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My Dog Boomer Ate My Gold Ring and Necklase! Stony Plain, Alberta.

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I must say in all the years I have been a member of the Ring Finders group this callout gets the top marks in all categories.

Kerri called me yesterday regarding their dog Boomer.  On Boxing day 2017, while Kerri and Travis were visiting family in British Columbia, Boomer found his way into their  bedroom.  Kerri had placed her wedding ring,  engagement ring,  and gold necklace on the night table.   When she returned to the room she found Boomer chewing  on a box of Kleenex,   The ring and necklace was gone and Kerri found one ring on the floor on the other side of the room. Boomer is not your average dog,  he is 120 Lbs Bloodhound,  a big friendly giant.

Kerri was getting worried that the ring and chain was still inside Boomer and asked me if I could check to see if the rings was in him. I told her I could run my detector over him but it would not tell me what was in him and if there was something she would have to take him to the Vet! she also asked if I could scan the Poop bags she had collected over the past 10 days in his dog run I agreed to meet them this morning.

I arrived and met  Travis and Kerri and of course Boomer the Hound.  I scanned Boomer and found nothing,  so onto  the next task! The  Poop bags! On fourth bag my pro-pointer went off and I told Travis this could be something.   I told Kerri to get some hot water and a bucket so we could thaw the bag out and see what was in  there were the rings and neckless all in tack. Lucky for Boomer – no vet and lucky for Travis and Kerri, no bills!

This search will go down in History for me.

Thank you Travis & Kerri.

Lost ring in the water Tobermory Ontario!

Another ring reunited with its owner!

Got up this morning and waited out the weather, 60km wind gust and rain would make for a difficult search. Drove about 2 hours to just before Tobermory Ontario.
The person who lost this ring lived in the USA so we had only a map and what he told us on the email to go by. To make the situation worse the guy had lost the ring roughly 2 weeks prior to finding out about us.
When we arrived at the location another metal detector was there searching… The area wasn’t very big and we knew this wasn’t a good sign. We ventured into the cold water working the area we were told to search. Dad decided to go in to get his other detector and when he was walking back out to the depth we thought the ring was at he got a strong beep and sure enough it was the beautiful platinum ring!

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