Pete McGhee

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

I charge a minimal base travel rate for callouts. As a guide: Paihia $15, Russell $50(incl. Ferry), Coopers Beach/Taipa $30, Whangarei Central /Opononi $50, Whangarei Heads/Kai Iwi $60

With a successful recovery, I work on a ''Reward Basis''. That is, what you think my service was worth to you, and can afford. No find, you only pay the travel.

I can water search down to 5 metres, although SCUBA will incur an extra cost. Please contact me for further details on SCUBA searches.

Search Types

Beach losses are time-critical, and each tide works against us. Please don't hesitate! A rapid response greatly improves the chances of a recovery.

Land and shallow water to 1.5m are standard: Gardens, compost heaps, swimming holes, stockyards, Golf sand-traps...Almost anywhere.

Rings, tools, keys, bits of tractor, survey marks… anything containing metal.

Please note: Metal detecting is prohibited on Historic and DOC Reserves, although I can obtain permission by Heritage NZ and/or Dept. of Conservation on a case-by-case basis.

If the item is lost on Private Property, you will need to secure permission from the landowner for access.

In the event the item is not located, please file a Lost Property report with Police, I will also add your details to my ‘Little Black Book” in case it turns up on a later hunt... I've had a ring resurface after 5 years in the sand.

Please note, I do not locate buried power cables, water lines or other utilities.

Search Locations

East coast from Whangarei to Kaitaia, Incl Karikari/Tokerau, Doubtless Bay, Mangonui, and Bay of Islands (Also outer islands if transport is arranged by you)

West coast from Dargaville northwards.

Searches south of Whangarei or north of Kaitaia considered based on likelihood of a successful recovery.

Pete McGhee's Bio

Experienced in search and recovery with 35 years of metal detecting under my belt.

Trained in mantracking and clue awareness with Search and Rescue (Valuable skillset allowed me to track straight to a set of keys lost in 15 acres of orchard).

Will work in wind, hail, rain or tropical cyclone as long as my safety isn't compromised.

If I am unable to commit to the search, I will endeavour to find a colleague who can help

Pete McGhee - Recent Blog Post

  • Wedding Ring Lost in Whangarei Garden – Found. (2021)

    Wendy posted on her local Whangarei community group asking for a metal detector or help to locate her wedding ring, someone suggested that she contact me. She had noticed it missing one evening, however she had a fairly good idea of where it may have been lost. Walking her dog that day, the wayward beastie […]

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  • Trying to Find a Lost Ring led to yet Another Loss! – Time to Call Ringfinders! (2021)

    Marlene had been looking for her daughters wedding ring, lost at Paihia beach at Christmas. She very sheepishly described over the phone how she had tried to locate it yesterday by dropping her own wedding ring into the dry sand, so she could get an idea of what she was looking for…   The inevitable […]

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  • Two Rings Lost in Angry Surf – Night Search, Found! (2021)

    Ann-Maree was holidaying at Tauranga Bay Camp near Whangaroa and decided to brave the dumping surf and go for a wade. She underestimated the power of the surges up the beach and was forced to put her hands down into the sand to maintain her balance as the water rushed past her. She gave up […]

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  • Silver Ring Lost While at Work – Found in Kerikeri Orchard (2021)

    Just after sunrise this morning I was meeting Sinead at a local commercial orchard near Kerikeri, with the objective of finding her silver ring lost the previous day. She had taken it off and put it a pouch with her phone while planting new vines. But later in the day, discovered it had disappeared. Fortunately […]

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  • Lost Gold Signet Ring in the Sea at Russell – Found After Three Years of Searching! (2021)

    Three years ago, Connor was swimming at Long Beach near Russell and he felt his gold signet ring slip off his finger. This was a one-off piece, well sort of, as each of the family had one made with the family crest embossed into it. Effectively irreplaceable. I met with Connor at the time and […]

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Pete McGhee - Testimonials

  • You are truly remarkably. (2021)


    Thanks Pete for a truly outstanding effort. I had given up all hope but you wouldn't give up hope even when it was cold, dark, sinister seas and you were wet. Having my family rings back again to hand onto another generation is something I will always be grateful for. You are truly remarkably.

  • Highly recommended! (2020)


    Fantastic service – professional, thorough, meticulous. Great result. Highly recommended!

  • Pete is the real deal... (2020)


    Pete is the real deal.

    I Lost my Ring in Kai Iwi Lake and Pete found it (Amazing! I never thought I’d see my ring again since it had been missing for days before I found out about TheRingfinders).

    When I did contact him I received fast Response to queries. Fair Deal – very reasonable Base Fee, and he was very easy to deal with. He even proactively advised to do the search asap rather than wait for weekend given the location I lost it was in reach of holidaymakers.

    He also offered to do the search on his own to save me having to take a 5+ hour round trip drive from Auckland (given that the videos I sent him had enough details to pinpoint the location of where we setup our gazebo that day).

    I’ve Received my ring back via Mail nicely wrapped. Thank you Pete!!

  • So very happy that Pete made contact (2019)


    So very happy that Pete made contact as I took the bold step to ask on our local FB grapevine for help. Every so often I would return to the supposed site to try and find the lost earring and as the months progressed I started to doubt where I thought I had lost it. Pete didn’t take very long and was very thorough – he has to contend with my guinea fowl calls in the back ground but within 1/2 hour after deciding to explore further Than the initial field area & after carefully listening to my poor recollection of the loss – there it was – in bedded in the under growth – I certainly would never have seen it If it wasn’t for the metal detector alert as it looked quite insignificant and dull And certainly didn’t look like metal but another piece of undergrowth !. Not for long – will be off to get it properly cleaned tomorrow .

  • Fantastic work Pete... (2019)


    Fantastic work Pete. We really had resigned ourselves to not getting the ring back and are beyond delighted with your perseverance and success.

  • Highly recommend your services to anyone in need of a pro – ring finder! (2018)



    Me (and my wife) are eternally grateful for your efforts. Especially as you found it the day before our 2nd wedding anniversary.

    I was worried that it would be a tricky mission for you, but you found it so quick.

    Highly recommend your services to anyone in need of a pro – ring finder! Happy to provide a reference if a future client needs one. Just give them my number.

    Looking forward to seeing future stories of you reuniting rings with their owners.

    Thanks so much,


  • Please if you ever lose your jewellery or other metal items and need help to recover them I strongly recommend this gentleman. (2018)


    I was truly blessed by the help of Pete

    He traveled from Kerikeri to Ruakaka to help me find my wedding ring that I lost while swimming.

    I had this ring made from my mothers jewellery after she passed away – a very sentimental and emotional part of my life that also represented my future with my beautiful wife and all of our 8 children a positive influence on making healthier lifestyle changes within whanau .

    My heart was broken and I was very upset to the point of being frustrated with myself for letting it happen. The realisation I may never see it again hurt me.

    That day I snorkeled from 1.30-5.00pm thinking of my mum then went home got x2 metal detectors my x3 sons and good friend Ismalia then from 19.00-midnight searched hard at night with torches detectors on beach and in tide with no luck .

    My wife got a message from Pete McGhee through media networking then late Saturday asked him to meet us there Sunday.

    He arrived at 9.15 and the area was marked out with me on the beach himself in the tide with my x3 sons. Then at 11.30am Pete found my wedding ring.

    I honestly couldn’t believe our luck I just wanted to break down with emotion and relief a massive weight of heaviness gone.

    I had been doing karakia every day, even that morning, but the difference was having a person like Pete who was committed driven passionate and very professional about the outcome of todays challenge.

    Thank you so much for your mahi today we are forever grateful enjoy our koha.

    God bless Earles Clan Xx

    Please if you ever lose your jewellery or other metal items and need help to recover them I strongly recommend this gentleman.

    He is humble honest and fair kia ora koutou nga mihi Pete McGhee!