United States)

Monday December 26

On Christmas day, I received an email from a hopeful mother, Diane whose daughter just received a promise ring right before Christmas. Her daughter Summer was devastated, and wasn’t sure whether or not to break the terrible news to her boyfriend, to go buy a metal detector and search for herself, or what the next step should be. Diane and I came into contact and although I was unable to make it Sunday night, I made the drive early Monday morning. Luckily, it was nearby and only 6 miles up the hill in Claremont, Horse Country. Summer didn’t know where the ring could be, but she narrowed it down to either being in the stall while cleaning her horses, or outside where she was photographing her new prized possession. I worried that one of the horses may have kicked the ring and we wouldn’t be able to find it. Since the ring is white gold, it is harder for the metal detector to pick up any signals. While searching in the stalls, the friendly horses nudged and kissed me, as they curiously watched the pursuit for the ring.  After turning up the sensitivity, I soon heard a faint signal. I scooped up a pile of hay, and there in the screen was Summer’s ring. She was overjoyed to see her ring once again, and I suppose Christmas came twice for her this year. I was glad to have made someone’s day, and was on my way.

Lost Ring in Temecula, CA.. Swimming Hole.. Recovered

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Friday, June 28..

I received a call from Brett asking me about The RingFinders and if I’d be able to search for a ring lost in a swimming hole out in the country.. He told me the water was no deeper than 5 ft., which is right at the limit before requiring diving gear. I told him that I’d be willing to give it a try hoping it would be in shallower water. His wife Natalie called me had with a few more details. Her daughter Amanda was wearing  her grandfather’s 55 year old wedding ring. While swingging from a rope swing over the water her friend threw a ball at her. Well, she tried to bat the ball away with her hand and the heavy ring went into the murky water.

We set up a meeting place for Sunday morning and took off for this secret swimming hole. It was about 12 miles out in the boondocks. A real pretty country swimming hole  including the rope swing. I was using my Excalibur Minelab waterproof detector and waded into the water. Amada and her friends were there and explained how it happened and the direction she hit the ball. Well, the water was up to my neck and retrieving the targets was next to impossible with my scoop. So, the guys offered to dive down to get the targets. I would put the handle of the scoop on the target and they would grab a hand full of sand.  After about 20 minutes we started finding fishing weights, coins and sunglasses. An hour or so later, the young guys took a break and Brett, Amanda’s dad took a few dives. It was looking like everybody was giving up hope.. Then I got a nice signal and told Brett we aren’t leaving until we recover this target..  He went down and came up with a big smile saying it’s a ring..  We had 20 or more onlookers and there were cheers and tears, also smiles. It was certainly a family affair with Mom setting it up, Dad making the great dive and all the friends helping. I could not of done it myself.. On my web page I say. “I’ll try anywhere” .. I’m starting to have second thoughts about that.. The search is a challenge, the real experience is meeting such nice people and being able to help them..


Lost Gold Wedding Ring… Long Beach, CA… Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

This afternoon about 5pm I got a call and an email from Krista. She had been at Mother’s Beach in Long Beach, CA. with her two young daughters. Krista took her diamond wedding ring off and set it on her lap while she put sun screen on her daaughter. About a half hour later she realized she had not put it back on and it was somewhere in the dry sand. They searched through the sand for a long time and could not find her ring. When she got home Krista found my contact information on ” The RingFinders” website and called me.   We met at the beach about 7pm and I set up a grid search. By 7:30pm I got that special gold tone and when I scooped up the target there was her ring.  Now the ring is back on her finger where it belongs.

The highlite of this search was when Krista’s young daughter came up to me and said, “Thanks for finding my mother’s ring” The little girl is only about 5 or 6 years old.. It was a special thanks and there were smiles on everybody’s faces. Even all the spectators..

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Ring Found at Pacific Beach, Ca.

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

My wife and I went to visit some friends at Pacific Beach last Sunday and naturally, I brought my detector along to try my luck. I donned my gear and started to walk over to the life guard tower to begin my beach hunting when a man named Ray approached me and asked me if I could help find his wedding band that had slipped off his finger. He thought it was in the sand over by the blanket he and his wife were using. I said sure and headed there to take a scan of the area. A nice sound produced nothing but a wadded up clump of foil. After nothing else came to light in that area Ray said that it could be over in the shallow water too. I gave him my card, got a description of the ring (large yellow gold band with a hammered look on the outside), and asked if he was going to be there on the beach for a while. He said yes, so I told him If I found his ring, I’d let him know and headed toward the surf. Before I made it to the wet sand, I got a nice signal from Excalibur and in my first scoop, I see a nice big gold ring! I couldn’t believe that I found it that quick. After giving it a quick once over, it appeared that it wasn’t Ray’s ring as it looked smooth on the outside and had some initials (not his) stamped into the inside surface. No use getting him excited over someone else’s ring so I continued to search the area he defined. After an hour or so, I looked up and saw he and his wife were leaving and they just waved goodbye to me as I continued to hunt the wet sand. I hunted the rest of the afternoon with only some change and a couple of toy cars to show for it but with one nice ring already in my pocket, I was still a happy camper. When I got home and cleaned the ring off a bit (and got my glasses on!) I discovered to my amazement that It did appear to match Ray’s description even though he never said anything about there being initials stamped into it. Since I didn’t have his number, I figured I’d post it on Craig’s List and maybe he would see it or maybe he’d remember to contact me through my Ring Finders card. Sure enough, a couple of days later, my wife gets the call and has him contact me. We arrange to meet and reunite gold with the finger it had been on for the last 18 years. Smiles all around as I learned they were visiting from out of town and were heading home shortly. The trip will be a much more pleasant one now.

Lost Ring at Swami’s Beach in Encinitas, Ca. Found!

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

On Monday, a lady named Allison called and asked if I could find her platinum/diamond ring that she lost in the surf at Swami’s beach in Encinitas, Ca. I told her I’d give it my best shot and we arranged to meet that evening. My wife and I took the 1/2 hour drive and arrived about 6:30 to find Allison already there with her daugher in tow. She explained how she took her daughter into the surf the previous afternoon and felt it slip from her finger as they played in the shallow water. The ring was quickly covered and she couldn’t find it. She had a pretty good idea as to location so I started my search in the middle of “ground zero” and worked my way each way of that. After an hour or so of parallel passes from dry sand to 3 feet deep water and nothing to show but one piece of scrap metal, I decided to work a pattern the other way and search parallel to the beach instead. I started in the deepest water I planned on searching and at the end of one pass I got a nice clear signal. As the surf calmed and water cleared between waves, I spotted half a ring jutting out of the sandy bottom and as I reached for it, a wave rolled through and obscured my vision again. I tried grabbing for it several times only to have it slip through my fingers with each wave that passed. After pinpointing it again, I made another grab for it and had it in my hand when a larger wave hit me and gave me a good drenching. I managed to hang on to it this time and was able to look it over to verify it matched the photo of Allison’s ring that she had showed me earlier. Heading back to the beach where the women were waiting, it was hard to keep a straight face as I displayed it on my little finger! Smiles all around as Allison made a phone call to share the good news.