Lost Wedding Ring found Saratoga Springs, NY

  • from Saratoga Springs (New York, United States)

I received a call from Jimmy who had lost his wedding ring at dusk while walking the dog in his backyard.  I arrived at his house the next day. He said he had searched all over for it but was unable to find it. After asking him multiple questions, he lead me to the area where he thought he lost it. I thought that this would be fairly easy as it had to be on top and he owned a new modern house, but after listening to the ground for a few minutes I knew that something was not right as there were hundreds of  signals…all in the gold range. He revealed to me that there used to be a mechanic shop of some kind right there.  Suddenly things were not so easy. I combed the area for over an hour closely watching the depth meter.  I was beginning to really wonder if I could find this ring, but I had told him I would not give up.  Finally I got the shallow signal I was waiting for.   I combed through the grass with my hands, and there it was already settling into the roots, completely invisible to the eye.  Jimmy was thrilled as was I. What a relief!  A happy ending all round.


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