Michael Nichols

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a ''Reward Basis'' you pay what it's worth to you and what you can afford to have me find your lost item. I have a call-out fee of $25.00 if the item is not found, this covers my fuel expenses. (Maybe more or less depending on where you are located)

Search Types

Lawns, Parks, water up to 5 feet. Honestly, pretty much anywhere. Will search for anything made of metal or having metal content lost in the water or on dry land.

Search Locations

Auburn Alabama & Alexander City and surrounding areas, (within reason) Recently move from San Antonio Texas look forward to helping you here in Alabama.

Michael Nichols's Bio

I have been actively metal detecting for many years. I have gained extensive search and recovery knowledge and techniques during that time. It is a passion of mine to find and recover precious items that people have lost. There is nothing greater than the big smile on someone's face when the have been reunited with what they thought was lost forever.

Michael Nichols - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost Wedding Ring In Ramer, Alabama (FOUND) (2022)

    I received a call back on March 20 from Keith. He told me that he lost his wedding ring while working in a flower garden. Due to Keith’s busy work schedule I wasn’t able to search for it until today, April 21. I arrived at his house early because I wanted to have a full […]

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  • Lost Engagement Ring In Montgomery, Ala. (Found) (2021)

    I received a text from Noah on 11/18 stating that his fiancĂ©, Amber, had lost her engagement ring in the front yard the day before. He asked if I could come look for it and of course my answer was yes. I meet them at their house on 11/19 and after hearing the story I […]

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  • Lost Jewelry in the Auburn, Alexander City and Montgomery Alabama areas (2021)

    I have just moved to Alexander City, Alabama. For the past several years I have been living in and servicing the San Antonio, Texas area. My metal detecting services are now available to all areas in and around Alexander City, Auburn, Montgomery and all places in between. Please reach out to me if you have […]

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  • Lost Man’s Wedding Ring In San Antonio, Texas (Found) (2021)

    Received a text from Adriana late Wed. night, 7/28, asking if I could help find her husbands lost wedding ring. We talked by phone the next day. She told her husband and son were playing basketball at the neighborhood park the previous Sunday. At some point during their play time his ring came off. When […]

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  • Lost Tungsten Carbide Promise Ring In Cibolo, Texas (Found) (2021)

    Received an SOS text from Tracie asking if I could search for her lost Tungsten Carbide promise ring. It had been given to her by her girl friend. She had been washing her Great Dane (who doesn’t like baths) in the back yard on Sunday May 16. Her hands were real soapy so she shook […]

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Michael Nichols - Testimonials

  • I feel incredibly blessed to have found Mr. Nichols... (2021)


    We were devastated when we couldn’t find my husband ring. I feel incredibly blessed to have found Mr. Nichols and that he reunited us with his ring. Beyond grateful.

  • Now I will be able to wear my ring on my wedding day. (2020)



    I cannot thank you enough for finding something that was very precious to me. I thought it was gone forever. I am so grateful that you found it! Now I will be able to wear my ring on my wedding day.

  • Thanks to the ring finders!!!! (2018)


    Estatic! So happy to have been reunited with something of great value. The ring meant a lot to me and my boyfriend, it hurt to have lost it. Peace has been regained since finding the ring. Thanks to the ring finders!!!!

  • My husband miraculously discovered The Ring Finders website. (2017)


    After I accidentally flung my wedding ring over the deck of our house, I spent hours with a friend and a rented metal detector searching with a metal detector for a hopeless recovery. The terrain is unstable and rocky with beautiful (I thought until they ate my ring) blooming native grasses. My husband miraculously discovered The Ring Finders website. When Mike answered my call Friday evening I could hear that he was in the middle of a joyous occasion, which was his daughter’s 17th birthday party. Asking him to return my call, he insisted that this was important and he would be at our house, which is an hour and a half away, by 7:30 Saturday morning. His comforting, caring demeanor gave us profound hope. Meeting someone like Mike, who is so confident, understanding, experienced and determined, erases all of the painful memories of losing something that is irreplaceable.