Perry Kyser

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

If the lost item is recovered, I will accept a reward if offered, based on what it is worth to you and what you can afford. I do ask for a call out fee based on gas price and distance I need to travel, and any other expenses such as an entrance fee to a park. This will be determined on the initial contact. No surprises. You must have a general idea where the item was lost, and the location must be searchable by a metal detector.

Search locations:

60 mile radius around Eau Claire. More distant locations can be discussed.

Search Types

Beaches parks lakes & yards.

Search Locations

Eau Claire and surrounding area.

Perry Kyser's Bio

I have over 40 years experience detecting and have recovered thousands of coins, toys, relics, and jewelry. I have several types of detectors that allow me to search almost any type of ground. Now that I have retired, I am more available.

Perry Kyser - Recent Blog Post

  • Engagement Ring Found! (2021)

    Got a text from Cara. While working at a horse ranch she lost her diamond engagement ring.  The ring had more than monetary value.  It had belonged to her fiancee’s grandmother who passed away five years ago.  She wasn’t sure where she lost the ring so we retraced the route she took while watering and […]

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  • Silver Necklace recovered in Black River Falls, WI (2021)

    Amber found me on the Ring Finders website after she lost a silver necklace of sentimental value, given to her by family.  She was helping with a wedding when she noticed the necklace was missing.  She was certain that she lost it while carrying a suitcase across a mowed field.  On a cloudy, misty day […]

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  • Lost Keys Found in Eau Claire, WI. (2021)

    Janessa lost the keys to her apartment and mailbox while walking her retriever last evening.  She and her friends searched but no luck.  Her father found my number and she called to see if I could help.  We detected the path she had followed and the places where they had stopped to play, a fairly […]

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  • Metal detecting service now in the Eau Claire, WI area (2021)

    I have been detecting for many years and, now that I am retired and have more time, I joined The Ring Finders organization.  Over the years, I have had the privilege of returning objects of monetary or sentimental value found while enjoying the hobby.  However, often the owner of a randomly found item cannot be […]

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  • Class ring found! (2021)

    While searching an old volleyball site, I recovered a large gold college class ring.  From the date and a partial name engraved on the inside, I was able, with the help of the university, to identify and locate the owner.  On the telephone, the owner’s wife recalled her husband losing the ring playing volleyball 24 […]

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