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Lost wedding ring in swimming pool, Longwood, Fl….Found and Returned to owner!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

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Shawn and her husband are planning to move to another house and before they say good bye to their home in Longwood they desperately want to find his wedding ring which slipped off of his finger while swimming in the pool. Apparently the “pool guy” had not been doing his job very well and the water had turned a chalky white and visibility was only a foot or two. And neither Shawn nor her husband could hold their breath long enough to search the deeper part of the pool with their goggles.

Since they were going to be moving out in a few days they were getting very anxious about not being able to find the custom made lost wedding ring and that led them to do an online search for someone to help them. Theringfinders.com came up and after reading a few of my successful recovery stories Shawn decided to give me a call. (You see, most of my requests to find lost items are usually to search in yards, parks, beaches, lakes and places like that and the saying “Like shooting fish in a barrel” came to mind! But of coarse every search I have been on there is always some sort of challenge involved and many times it ends up being more difficult than first imagined.)

So that same day I was able to meet Shawn and as I surveyed the pool I settled on using my scuba tank and 50 foot Gator Gill hose along with my mask, fins, weight belt and flashlight. I entered the pool and slowly sank to the bottom making my way along one side while shinning my light along the bottom hoping to catch a glimpse of gold. I swam to the deep end and there were leaves and debris on the bottom and I carefully went thru each pile trying not to stir everything up. Shawn said her husband’s ring was rather wide so there was no fear that it could slide down the slits in the drain. I slowly circled the drain making my way in wider circles and BINGO!, there was the lost custom made ring just sitting there waiting to be found! I surfaced and made my way to the shallow end and began to shine my light into the house and Shawn came out–all excited and all smiles!

I thank God for allowing me to be a help to this young couple and now their story can continue and they do not have to worry about leaving their wedding ring behind!

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Lost ring in the grass, Altamonte Springs, Fl….Found and Returned!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

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Tuesday evening David was working in his yard cleaning up and stuffing branches and sticks into one of his garbage containers when he felt his wedding ring slip off of his finger. He was not sure if it fell into the container or into the grass somewhere. He desperately searched all over thinking surely he could find it and then frustration and darkness brought his search to an end. Here is David’s account of what took place.

“A Huge Thank You to Mike from The Ring Finders! My wedding ring fell off while I was collecting debris from my yard at sunset. We searched everywhere for it and couldn’t find it in the grass. I was so frustrated and upset. After a quick Google search I read some great stories about Mike and how he has helped so many other families find their lost treasures so I decided to give him a call. He came to my house at 7am the next morning and took less than 5 minutes to find my lost ring for me. Thank you Mike!”

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Lost Ring in sand at Newport Beach by visiting couple

  • from Orange (California, United States)

Sunday night, I hit the beach about 4:30 and decided to just do Dry Sand hunting. After finding a Silver then Gold ring in an hour, I figured I would head back to the car. A lifeguard pulls up and asks if I found any rings and I said yes!  He pointed several hundred yards back on the beach by the boardwalk to a couple that he said the woman had lost her ring and borrowed their “loaner” detector with no success.

He had told them about TheRingFinders.com, and I told him I was a RingFinder and would go to see if I could help.
Suzie and Dan explained she had lost her special Arthritis ring in the Volleyball Court and had tried but could not find it.
I said I would search, so I took my NOX800 with 15″ Coil and started gridding….  After about an hour with no luck, they were packing up and so I gave them my business card, and he said he would call to see if I found it. They left and I decided to shift into Beach2 Mode and grid the other direction to see if I may have missed it in Beach1 Mode.

After another 20 Minutes I had a strange signal, and since was digging everything that beeped, scooped up her ring!  Very strange signal for 14K, and Beach1 Mode was even sketchier. I think due to the shape of it?

They texted me the next morning, as they were heading to the airport back to Nevada, and I sent them a photo of the ring!  They called and were very happy to know I had it safe and sound, and would contact me that night when they were home to give me information on shipping it back to them.

After finding Silver and Gold that afternoon in a short period, I was glad I could help reunite them with their ring and I learned about a new type of ring for Arthritis hands (never seen one like it before), and a bit more about my detector as well.

All in all, a great day!

Ring as found.

Ring after cleaning up