James Mathias

Cost For My Service

The cost of this type of service varies, a fair finders fee would be discussed prior to utilizing my services. Each situation is different however I will definitely do my best to work within your budget. however any applicable car and passenger ferry fees or toll roads, are to be paid by the client upfront.

Search Types

Land, shallow water, beaches, parks, fields, & private property,

Search Locations

I will search anywhere between Belleville Ontario, and over to the Brockville areas (West to East) and anywhere from around the 401 to the edges of Lake Ontario (North to South)

I will also navigate some of the areas of the St Lawrence River.

I may travel into the 1000 Islands by boat for special circumstances, however this service must be booked well in advance, and additional charges may apply. I will also travel to: - Wolfe Island, - Amhurst Island & -Howe Island,

James Mathias's Bio

My is James Mathias. (AKA. Treasure Hunting Legend) I am a seasoned Detectorist that got into this as a hobby and it has now become one of my passions. I have written and self published my 1st book about my adventures of becoming a detectorist and am currently working on my 2nd book.

In 2023 I became club president to a local metal detecting club in the Kingston area called the South Eastern Ontario Metal Detecting Club, this club has 36 standing members which gives me personal access to the equivalent of hundreds of years worth of local detecting knowledge at my fingertips.

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