Thomas LeDew

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis, that means you pay me what its worth to you and can afford for me to come and find your lost item or property. Give me a call and we can discuss further.

Search Types

I can search on land, on the beach, in shallow water and in surf to 6 foot deep or so. I have a top of the line machine specific for water searches and another outstanding machine for searches on land.

Search Locations

I live in the Pensacola area and am listed as working Orange Beach, Alabama and Navarre Beach and Ft Walton Beach. I am willing to conduct searches West to Gulf Shores, Alabama, the western Inland parts of the Florida Panhandle and southern Alabama to the Destin area and anywhere in between both on land or in the water in the event a local ring finder is not available.

Thomas LeDew's Bio

I’m in my sixties, and live in Pace, Florida which is close to Pensacola. I've been married to my beautiful loving wife for 36 years and Father of two gorgeous Daughters. I’ve performed many lost ring and property recoveries in the past 4 years as a The Ring Finders member but have learned my detectorist skills several years before that as a hobbyists hunting with my son-in-law (who’s also a ring finder). While hunting the beaches people would often approach me and offer a reward for help finding their lost property. After awhile it became apparent I needed to upgraded my equipment specific to hunting jewelry in water and on land and I learned the techniques to successfully do so. There’s lots of reasons I find peoples lost property, its great exercise, a way to finance my hobby, I really like the beach, and its a really fun challenging adult treasure hunt. But most of all, its the smiles when I can return a precious, cherished ring and make someones vacation whole again, no more worries and no regrets!

Thomas LeDew - Recent Blog Post

  • Engagement and Wedding Rings Recovered (2024)

    It was a beautiful day at Gulf Shores. The family was visiting from Indiana, it was like a reunion. Their first day at the beach. Everything was going great when Lisa chased a little one before he got in water. She was wearing a top with her rings safely tucked away in a pocket that […]

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  • Texas A&M Class Ring Returned to Young Man Serving in the Air Force (2024)

    I was really happy to help this young man out. He called me and asked if I would find his ring. He wasn’t able to meet me because he was tied up at work but said he had read some of Pensacola Ring Finders past stories and was confident I would recover it. Further he […]

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  • Wedding Ring Found at Opal Beach (2024)

    On the last day of their vacation at Pensacola beach, Phil and his wife decided to visit a less travelled beach late in the afternoon. They were due back home in Fort Worth the next day and had to leave soon. I always try to provide service to accommodate and agreed to meet him in […]

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  • Heirloom Ring Recovered at Navarre Beach (2023)

    Dave, my Son-In-Law got a call Tuesday morning from Gina asking could he please help her find her Father’s ring in the Gulf of Mexico. David had to work that day so he asked me to help Gina. Her Father had since passed away and she was overwrought emotionally and ardently sentimental about the loss […]

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  • Ring Recovered Pensacola Beach (2023)

    I got called Saturday morning from John asking if I could help in finding his wedding band. He thought it was lost in a rather small area on the sandy beach, which he was standing guard over so no one would disturb the sand causing it go deeper. Both he and his wife were most […]

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Thomas LeDew - Testimonials

  • Thank you again from all of us! You will be one our heroes always. (2022)


    Thomas, thank you for your kindness and persistence in finding my grand-daughter-in-law’s wedding ring! Our whole family is happy about this, and we are so thankful that their vacation has a memorable best ending. By all accounts, your search took a long time, and I am sure seemed hopeless at times. Thank you again from all of us! You will be one our heroes always.