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Tungsten wedding band lost into the waters of Georgian Bay in Perkinsfield, Tiny Township, Ontario

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Jackson and his wife were visiting the Family’s local Tiny Township beaches area on Georgian Bay!

Having a relaxing day floating just off the shoreline Jackson’s hands were cold and his tungsten gold plated wedding band slipped off into the waters below.

They spent and hour looking for his wedding band with no luck.

Jackson googled ‘The Ring Finders’ directory, found my information and called me.

I headed up shortly after his call and detected in some very rough conditions until I couldn’t see anymore with the darkness. No luck, I agreed to return the next day re-gridding the area in case I missed any spots from being thrown around in the terrible conditions.

The next morning we headed back to the beach area and I re-gridded with no lunch. After a lunch break courtesy of Jackson’s Mother, Jackson and his Wife returned to the Family cottage. I was determined to continue the search in the other direction from my starting point. On my 3rd pass I had a solid 16/17 on my Minelab Equinox800 and at 4” in depth I knew this had to be his wedding band!!


I’m so happy to help recovery and return Jackson’s wedding band which gets him out of the dog house!!

Honored to meet his lovely Family and through conversations… we are actually Hydro Family!! I will be seeing them very soon!

check out the video on this wedding band recovery and return;



Newly engaged couple engagement ring falls into 8′ murky bottom! Penetang, Honey Harbour, Penetang, Cognashene Bay, ON

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Newly engaged Bride-to-be Keeanna was hanging out with great Friends at a cottage on Cognashene Bay in Penetang (Midland) area when her stunning 14k white gold 1.42k diamond engagement wedding band fell onto the dock and through a crack into the water below.

They had a neighbour who was a diver come over to try to find it but no luck. Lucky they googled and found The Ring Finders and contacted me.

I met her Parents Michele & Jaimie G and the Penetang Bay for boat pick up. What great people….the winds and waves were fierce for a 15-20 minute boat ride. Geared up and jumped in. I had already arranged with the parents for a video for the surprise (below link)

Link to video *******

The depth was about 8-9′ but the bottom was mushy & murky….I used the “Scuba Tector” to start as they mentioned is was pretty clean bottom. After pulling some coins, nails, a lead weight, Justin’s West Jet name tag LOL, out I thought best I pop up and grab my Minelab Excalibur2….2nd tone BINGO BANGO!!! and the surprise begins…..

Wishing Keeanna & Mike a very happy wedding June 2019!! AWESOME CLIENTS XO