Jeffrey Levy

Cost For My Service

I charge $20.00 for gas, I leave the reward up to whatever the people can afford / think is fair, based on their ability to pay.

Search Types

Beaches and lakes in and out of the water, parks, yards, sports fields, and fire/ disaster zones; available to help out 24/7

Search Locations

Southern California, Malibu to Dana Point and the Inland Empire, Pasadena to San Gabriel Valley.

Jeffrey Levy's Bio

I'm an expert at metal detecting and treasure hunting, having nearly 35 years of field experience. I spend a great deal of time in the Orange County area pursuing my hobby at Huntington, Laguna and Newport Beaches.

I am a member, in good standing, of the West Coast Prospectors and Treasure Hunters Club, Riverside Treasure Hunter’s Club, and the Los Angeles Historical Bottle Club.

I am adept at water and sand recovery, and specialize in recovering precious metal items lost at beaches and lakes during recreational activities in or out of the water. I can search in sunlight or in darkness.

I have also spent several years successfully engaged in finding items such as keys or rings lost at parks or in people’s yards located in the California Coastal Region.

In addition, I bring experience with fire recovery. I assisted Claremont Grand Prix, Laguna Beach and Oakland fire victims in recovering items from the affected areas by using sifting screens and metal detectors.

I have been fortunate enough to find nice things during my long career, and participating in service allows me a means to provide a compassionate service to the distraught.

Jeffrey Levy - Recent Blog Posts

  • Found Jewelry Amongst Glendale Fire Ashes (2017)

       Mike lost about 60-70% in a fire in Glendale, CA a couple months ago. He got ahold of me through the RingFinders website and chose me due to my fire recovery experience from many previous fires. I pulled up to a large two story house up in the mountains. Once he showed me where […]

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  • Lost Rolex Gold Ring in La Verne, CA Returned (2017)

    A few days ago I received a call from a high school student named Nick. His father passed away just under 6 months ago, and his mom gave him his father’s ring. He was really distraught, Nick called me asking if I could come over after he got out of school. I went to meet […]

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  • Promise Ring Found In Claremont Horse Country (2016)

    Monday December 26 On Christmas day, I received an email from a hopeful mother, Diane whose daughter just received a promise ring right before Christmas. Her daughter Summer was devastated, and wasn’t sure whether or not to break the terrible news to her boyfriend, to go buy a metal detector and search for herself, or […]

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  • Wedding Ring Returned To Family Vacationing In Corona Del Mar (2016)

      Saturday October 22, 2016 I received a phone call from someone named Dan who was visiting on vacation from Utah with his family. They were in south Corona Del Mar, and lost his titanium ring in the sand. After a long conversation, I found out the ring was lost far up on the sand, […]

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  • Wedding Band Found By Metal Detecting In Santa Monica (2016)

      Thursday October 20, 2016 Garrett called me from Santa Monica, who lost his large white gold wedding band when playing volleyball with a group of friends. I needed to wait for traffic to die down and went up to meet him, and arrived at the beach about 8:00 pm. I met him by the […]

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Jeffrey Levy - Testimonials

  • Finding my ring was a miracle and I am so grateful that Jeff and the ring finders came to my rescue. (2016)


    I received the most meaningful gift, a promise ring, from my boyfriend around Christmas time. What should have been the most happiest time of the year turned into the most tragic event that could ever happen. I lost my ring in my horse's stall. Trying to find my ring was like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. I was so disappointed and heartbroken that my ring was gone. I tried to do everything I could to find the ring before my boyfriend figured out I lost it. My mother came upon the ring finders and found Jeffery Levy close by. He immediately came over the next day after Christmas. Jeff found my ring within a half an hour. Finding my ring was a miracle and I am so grateful that Jeff and the ring finders came to my rescue. Thank you for relieving my worries ring finders.

    Summer Harris