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Metal Detecting Service Inc.

Metal Detecting Service Inc.

Earl Roberts

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Member Since 2016
    • Fairfax
    (Virginia, United States)
Phone 1-910-581-3376
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Search Locations

Within 30 miles of Fairfax County. I’ll attempt to search almost anywhere where metal detecting is allowed.

Search Types

I search yards, gardens, parks, fields, woods, campgrounds, farms, caves, beaches, lakes, streams, in water up to 3ft deep.

Cost For My Service

I have a required local call out fee of $25 (payable whether or not item is found) . This fee is due upon arrival at your location and is used to cover gas & expenses. For property markers There is a $25 per marker charge in addition to the local call out fee. For lost items, I work on a reward basis, that means you pay what it's worth to you / what you can afford to have me find your lost item.

Earl Roberts's Bio

I am a professional outdoorsman who began metal detecting in 2013. I have sucessfully located items in multiple states in the US as well as recovered items in Asia. I enjoy the hunt and the FIND... I would love to help you find your item.

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