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Golf Course Gold/South Vancouver/Lost… Gold Wedding Band… Reward!!!!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Today I received an email from a young man who lost his wedding band at Fraser View Golf Course in South Vancouver…Here is his email…
I lost my gold wedding band on Aug 18th at Fraser View Golf course. I am sure that I had it because I was late and still wearing it on the first tee…. my mistake, I never wear it when I play and normally keep it in my car. After the round, I could not find my ring. it is a basic gold band with my wedding date engraved in it (08-31-2003). As you can see my wedding anniversary is coming up and the ring means a lot to me.
I am hoping you can help, in fact I can come out with you to retrace
my steps.

thanks again,


Well we retraced his tracks and eliminated the most likely possibilities and our thoughts are that it could be any where from the first tee to the last. Its a needle in a golf course sorta speak but there is a chance that someone can find it during their walk around the course.

Will is offering a reward if you find it and it means a lot to him, so please keep an eye out for the ring.

It was nice meeting you Will and don’t give up hope as there are lots of great people out there that might find and return your ring!

Thanks so much for the gift certificates to the Cannery! Very kind of you!!

I love my job!

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Metal Detecting 3rd Beach in Vancouver in 4 feet of water for a lost wedding band…

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I receive a call at around 3pm on Saturday in regards to a lost gold wedding band at 3rd beach in Vancouver. The man tells me that he was at the beach swimming at low tide in about 4 feet of water when he felt the ring come off his finger.

The great thing is he made a mental note of the area using the lifeguard chair on the beach and trees in front of him in the far distance. This is amazing because it gives me a good chance to get close to the area the ring was lost in and this is very important because if you ever look at the ocean and say…Hey I lost my ring some where out there, can you find it? It’s like looking for a needle in haystack!

I had no chance that day to search as the tide was coming in and by the time I got there it would have been to deep. I checked the tide schedule and it was a higher low tide the next day by 1 foot and even high the next few days… We met on the Sunday at low tide and he showed me the area he thought it would be in…The ocean wasn’t that warm!

I started my grid search which is very difficult in the water and close to 30 minutes and cold body we went to the shoreline to talk about the location.

He asked me if the ring would have moved very much in the past 24 hours and I said not much at all as the gold ring is heavy and like all gold it works its way down into the sand. I took my ring off and dropped it at the shoreline and we watched as the waves never moved the ring, it slowly became covered by sand and disappeared.

I knew we had to find the ring today because if we didn’t the tide would have been to deep for the next week or so to search for it.

He walked back out to chest deep water and looked around and lined himself up with the lifeguard chair and said to me “it has to be around here” I walked up towards him swinging my loop under water and when I got to him I turned to the right about one yard and got a great signal! I knew it was his ring, I scooped up the sand and without looking I held the scoop up to him and his smile said it all!

Note to anyone who ever looses a ring in the water…If its chest deep of water…#1 Line yourself up with something on the beach…Log, big rock, exct. #2 slowly walk towards the log and count your steps or yards. When I get there we count the steps and this gives me a fantastic chance to get into the specific area that I need to find your ring!

I love my job!

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Watch the YouTube video…2nd one down

The Ring of Love! Spanish Banks Beach in Vancouver

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I just finished my search at 3rd beach where I found a wedding band for a gentleman and my phone rings. It’s a British fellow who lost his ring at Spanish Banks Beach. We talked for a minute and I headed out there to help him find his ring.
We met at the beach and he shows me the area he thought the ring was lost then tells me that he and his girlfriend got each other rings and put them on each others fingers as a promise to get married when they get back home to Europe.

I can tell how much the ring meant to him and how much he loved his girlfriend. I started my search around the volleyball court and I found 2 toonies and a few pull tabs. I ask the people playing volleyball if I could search the one area that Graham was playing in the day before, and they said sure…(Thanks for that!)

I waited till the game was over and began my search. Nothing! I asked Graham if he was sure that the court was in the exact position as the day before and he said it was, just then one of the players told us that the court was moved to the left by almost half the width.

This was great news because it gave us hope that we could still find the ring…minutes later it was found! The excitement on your face truly made me believe that this was the Ring of Love!

I’m so happy I could help you out and I wish your lady a lifetime of happiness!

I love my job!

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Watch the YouTube video below…

Metal Detecting…Golden Garden/Delta BC

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

This weekend I had a search for a mans white gold wedding band that was lost while gardening earlier in the week. When I arrived at the location I was greeted by a young man named Wes.

We talked about the search area and we decided to start at the back where he had 6 or 8 bags of yard trimmings that were waiting for me to search.

This was a good place to start as the first bag gave me a good solid signal that read ring on my visual display of my detector. We dumped half the bag and the signal was now close to the top of what was left in the bag.

Poking my had around in the bag we both saw the ring at the same time, it was a very fast recovery! Makes up for the searches that take hours…

I love my job!

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Watch the Video on the post below…

Metal Detecting…Garden Gold/Wedding band

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Here is the video of the white gold wedding band I found today…

I love my job!

Thanks for watching.

Lost…White gold diamond ring/ A gift from her late Grandmother/ Vancouver

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

This ring search was for a young lady who lost the white gold diamond ring that was given to her by her late Grandmother.

While cleaning her balcony she threw a few things down to the ground below to pick up and throw away later. This is when she felt her ring come off and land some where in the grass below.

I listened to her story and it was pretty cut and dry in my mind that the ring would be in the grass close to the items that she threw to the ground.

I started my grid search in this relatively small area of her back yard and after 1 hour and no ring I had to re-think the situation. This should be easy I thought to myself… but why haven’t I found it?

My only thought was that the ring flew over the fence and landed in the neighbors yard, when I suggested we ask her neighbor if we could search her back yard for the ring, she didn’t think it was possible that it ended up there, but she agreed.

After a short time in the neighbors yard the ring was found and the smile was in full view!
“Flick Factor” I believe we never stop learning and life is exciting with the possibilities that await us in every challenge we meet.

I love my job!

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Lost my ring at the park…Vancouver

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

He was enjoying a sunny day with a few friends and throwing a Frisbee, then with one flick of the wrist his wedding band goes flying into the long grass.

After searching for hours with his friends they give up and head for a business meeting, on his way out of the beach area they noticed my flyer at the lifeguard stand.

With nothing to lose he gives me a call, I take the info and get the exact location and head out to search for his ring. When I get there I check the location to make sure its the spot, then I begin my grid search.

After 20 minutes of grid searching I get a good signal and I bend down to search the grass and out pops his gold ring. I call and tell him the good news and we set up a time and place to meet to get his ring back to him.

As I was packing up to leave I noticed the parks board shows up and starts to cut the grass… It was very lucky I got there first and found his ring because if they cut the grass before I got there, the lawnmower could of hit the ring and sent it flying.

I love my job!

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BC Parks/Aldergrove Lake Regional Park/ Lost Gold Wedding Band/Reward

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call the other day and a man told me the story about losing his gold wedding band at Aldergrove Lake Regional Park.

This is a small manmade lake in the shape of a bowl, made of concrete and sand, I had a search there many years ago and found a silver high school grad ring for a lady.

After talking with the man over the phone I knew our chances wouldn’t be good as many people search lakes and this one was recently drained and the sand scraped out to the top as you can see in the picture above.

This didn’t stop me from searching as there is always a chance that I could still find the ring. After 3 1/2 hours and a small amount of change and pull tabs I could tell this lake was worked hard as I was unable to locate the ring in the sand piles.

I believe this ring was found last summer by a treasure hunter and its probably in his or her collection.

If you found a plain gold band in Aldergrove Lake in 2008 please contact me and I will put you in touch with the owner who would be extremely happy to get it back!

There is a Reward being offered for the return of this ring.

I can only find what’s there to find… The sooner you contact me the better your chances are to locate your lost item.