Marks Detecting

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis. You pay what you think it is worth to you and what you can afford. I charge a base fee for gas depending how far I must drive starting at $25.00 for those within approximately 15 miles of my home. I will tell you how much before I come out.

If we are searching for buried treasure we can negotiate terms prior to me coming out. I do historical searches as well on your property, the terms of which can be negotiated.

Search Types

I can detect your yard, fields, parks, woods, beach and shallow water. I can detect in snow but cannot dig frozen ground. If it is a recent loss digging is not an issue. I can search private property but only if you obtain the owners permission in writing

Search Locations

I can search from the Saratoga, NY area and east throughout Washington County, NY and all of mid to southern Vermont as well as north western Massachusetts. I will consider other areas as well.

Marks Detecting's Bio

I have over 20 years of experience and hundreds of hours out on the hunt. I have hunted all of the New England states and New York. Hunting for treasure or even “just looking for things” has always been in my blood. When I was ten years old way back in the 1960’s I begged my dad for a metal detector. He bought it for me and I hunted our back yard to death. The machine eventually broke and I stopped hunting. I began hunting again 21 years ago. I wished I had never stopped.

I derive great pleasure from making people happy and re-uniting people with their lost items. It is always an exciting challenge for me. Every situation is unique and every story is different. I will listen to your story and give you an honest assessment. The sooner you call the better. Objects just become more lost the longer you wait.

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  • Lost Wedding Ring found Saratoga Springs, NY (2023)

    I received a call from Jimmy who had lost his wedding ring at dusk while walking the dog in his backyard.  I arrived at his house the next day. He said he had searched all over for it but was unable to find it. After asking him multiple questions, he lead me to the area where […]

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  • Two Gold Rings Found In Trash, Williamstown, Massachusetts (2023)

    The call came in shortly after New Years day. A woman had lost her gold wedding band and an heirloom triple diamond ring in a hotel room. She and her husband had searched everywhere in that room before leaving extremely sad. After listening to their story and asking a dozen questions to make sure it […]

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  • Lost Ring Saratoga, NY and Bennington, VT…Found (2022)

    Hi my name is Mark I am a member of TheRingFinders. If you ‘ve lost something and need help finding it contact me ASAP. Call me at 518-677-0895. I’ll do my best to find what you’ve thought was lost forever.

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Marks Detecting - Testimonials

  • It's really impossible to express our appreciation of you and Ring Finders. You are a wonderful resource for people and we thank you so much for your help! (2023)


    Hi Mark,

    I apologize for the delay in following up to thank you but I wanted to take the time needed to convey our sincere appreciation for you and Ring Finders. Both my husband and I know that I would not have my diamond ring and wedding band back if it were not for you and Ring Finders!

    2023 started out on such a sad note after our New Year's getaway. We left the motel trying to come to terms with the idea that, despite our lengthy search, we could not find the rings anywhere in the room. I was terribly sad to lose my wedding band, but the diamond ring that has my husband's grandmother's and great-grandmother's diamonds, is obviously a deeply sentimental piece and was irreplaceable.

    I decided to google and see if there was a place online where people could post about lost jewelry in case they turned up somewhere and that is how I found Ring Finders. When I reached out to you, you were so kind and understanding. You took a significant amount of time to listen and ask me questions, paying close attention to all of the details. I was amazed that for the cost of gas, you would go to the motel with us to help us search and a reward for finding an item was optional.

    Because of you, we went back to the hotel, and because of your detailed, careful approach to the search, we found the rings - which had gotten swept off the dresser into the bottom of the garbage. We had searched the garbage before we left the room, but they were hidden so we needed another search with fresh eyes.

    It's really impossible to express our appreciation of you and Ring Finders. You are a wonderful resource for people and we thank you so much for your help!

    Thank you again!

    Michelle and Jeff