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Platinum Wedding Rings found in the Curbside Garbage Bin after Searching Home in Brampton, Ontario

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Raj and her Husband were preparing for a trip out west to Vancouver and thought she had put her wedding rings on top of the dresser!

Both her and her husband had tried looking for them, and during their time away, she followed up with him as he thought she had!

When they arrived back home, they continued to search the home with no luck!

They called upon me on Canada Day to come down to search the home! I started off in the first area of the process: the master bedroom! I searched through every nook and cranny in the drawers, the bed/bedding, the flooring, the floor vents, the closets, the storage bins, the bathroom sink and toilet!

I continued on in the other bedrooms and bathroom with no luck. I proceeded to the main floor and continued my search process.

After an hour, I proceeded outside to the Region of Peel curb-side garbage bins where there were a total of six bags of garbage to search!

It never fails, but I came upon searching the very last garbage bag and lo and behold, I recovered Raj’s platinum engagement ring and wedding!!!

Both Raj and her Husband were absolutely thrilled, but what a small world it is as her Husband is a work colleague of mine!

Region of Peel Garbage ZERO – Ring owners ONE!

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Men’s Wedding Band Lost in the waters of Georgian Bay, Simcoe County, Tiny, Ontario

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Davide and Maria were up at the cottage in the beautiful Tiny Township area on the shores of Georgian Bay, Simcoe County, Ontario.

Davide was in the water with his sons, throwing around frisbees and having a great time! He noticed that his wedding band was missing and called me for help!

I arrived that day with beautiful weather and a little bit of wave action.  David did not know where his wedding band came off! It was quite a large area, so I proceeded to start a grid search pattern from the shoreline out. The area was approximately 80 feet wide by 80 feet from shore.

Within an hour or so, I finally had a solid target closer to shore and managed to recovery his beautiful 18k gold ring!

I knew they were gonna hurry to get back to the city, so it was a quick surprise! Davide & Maria were extremely happy, especially because it was their 15th wedding anniversary!!

It was a pleasure helping Davide and Maria! I am thankful and grateful for their generous donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation on behalf of my work!

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Lost Sailboat Keel in Alport Bay, Lake Muskoka, Gravenhurst, Ontario

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Paul and his Wife were enjoying a lovely day sailing on the waters of Lake Muskoka, Ontario in late summer of 2022.

They had stopped in Alport Bay (otherwise known as Mud Bay) to drop anchor, relax and go for a leisurely swim. Afterwards, they realized the keel of the sailboat had dropped into the waters below.

Paul reached out to me after completing and online search for help and TheRingFinders global directory and called me soon after. He was excited that I could help as well I reached out to a high school girlfriend Beth and her Father offered the assistance with their boat. “The Wilson Family” has been on Eilean Gowan Island for 70 years. AMAZING. So we booked a day in early summer 2023 and ventures out to the location.

After arriving and within 10 minutes, I located the keel in 7′ of water of the Bay. Beth and Mr. Wilson came prepared. We roped up the keel and proceeded to drag it back to Allport Marina. The staff at Allport Marina then assisted in dragging the keel out of the water and placing it beside Paul’s sailboat. Paul had some work to completed.

What an adventure! Paul and his Wife were very happy to get back sailing the beautiful waters of Lake Muskoka!

Very grateful for all the help from the Wilson’s and staff at Allport Marina. Team work is dream work! As well, a thank you to Paul for his donation to my charity I have volunteered for 15 years with his donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation.

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Man Loses Wedding Band After Canoe Capsized in Lake Nipissing, North Bay, Ontario

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Eric headed north from Hamilton to see his Family in North Bay, Ontario.

He decided to go for a canoe paddle but unfortunately the canoe capsized and Eric’s ring slipped off his finger into 5′ of water near the Sunset Beach boat launch.

Eric contacted me and I went up on a beautiful sunny day as I was off on holidays. I managed to ask two complete strangers Don & Barb local North Bay residents to be my safety spotters while I search for the lost ring.

A few items were found such as a fishing lure, a Medic Alert bracelet (which I tried to return) a number of trash items and after an hour and a half I finally had a beautiful solid tone on my underwater metal detector!

Thankfully, this was Eric’s 14k gold wedding band with the identifying marks of a MAPLE LEAF.

Don, Barb and I then proceeded to FaceTime Eric to surprise him with the good news!

Thank you to the completed wonderful strangers North Bay residents Don & Barb for agreeing to be my safety spotters. Also, thank you to the ring owner Eric and his Wife Megan for your generous donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation! My reward goes to this amazing charity which I have been involved in for 15 years.

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1940’s Family Heirloom Ring Recovered from the shores of Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Laura had received a beautiful 18th Birthday gift of her Great Grandmother’s ring which dated back to the 1940’s ear a couple of years ago.

Laura and her dog was visited the dog beach portion at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park the day prior. Her dog was running off into the water with leash attached and she felt that the ring must have slipped off as her finger as it was catching the leash.

After starting the search, our first find was a small ring. Unfortunately, this was not Lauren’s ring. Hopefully we can get that ring back to the owner through social media posts.

The next target was a pull tab and finally the next target was the beautiful 1940’s amethyst gold heirloom ring!

Lauren and her Mother both saw the glimpse of gold and we all shouted with excitement and relief.

The key to this successful ring recovery was getting the the location as soon as possible after it was lost and the strict tight grid search!

Thank you so very much Lee & Lauren for your generous donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation.

Check out the video of this beautiful 1940’s Family Heirloom ring recovery;

This ring recovery took place July 2023


  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Joel took his kids for an afternoon outing at Emerald Lake Trailer Resort & Water Park in Puslinch, Ontario.

He went down the water slide and felt his wedding band slip off his finger into the water below.

We are grateful to obtain permission from the owners to look for his wedding band near the end of the day not to disturb the patrons! Emerald Lake is a private trailer resort as well as a water park open to the public! Check out their website at emeraldlake.ca

I proceeded into the water with my floating battery operated air system called the DIVE BLU3 NOMAD. The nomad has a 30 foot hose and pumps air on demand down through the hose to my regulator! With a weight belt at slightly negative buoyancy, I am able navigate with ease to operate my underwater metal detector to find Joel’s wedding band!

Unfortunately, the visibility was extremely poor due to the silty bottom! There were numerous targets such as trash, small pieces of jewelry, pop cans, and pull tabs.
My metal detector and pin pointer helped me zone in on a solid loud target after approximately 40 minutes in the water!

HURRAY!! This target was Joel’s beautiful gold wedding band! Joel and his Wife were absolutely thrilled to have his wedding band back on his finger!

Happy to help recover Joel’s precious wedding band and grateful for permission from the owners at Emerald Lake Trailer & Water Park!

Check out the video on this return;

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  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Received a call from Gayle that her Daughter Jenna was kayaking on Lake Manitouwaba, Sequin the previous summer and lost her heirloom engagement.

The Dive BLU3 Nemo floating battery operated air system, underwater circular gridding technique alongside my underwater metal detector made this a quick 15 minute ring recovery!

Jenna and Family were all thrilled!

Thank you Jenna for your generous donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation!

Check out the underwater video view!

Lost 18k Mother Mary Medallion in Backyard Over a Year Ago

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

A call out came in from Lisa for an extremely sentimental 18k Mother Mary medallion which was lost in a Brampton, Ontario backyard over a year ago.

Lisa’s Nephew Matthew had searched googled and came across the global directory for TheRingFinders!

I met up with Lisa after work. Lisa explained she was picking pears in her backyard when the wasps came out of the hive. She ran away and somehow broke her gold chain with two medallions on it. Matthew was able to find one of her medallions but not the other.

I started my grid search in her backyard with my new Minelab Manticore metal detector. It took a while digging out every signal as I was not use to my new machine.

I managed to locate the medallion 4” down approximately 7’ over from where her Nephew found the first medallion.

Here is the video of the recovery. Please like & subscribe 💞

Lisa was very happy to receive the gifted Mother Mary medallion back as it was a treasured gift that belonged to her late Cousin.

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Lost Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Gardening in London, ON

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Amanda and her Husband Andrew were gardening in their front yard. Amanda had to remove her wedding rings because they were digging into her skin inside her gloves.

At one point Amanda and Andrew had company stop by and Amanda was playing with their dog. She soon realized she lost her rings and they purchased a metal detector with no luck!

I ended down to London after work. Did my introduction video interview.

I then started in the front yard where they were cleaning weeds out of a rock garden area. Shortly after starting the grid search with my Minelab Manticore machine, I stopped and decided to go back to my car for my Minelab Equinox 800 as it had the small sniper coil on it.

As I headed back to my car I spotted with my eagle eyes both her rings sitting in the grass!

I was about to re-start the grid search and proceeded to show them how the hand held pin pointer works and SURPRISE… I pulled the rings from the grass!!

The surprise was absolutely priceless from her shock, to feeling I’ll, to extreme happiness!!

I love ‘quickies’ but I absolutely love the ‘shock and awwww’ moments!!


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Lost iPhone while walking dog in deep snow in Vaughan, Ontario

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Danielle took her dog for a walk after a big snow storm  in the field of a local school.

She was playing around with her dog and taking photos during the walk. Five minutes later she realized her newly replaced iPhone was not in her jacket pocket!

Danielle rented a metal detector and tried for three days with no luck.

We met the next morning after the storm passed, grid searched the main area she last took photos and in 15 minutes located her iPhone!

Thankfully, after warming the iPhone up slowly and plugging it in it was working perfectly!