John King

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis. You can pay me what you feel it’s worth to you to have me recover your lost item. I have a call out fee of $20 which covers my fuel expenses.

Search Types

My experience includes searching parks, beaches, fields, yards, streams, lakes (up to chest deep water), and any public or private property. If your item was lost on private property, I do require you to get permission from the land owner prior to searching.

Search Locations

Central Pennsylvania, within 100 miles of Altoona. Contact me if you are outside my area to discuss travel. I will go wherever I’m needed to help you find your lost item.

John King's Bio

I am an art teacher in central Pennsylvania. I started metal detecting in the 1980’s and have recently developed a newfound love for the hobby. When I helped my friend find his wedding ring he lost in his yard while landscaping, I realized my hobby could be used to help people in need. I look forward to reuniting people with their lost valuables as many of these items hold more sentimental value than monetary value. Nothing it too big or too small, I want to help you recover what is very special to you.

I own two metal detectors, a Garrett AT Pro and a Minelab Equinox 800. My teaching career has allowed me to spend countless hours in the summertime with these machines so I am confident in my ability to help you. While there are no guarantees of recovery, I am very persistent so you can expect my absolute best effort. I will help in any way that I can and I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding my services. If I don't answer when you call, please leave a message and I will call you back as soon as possible.

John King - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost 14K White Gold Wedding Band… Found in Woodbury, PA! (2022)

    Alex called me and said he lost his wedding ring in his yard and asked if I could come out to try to find it. He had been working outside with his parents and been taking his gloves off and putting them on again, and it wasn’t until he got inside his house that he […]

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  • Lost Ring in the Snow Near Somerset, PA… Found! (2020)

    Kim’s daughter lost her engagement ring in the snow while playing with their dog. She wasn’t actually sure where she had lost it, but after searching all through the house and in the trash, they concluded that it must’ve come off her hand while throwing a snowball to their dog outside. I got a call […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring in Clarion, PA… FOUND! (2020)

    Another successful ring recovery for 2020! Jameson contacted me to find his lost wedding ring. He had finished a run at the Sandy Creek Trail in Van, Pa., and was cooling down when he noticed his ring was no longer on the lanyard he was wearing. He had a general idea of where it came […]

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  • Lost Ring in New Castle, PA…Found! (2020)

    Seth called me and told me that his wife, Keona, had lost the engagement ring from her wedding set while in their barn feeding their horses. He said he tried finding it with a metal detector, but hadn’t had any luck and wondered if I would take a look. They were two and a half […]

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  • Lost Ring in Johnstown PA… Found! (2020)

    Bob called me and said his wife, Shelly, had lost some rings two months ago while kayaking in the Stoneycreek River in Johnstown. She lost her wedding rings and her rings from renewing their vows for a total of four rings. Julie and I met Bob and Shelly at the site and Shelly had a […]

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John King - Testimonials

  • To the man who made my Christmas, THANK YOU! (2020)


    To the man who made my Christmas, THANK YOU! I’m so impressed with you without even having met you! You pulled through after a 4 hour round trip, TWO days before Christmas. I truly can’t thank you enough!

  • I would recommend John without any hesitation or reservations... (2019)


    John is amazing! My wife lost her wedding ring, engagement ring, and a very fine gold chain with a pendant while swimming at a lakeside public beach. We didn’t know exactly where the jewelry had fallen off, but it was lost in around 4 feet of murky water with a sandy / gravelly bottom. My father and I searched for hours on the day that we lost the items, but it seemed impossible. I did some online research that night and I found John’s information. I am absolutely ecstatic that I did. John is courteous, friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and punctual. He stayed positive and optimistic while keeping me grounded. I gave him a very difficult task and he made short work of it. He found all of my wife’s jewelry and he made it look easy. I would recommend John without any hesitation or reservations. If you have lost something precious to you, John is your man. I was thrilled to have the rings back, but the best part was getting home later that day. I put my wife’s rings on her finger like it was our wedding day again. Seeing the smile on her face was absolutely priceless and it is all thanks to John! I hope I never lose those rings again, but if I do, John is my first phone call!