Norman Slaymaker

Cost For My Service

I am working on a reward basis. Depending on where you are there will be a $25 call out fee to cover my gas cost. There will be no call out fee in the Iowa City area.

Search Types

I have top grade equipment for both land and water. So I'm willing to search all land or beaches.

Water up to 5 feet. Even snow.

Search Locations

I will help you in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Quad Cities and Des Moines areas.

I will help anywhere within 150 miles, if further away we can work something out.

Norman Slaymaker's Bio

have been metal detecting for many years now. I've found everything from aluminum hunting arrows to fabulous wedding rings for people who have called on me. Please look at my blog posts on this page.

I belong to a metal detecting club from Cedar Rapids. I have searched and recovered many lost items over the years. I will do my absolute best to recover your lost valuables.

I have uploaded many metal detecting videos to YouTube, below is a link to my YouTube channel.

Norman Slaymaker - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost Engagement Ring… Found Iowa City, Iowa (2022) Today I recovered an engagement ring for a lady who lost it in a dried creek bed while picking up trash. Very happy to find it for her.

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  • Lost Rings…Found Cedar Rapids, Iowa (2022)

    I was contacted by a woman who lost her engagement ring and wedding band while cooling off in about four feet of water at a city park. She met me there today and stood in about the same area and I was able to recover both rings. It was gratifying to return her rings. I […]

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  • Lost Key Found in Iowa City, Iowa (2022)

    I had a young college student contact me about a lost apartment building key. He was outside at a friend’s house and was twirling the key on a lanyard and of course it came off. I went over this morning and was able to find it in a half hour. He was very happy to […]

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  • Lost Car Key… Found In Williamsburg, Iowa (2020)

    I got a call today to search for a single lost car key. It was lost several days ago in a snowy yard. The lady had rented a detector but couldn’t find it. So she found my number today and gave me a call. Luckily I wasn’t busy so I got my equipment together and […]

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  • Lost Ring Found… Williamsburg, Iowa (2020)

    I found a ring today for the mother of a friend of mine. She was pulling weeds in her strawberry patch and garden and tossing them, the ring must have gone too. It’s a different kind of ring because there is a latch on it. She hurt one of her fingers and this was a […]

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