Ed Hart

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I would be glad to help you find anything metal you have lost, or want to locate. There is no charge, but I ask that you allow me to detect your property for old coins and relics.

Search Types

Lost rings, jewelry, and keys. Lost family heirlooms, estate searches, property survey markers, and any lost metallic valuables. I search yards, parks, old home sites, athletic fields, gardens etc...

Search Locations

Chattanooga, TN and the surrounding areas.

Ed Hart's Bio

I am a South Carolina native, but have lived in the Chattanooga area for the past fourteen years. I have been married 32 years, and have a daughter and a six year old granddaughter. By profession, I am an electrical engineer and work on high power variable speed drive systems in the heavy industry field.

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