Dan Beale

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

Metal detecting equipment is expensive and I appreciate receiving a finder’s fee if I recover your lost item. I take the bull dog approach and do not quit without expending my best effort. I do not expect any payment other than the call out fee if the search is unsuccessful. I ask that you pay what you think is fair and reasonable if I can recover your lost item.

Search Types

Conventional metal detector searches of beaches, parks, yards, water’s edge (wading), parking lots; I go anywhere that is accessible with proper permission. It is your responsibility to obtain written permission from the property owner; I will act as your agent

Search Locations

I am close to many major freeways and will travel longer distances if necessary. I have a $20.00 call out fee and add .50 per mile over 20 miles.

Kensington Metro Park, Island Lake State Park, Brighton Recreation Area, and Proud Lake Recreation Area, are all within 20 miles of my home.

Dan Beale's Bio

I have hunted treasure all my life. My prizes include relics, agates, minerals, jewelry, and thousands of coins. My first and best treasure story involves a gold nugget I found many years ago at the base of a glacier in western Canada. My first metal detector still works and is over 25 years old. I enjoy the challenge of metal detecting and will have fun recovering your lost item.

Dan Beale - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost ring recovered from snow in Livonia Michigan (2022)

  • 1971 Farmington High Class Ring Lost 51 Years Returned to Owner (2022)

    It is not that huge a feat to find a lost ring.  I becomes much easier if the person who lost the ring can point to an approximate spot they think they lost it.  Finding a ring with just dumb luck is easy too.  I have handfuls of rings I have recovered in my travels […]

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  • Lost Class Ring Found!! Farmington High 1971 (2022)

    I got a ring call the other day that was interesting.  Another one of those “she threw it out the window” stories.  They were driving down Shiawassee road in Farmington.  Just kids, and they would not agree to let me photograph or blog.  I found the ring, his mothers previously, without too much trouble.  While […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring Found in Park Northville MI (2021)

    It was late in the day when Ron called me to tell me that his wife Chris lost her wedding ring in the park near their Northville home.  I met Ron and Chris the following evening to hear the sad tale.   The very special ring that was her mother’s, had been lost while playing Frisbee […]

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  • Lost ring found at Independence Park in Canton, Michigan (2020)

    Travis called me with the classic needle and the haystack problem.  He lost his platinum wedding ring while coaching his daughter’s soccer team the evening before.  He had already looked hard for it and welcomed my help.  Travis borrowed a very neat, army surplus, mine detector which was fairly powerful, and because the field was […]

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Dan Beale - Testimonials

  • My parents couldn’t say enough good things about you! (2020)


    My wife and I can’t thank you enough for finding my ring! It makes the story much better knowing that the ring was found! My parents couldn’t say enough good things about you! Thank you thank you thank you!!