Constantine Hatzis

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis only if your item is found, but I have a call out fee of £20 within a 40 mile radius. Beyond this will be discussed.

Search Types

I will search for lost items, be it a ring , jewelry , keys or lost family treasure etc. Or anything that is made of metal wanted or unwanted.

I will search in most locations including shallow water, be it your garden, private land or public land.

If on private land you will need to gain permission from the landowner or local authority . I am an NCMD member and operate within their code of conduct.

Search Locations

Oxfordshire and surrounding counties.

Constantine Hatzis's Bio

I have been metal detecting for about six years now and find it a fascinating hobby and often go out on digs with my local club .

So I thought I would put my detectors to good use trying to recover peoples lost items.

I am a welder by trade building MRI scanners, and also a keen engineer, so I have an interest in metals from all aspects.

I hope my service will reunite you with your cherished lost items.

Many Thanks,


Constantine Hatzis - Recent Blog Post

  • Grandfather’s lost ring found (2022)

    I had a call the other day from a young man who lost his grandfather’s ring while throwing a ball about in his garden. It was definitely around as he heard it bounce as it landed.  The question was which garden had it landed in? It was either their garden or nextdoor. After a thorough […]

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  • Signet Ring Found near Woodstock, Oxfordshire (2021)

      When I realised the ring I had been wearing non-stop for the last 10 years wasn’t on my finger one morning, I immediately panicked. This ring was a 21st birthday gift from my parents, engraved with my initials on the top and a message from them on the underside, so it was incredibly sentimental to […]

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  • Antique diamond ring recovered from longboat marina in Warwickshire (2018)

      I received a call from Willi who lost his diamond ring that his partner gave to him only three days before! She had been looking for this very special ring for about six months and finally found one, only to be told by Willi that it had only just slipped from his finger while […]

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  • Diamond set Omega watch recovered from lake in Warwickshire village (2018)

    This search was a difficult one. It was the second time I had been to recover some items that had been…well no easy way to say it but quite literally thrown in a lake. The first visit was very difficult, it was just before Christmas and half the lake/ large pond was frozen which in […]

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  • Lost platinum wedding ring found in Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire (2017)

      “I was absolutely crushed when my wedding ring flew off into some very thick trees, bushes, ivy and other dark undergrowth when out jogging one evening. Unfortunately, I had been unable to see exactly what direction it had flown off in so had quite a wide search area of about 10 metres square to […]

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Constantine Hatzis - Testimonials

  • Huge thanks Constantine! He is was immediately willing to help (2016)


    Constantine you’re amazing!

    Whilst on a camping holiday near Cirencester, my husbands wedding ring came flying off his finger whilst chucking a rugby ball around on the campsite. After an unsuccessful evening of searching in the grass, I googled how to find a lost ring. came up and luckily Constantine was reasonably close by in Oxford. After giving him a call, Constantine was at the site and searching within an hour! And I’ve very pleased to say my husbands wedding band was found in one hour! We were so happy to see it and are pretty sure we would be driving home with it if it wasn’t for Constantine. Huge thanks Constantine! He is was immediately willing to help and full of confidence that he would find the ring, which he did! Yay!

  • I cannot thank Constantine enough for his skill, determination and perseverance. (2015)


    In February 2015 I was feeding the ducks with my young son at my local National Forest Park on a very cold day. As I helped my son to feed the ducks I threw bread and my heat turned over as I heard the distinctive ‘plop’ of my engagement ring fall into the water. I waded in but as I was on my own I couldn’t do much as my son would have been in danger.

    I was really quite distraught. The platinum engagement ring was purchased by my husband 9 years previously. It was of great sentimental value for obvious reasons. It also featured heavily in photos of me holding each of my new-born children photos. I took a photo of where I thought the ring had fallen in the lake.

    My brilliant husband spent a freezing February morning searching for the ring but he didn’t have the appropriate clothing or equipment. I tracked down a metal detector from the West Midlands who came out to search for the ring twice but it was to no avail. The Insurance Company had by now told me that we weren’t covered by our policy and with 3 young children to care for, we knew we couldn’t afford to replace the ring.

    We all but gave up hope. Then last week, something prompted me to think of trying again. I found the ring finders website and contacted Constantine. He made it very easy for me and got in touch quickly to organise coming to search. He asked me to let the local park rangers know he was coming which I did and then he arrive on a gorgeously sunny October morning.

    Constantine told us he would search for around 3 hours. My husband joined him on occasion helping to get rid of some of the weed. My children all came to watch but after a couple of hours went home with their grandparents.

    The search started at 10.30am. At around 1.20pm (just ten minutes short of the 3 hours!), my husband and I were sat on a bench feeling sure that the ring must have disappeared for good, perhaps swallowed up by a swan and distributed elsewhere! Then to our utter amazement we saw Constantine hold up something. He was beaming!

    To our absolute shock, it was my ring, much closer to the edge than I imagined and in immaculate condition. I was totally flabbergasted and emotional. I still can’t really believe that the ring is on my finger and not at the bottom of a lake. I cannot thank Constantine enough for his skill, determination and perseverance. We are delighted that one day I can pass on my ring to my only daughter and simply cannot find the words to express our joy at finding something that is so special to us.