Jon Baughman

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on the reward basis. You only pay if the item is found, however I do have a call out fee of $50 which is required (gas money) even if the lost item is not located. If the search location requires me to travel outside a 30 mile drive radius from my house, the call-out fee may be greater and must be agreed upon in advance. The reward is up you each individual and is how much you think it is worth to have the ring (or item) returned to you. Everything will be in writing so there will be no surprises! Where required, all searches are performed with permission by property owners. (Contact for further info or details)

Search Types

Metal Detecting searches performed in Beaches, Parks, Lakes, Yards, Land, Woods, Snow, Water (deeper than about 4 or 5 feet will require more equipment), Campgrounds, Parking-Lots, Farms, School Yards, Fields, anywhere with legal permission and any type of terrain. Jewelry, Property pins, Gold/Silver caches, Relics, Coins. Also Estate Home and Property searches, and Insurance Property Claims. (Contact for further info or details)

Search Locations

Licking, Franklin, and all surrounding Counties, Columbus, Newark and all suburbs, All of Central Ohio region.

Jon Baughman's Bio

I am a husband and a father to four wonderful kids.

I have been metal detecting for a many of years now.

I am here To help people find their lost treasure, which is Priceless!

I am able to locate property pins

Check out JBDetecting, LLC web page at

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Read my Blog posts to see my past finds and all those happy smiles from others.

Jon Baughman - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost Gold Diamond Woman’s Ring in Lewis Center, OH. “FOUND” (2024)

    I received a message about a lost Gold Diamond Women’s Ring. It was lost after placing the ring into her pocket, the same pocket she had a tissue in to wipe her daughters running nose. So as she pulled out the tissue the ring few out somewhere in the yard. We was able to schedule […]

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  • Lost Gold Earing in Reynoldsburg, OH. “FOUND” (2024)

    I received a call about a lost earring. She lost the earing while walking her dog. She was pulled down to the ground by the dog and the earing came off somewhere is the grass. We walked to the location and started the search. After search for a few, there was the earing in the […]

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  • Lost White Gold Diamond Engagement Band in Newark, OH. “FOUND” (2024)

    I received a call about a lost engagement ring. The ring was toss out the car window while driving down the road by one of the kids. The next day, I was able to perform a search along the side of the road where the ring was toss, I search and search and finally the […]

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  • Lost Gold Man’s Wedding Ring in Powell, OH. “FOUND” (2023)

    I received a call about a lost gold man’s wedding ring while he was playing with water balloons on a hot summer day with the family. We was able to setup a day and time to perform a search. I started the search in the area where the water balloons were being fill and thrown […]

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  • Lost Gold Man’s Wedding Ring in Pataskala, OH. “FOUND” (2023)

    I received an email in January 2023 about a lost gold man’s wedding ring that was lost on his property in November 2021. He was simply playing with his dog and bouncing a tennis ball off the driveway and the next moment the ring flew off into the weeds. He search and search with no […]

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Jon Baughman - Testimonials

  • My prayer to God had been answered and He sent Jon... (2019)


    I do believe and I believe in miracles! So blessed to have had to opportunity to witness one!

    On July 5th I had visited the beach and lost my gold ring in the water while catching a football. In a split second I knew the ring had slipped off my finger and I was so devastated. I spent nearly 2 hours waist deep in murky water trying to feel my foot on the seabed for a ring but no luck. People were kicking up sand and boats nearby were causing waves to pull in and out to shore.

    Heartbroken I left with no hope of finding the ring. After a long prayer and a few Facebook posts later I turned to the internet and found Jon in the OH area with multitudinous theringfinders testimonies and I immediately emailed him. After an immediate response we decided to schedule the search Sunday and meet up.

    The day before the search there were numerous people in the area and a storm causing the water to rise and I was so afraid the ring would’ve moved from the area that I was in. The day of the search it took Jon no longer than 45 minutes to locate my ring in the swelled waters with his underwater equipment and I was FILLED with joy and relief! It was embedded deep underneath the sand and I would have never found it on my own.

    This was a ring engraved with the initials of my boyfriend and his father, which had been passed down and was a promise ring to me which I’ve had worn everyday for 2 years. It meant the world to me and I was so heartbroken to have lost it.

    I am so immensely grateful for Jon and his hard work to search and find my ring. My prayer to God had been answered and He sent Jon and his wonderful father in law for that search. He prayed over me and I am forever grateful for their service!

    God bless,


  • Thank you so much Jon from the bottom of my almost broken heart! (2016)


    Dear Jon,

    We couldn’t thank you enough for not only coming on the same day we called you, but at night and in the bitter cold no less!

    I lost not only my engagement ring but my wedding band that was only 7 months old.

    I was in a frantic hurry on a frigid cold Wednesday morning. I rushed to get my kids in the car and get the ice scraped off. When I got in my car, I realized my rings were gone!

    I had 2 very generous people come help me search my yard and after no luck and a full days worth of tears, I had almost given up all hope!

    That is when I stumbled upon and found Jon B!

    I poured through 2 pages of blogged testimonies and decided to call!

    I’m so glad I did! Thank you so much Jon from the bottom of my almost broken heart! The 2 hugs that I gave you weren’t nearly enough!


    Andrew & Anell Pike of Westerville, Ohio

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