Dan Beale

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

Metal detecting equipment is expensive and I appreciate receiving a finder’s fee if I recover your lost item. I take the bull dog approach and do not quit without expending my best effort. I do not expect any payment other than the call out fee if the search is unsuccessful. I ask that you pay what you think is fair and reasonable if I can recover your lost item.

Search Types

Conventional metal detector searches of beaches, parks, yards, water’s edge (wading), parking lots; I go anywhere that is accessible with proper permission. It is your responsibility to obtain written permission from the property owner; I will act as your agent

Search Locations

I am close to many major freeways and will travel longer distances if necessary. I have a $20.00 call out fee and add .50 per mile over 20 miles.

Kensington Metro Park, Island Lake State Park, Brighton Recreation Area, and Proud Lake Recreation Area, are all within 20 miles of my home.

Dan Beale's Bio

I have hunted treasure all my life. My prizes include relics, agates, minerals, jewelry, and thousands of coins. My first and best treasure story involves a gold nugget I found many years ago at the base of a glacier in western Canada. My first metal detector still works and is over 25 years old. I enjoy the challenge of metal detecting and will have fun recovering your lost item.

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  • Lost ring found at Island Lake in Novi Michigan (2019)

    I was just finishing dinner on a beautiful summer evening when I received a call from Randy who had lost his wedding ring at a subdivision beach in Novi, Michigan. While Randy was swimming he left his belongings, including his platinum wedding ring, on a towel in a grassy area by the beach.  When he […]

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  • Lost Ring Found – Troy Community Center (2019)

    Narenda was at cricket practice when he noticed he lost his ring.  As they searched in declining evening light his coach Raj  visited my Ringfinder Directory listing and called me  for help.  I was home, but an hour away, so when I arrived  at the Troy Community Center it was just getting dark.  We searched […]

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  • Ring Found at Gilbert Willis Park Commerce MI- Owner Located – Wedding Ring Returned (2018)

    It was looking like spring the first week of May here in Lower Michigan so I went out to practice with a new metal detector at Gilbert Willis Park in Wixom.  It is a beautiful, large park and I often find coins there.  Like most parks it can yield a fair amount of junk.  I […]

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  • Lost Ring Found, Island Lake Recreation Area 7/1/2018 (2018)

    Angela texted me that her brother in law Brian had lost his ring  the day before at Island Lake Recreation Area.  They were swimming  in a small pond  that was a good hike from a sanctioned swimming area.  Since it is not listed as a metal detecting area on the park map, we stopped and […]

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  • Lost ring found in Spring Mill Pond at Island Lake Recreation Center, Brighton, Michigan (2018)

    While showing a friend the spot where I recovered a ring last week, I noticed a group of about 20 young men.  They had been playing a rowdy game that looked like a cross between football and lacrosse in waist to shoulder deep water, up and down the swimming area and now they had suddenly […]

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