Michael Nichols

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I consider whatever is offered as my compensation. I do have a call out fee of 10 dollars for San Antonio. Anything outside of San Antonio will be agreed upon before searching.

Search Types

Lawns, Parks, water up to 5 feet. Honestly, pretty much anywhere. Will search for anything made of metal or having metal content lost in the water or on dry land.

Search Locations

San Antonio and surrounding areas, (within reason)

Michael Nichols's Bio

I have been actively metal detecting for the last 3 years. I have gained extensive search and recovery knowledge and techniques during that time. It is a passion of mine to find and recover precious items that people have lost. There is nothing greater than the big smile on someone's face when the have been reunited with what they thought was lost forever.

Michael Nichols - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost White Gold Engagement Ring With Many Diamonds In San Antonio, Tx. (Found) (2020)

    I received a distress call from a young lady (Meagan) saying that she had lost her engagement ring on 12/12/20. She stated that she had taken it off her finger while in the car and dropped it but could never find it. She and her fiancĂ© searched the car and surrounding area of the driveway […]

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  • Lost Wedding Band In Poteet, Tx. (Found) (2020)

    Received a call on 11/13 from Rolondo in Poteet, Tx. He stated that his wife had lost her wedding rings, two separate rings, while in the front yard. They searched for the rings and were able to find one but not both. He found me on the internet and gave me a call to see […]

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  • Lost White Gold Wedding Ring In San Antonio, Tx. (Found) (2020)

    Received a call from Shawn on 9/23. He stated that he had lost his wedding ring two weeks ago in his back yard. He was in his pool with some friends and family hitting a beach ball around when his ring flew off his finger. He said that he had searched many times for the […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring In San Antonio (Found) (2020)

    Received a text late Sunday evening (9/20) from Bob. He said that he had lost his wedding ring while doing yard work that day and wanted to know if I could help. We talked Monday morning and we agreed to meet at his house at 1:30. After hearing his story of the loss I decided […]

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  • Lost Man’s Wedding Ring In Sequin, TX. (Found) (2020)

    I was contacted Tuesday 6/16 by a gentleman named Tylor. He told me that after playing volleyball in the pool at his grandfathers house he noticed his wedding ring was no longer on his finger. They did an extensive search of the pool and traps but no luck. I told him I could be at […]

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Michael Nichols - Testimonials

  • Now I will be able to wear my ring on my wedding day. (2020)



    I cannot thank you enough for finding something that was very precious to me. I thought it was gone forever. I am so grateful that you found it! Now I will be able to wear my ring on my wedding day.

  • Thanks to the ring finders!!!! (2018)


    Estatic! So happy to have been reunited with something of great value. The ring meant a lot to me and my boyfriend, it hurt to have lost it. Peace has been regained since finding the ring. Thanks to the ring finders!!!!

  • My husband miraculously discovered The Ring Finders website. (2017)


    After I accidentally flung my wedding ring over the deck of our house, I spent hours with a friend and a rented metal detector searching with a metal detector for a hopeless recovery. The terrain is unstable and rocky with beautiful (I thought until they ate my ring) blooming native grasses. My husband miraculously discovered The Ring Finders website. When Mike answered my call Friday evening I could hear that he was in the middle of a joyous occasion, which was his daughter’s 17th birthday party. Asking him to return my call, he insisted that this was important and he would be at our house, which is an hour and a half away, by 7:30 Saturday morning. His comforting, caring demeanor gave us profound hope. Meeting someone like Mike, who is so confident, understanding, experienced and determined, erases all of the painful memories of losing something that is irreplaceable.