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Lost Ring Estes Park, Colorado…Found

  • from Estes Park (Colorado, United States)

Nothing is more stressful than losing something precious and valuable such as a ring or necklace.  But don’t worry, if you lost it in the snow, the rocks, or even  fishing in the river. I am ready at any hour of any day in Estes Park Colorado to come and help you to locate your lost item.

I have over 20  years of experience metal detecting and know how to best put the equipment and search methods to work in locating your lost valuable. Since I live in Estes Park Colorado, hiring me as your metal detector rental professional can increase your chances of locating your lost valuable as quickly as possible.

It is important to Remember that time is of the essence when attempting to locate lost rings and the sooner you can get me on site in Estes Park looking for your lost ring the higher chance we have of locating it.

I am also available to assist in other types of searches as well.  If you need to rent a metal detector professional to locate or search your property for anything feel free to give me a call and we can discuss how I can best help serve you.

I Hope to see you soon!

Platinum ring returned – Denver, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

During the “Stay at home” order of 2020 David was out playing tether ball with his kids. As he went for the winning hit of the ball he felt his platinum wedding band slid off his finger. He immediately started looking for the ring. After several hours of searching the ring was still missing even though he searched the yard while walking a grid pattern.

After contemplating his options for a couple of days, David found my profile on The Ring Finders and called me. We made arrangements for me to come to his house later that day for me to perform a search for his missing wedding ring. We did a few reenactments with a ring that I had brought with me and averaged the results to locate a start to our search area.

I began my search of the yard and after about 20 minutes of searching I still had not located the ring. During that time I has searched the majority of the yard and but due to the the angle of the sun I could not always see my walking trails in the grass thus I was not confident in my complete coverage of the yard. I went to my car and retrieved some pin flags to conduct a proper search. On my first pass my XP Deus sounded off and right at my starting location of my initial search was the ring. I was probably standing right on the ring when I started my search.

David and his wife were quite happy to get his ring back.

Ring recovered, April 8th, 2020

Metal detecting, lost rings found, Colorado

  • from Colorado Springs (Colorado, United States)

Recent recoveries



These rings are some of our recent recoveries found in Colorado.

We are newly retired from federal service. Yahoo! That has allowed us the opportunity to devote our time to our metal detecting business. Harris Detecting and Recovery LLC. Our mission is to assist in recovering lost items. We use a variety of metal detecting equipment to search land and shallow water.  We have over 20 years experience.  Our detecting has taken us all around the US and to many countries. Have detectors, will travel! We have recovered just about anything  metal that you can imagine – rings, bracelets, necklaces,  pendants, watches,  cell phones,  iPods, Fitbits, keys, knives, guns, ammo, relics, medals, and of course coins.

Available for private party, insurance and law enforcement searches. We would be honored to assist you in locating your lost items.

Jan and Kevin

Carbon Tungsten ring recovered from Lakewood playground

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Camden had been given a carbon tungsten ring as a grade school graduation present by his mother, Sabrina. In the first week of middle school Camden was playing football with some friends in the school’s grassy playground when his prized ring slipped off his hand, he was hear broken. Sabrina went to a local store and she rented a couple of metal detectors to help them in the search for Camden’s ring. After searching in vain for a couple of hours the two began to realize that finding a ring in a large grassy field isn’t easy. Sabrina ended up finding my profile on The Ring Finders and called me. I had time to meet her and Camden at the school so that they could show me where he was at and the extents of my future search but I didn’t have time to preform that search that night. A couple of night later I made my way to the grassy field behind the school and began my search. After a couple of hours and quite a bit of trash later I received a great signal on my CTX and there was Camden’s ring. He was quite happy to get his ring back, but now he doesn’t wear it to school.

Ring recovered August 25, 2017

Camden gets his ring back

Camden’s ring

Wedding band recovered in Centennial, CO park

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

I received an email from Ann stating that her husband had lost his wedding ring while coaching their sons youth baseball team in a Centennial, Colorado park. She stated that that day they and about 10 others searched for Nathan’s ring with no luck. She even rented a metal detector the following day and searched the area of the park that they were in during the game and still had no positive results. She was hoping that me with my several years of experience and better equipment may be able to help recover this elusive ring. We made arrangements to meet a couple of days later due to busy schedules.
I arrived at DeKoevandoe Park a little ahead of our assigned time and headed down to look over the park. Ann arrived on schedule and gave me information about locations of the team and where Nathan was at and things that they did that day. I readied my equipment and began my search. Three hours into my search with no positive results Ann had to leave to feed her three sons and get on with her day so she left the park a bit dejected. Less than 15 minutes later Nathan’s ring appeared from its hidding place in the grass. It had been stepped on and was pushed into the soil a bit so it was well hidden. I called Ann who was just a few minutes away. As I handed the ring to Ann, tears of joy started to flow from her eyes.

Ring recovered July 18th, 2017

Nathan’s ring out of it’s hiding place in the grass

Nathan, happy to get his ring back.

Wedding ring set recovered in Washington Park, Denver, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Saturday morning after returning home from a previous successful ring search Nicholle called me to ask for help. Earlier that day she and her husband had been in Washington Park doing some activities with friends when she lost her white gold wedding band and engagement ring. I loaded up some equipment and headed out again, I was at the park in a half hour. Nicholle showed me the location and video of a three-legged race and wheel barrel race that they had participated in. Though in the video her rings were not visible so she started to question if she even put on her rings that morning. I grabbed my CTX and began my search, after about 20 minutes of search with no luck Nicholle and Ian headed home to search for her rings leaving me in the park to continue my search. About 15 minutes later Nicholle’s wedding band was in my hand. I knew her engagement ring had to be near by, a couple of swings later the set was complete once again. I texted Nicholle and told her I wanted a big hug and then I sent a picture of her rings.
When they returned to the park Nicholle came sprinting up to me and launched herself from 4 feet away and gave me a hug that made people walking in the park stop and look. To say she was happy would be a HUGE understatement. What a great feeling to help out people like Nicholle and Ian.

Rings Recovered 6-3-2017

Wedding band lost in Littleton yard recovered

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Tom was out doing yard work patching bare spots and adding soil when he noticed his platinum wedding band was missing. He spent some time searching for the ring with a metal detector that he had but due to lack of experience with finding rings he had no luck. He called me while I was out of state and we set an appointment for me to do a search when I returned to town Saturday morning.
Saturday morning came around and I arrived for my search. Tom showed me the yard and the areas had worked in. There was metal yard edging that was along the whole area of my search so I knew that it would be a bit more difficult of a search. I grabbed my CTX and began my search after just a few minutes search Tom’s ring was revealed from its hiding spot in the fresh soil.

Ring Recovered 6-3-2017

Gold wedding band recovered from roadside ditch, Boulder, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Monday night Kathy Silbert was bicycling on the roads near her home on the west side of Boulder. She had lost some weight over the last few months and had noted that her rings were loss. On the decent back into Boulder the vibrations of the bike made her rings slip down her finger. She managed to catch her diamond engagement ring but her wedding bad hit the pavement and was nearly instantly out of site. She called her husband Mike and they spent over an hour searching the ditch but the grass kept the rings location a secret.
The following day Mike contacted me and we set a search time. After about an hours search and Mike was ready to call the ring a loss, my detector gave a nice signal and there was Kathy’s ring.

Ring recovered 3-23-2017

Family heirloom ring recovered in Loveland, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

A couple of weeks ago Susan lost a family heirloom ring while doing yard work. She rented a detector and didn’t have luck finding her ring. She then purchased a detector so that she could take her time searching the yard, still no luck. Then she contacted me to hopefully get an experienced detectorist to help her. She called me and we set Tuesday morning for my search.
Upon my arrival at her house she showed me the back yard with a couple of piles of yard clippings and a large trash can half full of yard refuse. We search the clippings and the contents of the garbage can, with the same result she had. I looked over her yard and told her that it will take a little over an hour to search that large of a yard. Susan was starting to head in doors as I began my search near where the piles of grass clippings were, that area was near the metal yard edging. My CTX was giving me a smear reading from the edging but there was a definite signal in the gold range. I peered down into the grass and there laid Susan’s ring. I had found it on the first pass of the coil. Susan was all hugs and shed a few tears when I handed her the ring.

Ring recovered 5-9-2017

White gold ring returned in Lakewood, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Sunday morning I received a call from Justin. He told me of the loss of his wife’s white gold, wedding ring the night before. They had spent a fare amount of time looking for her ring that night and with the coming of the morning we awoke to 3 inches of fresh snow. I arrived at Justin & Maima’s house just before 10:00AM. The weather was just starting to warm up but not quite warm enough to melt the snow. We set a search plan with me starting to detect the neighbors yard and with the fresh snow it was easy to see my search pattern. But the yard was loaded with shooter alcohol bottles and their caps. By lunch time I had searched that yard, the wooded fence line separating that from the property to the south and also the neighbor’s yard to the south.

After a quick lunch break I returned to the search but this time with another machine. I picked more trash out of the neighbor’s yard, by now my trash pouch was over flowing. A little after 2:00 the temperature had warmed and the snow was starting to melt quickly. Due to the  circumstances of the rings loss, Justin and I decided to look on the roof of the neighbor’s house and garage. No luck so we made our way back to Justin’s house. Maima had given up hope and was on her way to meet us. As Justin and I reached the now melted end of the neighbors driveway, within just a few feet of Maima, I looked down and there laid Maima’s ring. To say she was excited would be a huge understatement. I received several hugs from both Maima and Justin.