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1940’s Family Heirloom Ring Recovered from the shores of Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Laura had received a beautiful 18th Birthday gift of her Great Grandmother’s ring which dated back to the 1940’s ear a couple of years ago.

Laura and her dog was visited the dog beach portion at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park the day prior. Her dog was running off into the water with leash attached and she felt that the ring must have slipped off as her finger as it was catching the leash.

After starting the search, our first find was a small ring. Unfortunately, this was not Lauren’s ring. Hopefully we can get that ring back to the owner through social media posts.

The next target was a pull tab and finally the next target was the beautiful 1940’s amethyst gold heirloom ring!

Lauren and her Mother both saw the glimpse of gold and we all shouted with excitement and relief.

The key to this successful ring recovery was getting the the location as soon as possible after it was lost and the strict tight grid search!

Thank you so very much Lee & Lauren for your generous donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation.

Check out the video of this beautiful 1940’s Family Heirloom ring recovery;

This ring recovery took place July 2023