Tom Caldie

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis. That means you pay what it is worth to you and what you can afford to have me find your lost ring.

I charge a callout fee. If the ring is not found, this covers my fuel expenses. We can discuss this when you call.

Search Types

Beaches, lakes, yards, parks, fields, homesteads. I have waterproof metal detectors and can search up to 5 feet of water, and will occasionally do shallow water dives of 30 feet or less. If you lost your ring in the snow call me ASAP.

Search Locations

Wisconsin, Northern Michigan, also Worldwide... Contact me if you are outside my area to discuss travel.

Tom Caldie's Bio

I am a semi-retired college professor who has a passion for metal detecting that I have turned into a part-time hobby.

I have found hundreds of rings and other treasured items over a 15-year period, and have references who will vouch for my trustworthiness.

If you feel there is hidden treasure on your property and you would like to discuss a search, please give me a call.

I look forward to helping you recover what is very special to you!

Tom Caldie - Recent Blog Post

  • Engagement ring recovered in Green Bay snow. (2024)

    In early January, I received a message about a lost engagement ring from Emma, who was playing in the snow at night at her future mother-in-law’s home, and it slipped off somewhere in the yard next to the driveay .   They had shoveled the snow aside the next day and looked carefully, but could not […]

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  • Silver Celtic Ring found in Oconto farmhouse yard (2023)

    I forgot to post this one, so apologize for the delay!     Cousin Jeanie lost her Celtic silver ring in our aunt’s front yard the previous year while she was visiting and playing with her collie.     Working from the porch to the driveway, then further and further into the lawn, after about 30 minutes,  […]

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  • Ring set recovered in Oconto County Lake (2023)

    My fellow Ring Finder friend, Jeff Wettstein received a voicemail on Tuesday, August 22nd, about 9:45 PM from Judy sharing that her mother lost her wedding ring in the water by her lake home in Oconto County. He called her that evening to learn the specifics like how was lost, where it was lost, asking […]

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  • Lost ring in Door County recovered through teamwork! (2023)

    On August 21st, I received a call from Jake about his lost wedding ring at Jacksonport Beach, a popular spot on the east coastline of Door County.   It slipped off his finger in chest-high water about 35-to-50 feet from shore.    I drove out later the next day, after giving some storms time to pass […]

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  • Lost Ring in Sturgeon Bay recovered! (2023)

    On July 21st, I was called out to a house on the shore of Green Bay, between Luxemburg and Sturgeon Bay. A guy named Eric had lost his wedding band in some rocks in chest-high water, and he REALLY wanted it back. I drove out there, and found a beautiful rustic cottage/home on a bluff […]

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