Jon Baughman

Cost For My Service

I work on the reward basis. You only pay if the item is found, however I do have a local call out fee of $30 which is required (gas money) even if the lost item is not located. If the search location requires me to travel outside of Franklin or Licking Counties, the call-out fee may be greater and must be agreed upon in advance. Everything will be in writing so there will be no surprises! Where required, all searches are performed with permission by property owners. (Contact for further info or details)

Search Types

Beaches, Parks, Lakes, Yards, Land, Snow, Water (up to a 4 of feet and deeper with Scuba diver), Campgrounds, Parking-Lots, Farms, School Yards, Fields, anywhere with legal permission and any type of terrain. Jewelry, Property pins, Gold/Silver caches, Relics, Coins. Also, I will conduct Estate Home and Property searches, and Insurance Property Claims. (Contact for further info or details)

Search Locations

Licking, Franklin, and all surrounding Counties, Columbus and all suburbs, Central Ohio.

Columbus and all suburbs, Franklin and all surrounding Counties, Central Ohio

Jon Baughman's Bio

I am a husband and a father to three wonderful kids. I have been metal detecting for a several years now. To help people find their lost treasure is Priceless!

Also, Read my Blog posts to see my past finds and smiles from others.

Jon Baughman - Recent Blog Posts

  • Lost Man’s Gold Wedding Ring in Worthington, OH. “FOUND” (2017)

    I received a call about a mans lost gold wedding in the front yard area. They searched for the ring with no results. I started my search through the front yard and found the ring hidden in the grass. He was very happy to have his ring returned back to him.

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  • Lost White Gold Diamond Woman’s Ring Set in Westerville, OH. “FOUND” (2016)

    I received a call about a white gold diamond wedding ring set lost while cleaning off her car from snow and ice. She remembers seeing the rings as she starting scraping the ice off and by the time she completed the whole car and got inside, the rings were missing. She searched and searched with […]

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  • Lost Silver Cross Necklace in Delaware, OH. “FOUND” (2016)

    Jon Baughman, a Ring Finder, received an email about a lost silver cross necklace somewhere in his back yard. He was adding a patio on the back on his house. During his work he was using a skid steer to move dirt away from the house and also use a compactor to compact the gravel  by […]

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  • Lost Man’s Gold Ring in Westerville, OH. “FOUND” (2016)

    I received a call  about a lost ring he lost a year ago in the front yard while during some landscaping. As he was pulling off his glove, there went the ring flying, not to be seen again. The ring has more sentimental valve because his grandmother took her own jewelry to make his grandfather father […]

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  • Lost Man’s Wedding Ring in Delaware, OH. “FOUND” (2016)

    I received a call about a lost man’s tungsten wedding band. We had a couple of inches of snow on the ground. As he was cleaning off the car; he got some snow on his hand. He flick his hand to remove the snow but also removed his wedding band. His wedding ring flew into […]

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Jon Baughman - Testimonials

  • Thank you so much Jon from the bottom of my almost broken heart! (2016)


    Dear Jon,

    We couldn’t thank you enough for not only coming on the same day we called you, but at night and in the bitter cold no less!

    I lost not only my engagement ring but my wedding band that was only 7 months old.

    I was in a frantic hurry on a frigid cold Wednesday morning. I rushed to get my kids in the car and get the ice scraped off. When I got in my car, I realized my rings were gone!

    I had 2 very generous people come help me search my yard and after no luck and a full days worth of tears, I had almost given up all hope!

    That is when I stumbled upon and found Jon B!

    I poured through 2 pages of blogged testimonies and decided to call!

    I’m so glad I did! Thank you so much Jon from the bottom of my almost broken heart! The 2 hugs that I gave you weren’t nearly enough!


    Andrew & Anell Pike of Westerville, Ohio

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