Jeffrey Levy

Cost For My Service

I charge $20.00 for gas, I leave the reward up to whatever the people can afford / think is fair, based on their ability to pay.

Search Types

Beaches and lakes in and out of the water, parks, yards, sports fields, and fire/ disaster zones; available to help out 24/7

Search Locations

Southern California, Malibu to Dana Point and the Inland Empire, Pasadena to San Gabriel Valley.

Jeffrey Levy's Bio

I have been metal detecting and treasure hunting since I was 14. I have a lot of experience with fire recovery;

I helped the Oakland and Laguna Beach fire victims recovering items in the fire, as well as the Claremont Grand Prix fire using sifting screens and metal detectors, providing me with extensive experience in that field.

I also have a lot of experience hunting in parks and people’s yards and returning keys and rings up and down the California Coast for several years now.

I have been fortunate enough to find nice things over the years and joining The Ring Finders would be an additional way to give back to the community.

I am a Cal Poly Pomona college graduate. I am a part of the West Coast Prospectors and Treasure Hunters Club as well as the Riverside Treasure Hunter’s Club, and the Los Angeles Historical Bottle Club.

I specialize in water and sand recovery.

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