Earl Roberts

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I have a required local call out fee of $25 (payable whether item is found or not). This fee is due upon arrival at your location and is used to cover gas, tolls, & expenses. I work on a reward basis, that means you pay what it's worth to you / what you can afford to have me find your lost item. Treasure research and hunting services are also available.

Search Types

I search yards, gardens, parks, fields, woods, campgrounds, farms, caves, beaches, lakes, streams, in water up to 3ft deep.

Search Locations

All of Northern Virginia. I’ll attempt to search almost anywhere where metal detecting is allowed.

Earl Roberts's Bio

With over 24 years of Military and Private Security experience, Earl knows how to locate things that tend to be hidden! He began metal detecting in 2013 and became an official RingFinder in 2016. In addition to locating lost jewelry and keys, he has recovered military artifacts, caches of coins, and other treasures throughout the United States and Asia.

Earl Roberts - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost Ring in Gainesville VA – Found! (June 2021) (2021)

    Two days ago, Lee contacted me after finding the RingFinders on the internet while researching ways to find his lost ring. It all began earlier that day (on his anniversary actually), while he was tending to some plants on his back deck, Lee tossed a handful of debris over the railing and into the woods… […]

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  • Lost Ring in a Corn Pit… Found!, Great Falls, Va. (Oct 2018) (2018)

    First time searching for a ring in a corn pit; here’s the story… Chris took his family to a local pumpkin patch last week, one of the side attractions there was a barn stall filled with corn kernels to about 18 inches from the ground, a corn pit to play in. Chris and his son […]

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  • Lost Ring in Falls Church, Virginia… FOUND! (May 2018) (2018)

    Over Memorial Day weekend, Conor and his wife were spending some time in their front yard when they realized that his wife’s ring was missing. They retraced their activities and knew it had to be in the yard. Conor spent the better part of the weekend combing through the grass on his hands and knees […]

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  • Lost Necklace & Pendant in McLean VA … Found! (April 2018) (2018)

    Got a call from Lonnie on Friday morning; a necklace and pendant was lost in his back yard and, of course, he wanted it found. His wife was wearing her necklace and one of a kind , diamond encircled pendant while out playing ball with the dog… the dog leaped for the ball while still […]

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  • Northern Virginia Ring Finder featured in local paper (2018)

        Check out the cover photo and story on page 6 of the Burke Connection… http://www.burkeconnection.com/documents/2018/jan/12/burke-connection-january-10-2018/   Also on page 9 of the Springfield Connection… http://connectionarchives.com/PDF/2018/011018/Springfield.pdf   And page 16 of the Mount Vernon Gazette… http://connectionarchives.com/PDF/2018/011018/Mt%20Vernon.pdf      

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Earl Roberts - Testimonials

  • I recently lost my beloved engagement ring and Earl saved the day! (2016)



    Thank you again!

    I recently lost my beloved engagement ring and Earl saved the day! I cannot say enough about how incredibly grateful I am for his willingness to go above and beyond on his holiday weekend to help us out. He was not only an extreme pleasure to meet, but an amazingly talented treasure finder. I can’t express how much the time he spent to search out my ring meant to me and my fiancé. He was absolutely amazing and I am beyond thankful for the work he did to find it for me. Earl is incredible, he is fantastic at what he does and generally an awesome person. His professionalism was exemplary. Thank you so much for your time and expertise, you made me so happy and I am so grateful people like you are out there, I cannot express my gratitude enough. Thank you so much!!

    Thrilled we got to meet you!

    Thank you,

    Paige Ulvi