Norman Slaymaker

Cost For My Service

I am working on a reward basis. Depending on where you are there will be a $25 call out fee to cover my gas cost. There will be no call out fee in the Iowa City area.

Search Types

I have top grade equipment for both land and water. So I'm willing to search all land or beaches.

Water up to 5 feet. Even snow.

Search Locations

I will help you in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Quad Cities and Des Moines areas.

I will help anywhere within 150 miles, if further away we can work something out.

Norman Slaymaker's Bio

have been metal detecting for many years now. I've found everything from aluminum hunting arrows to fabulous wedding rings for people who have called on me. Please look at my blog posts on this page.

I belong to a metal detecting club from Cedar Rapids. I have searched and recovered many lost items over the years. I will do my absolute best to recover your lost valuables.

I have uploaded many metal detecting videos to YouTube, below is a link to my YouTube channel.

Norman Slaymaker - Recent Blog Posts

  • Lost Wedding Band… Found Near Independence Iowa (2015)

    I found a mans white gold wedding band┬áMonday for a nice young couple. He was messing with some leaky paint cans and didn’t want to get paint on his ring so he gave it to his wife to hold for him. There was an outside water faucet beside the barn so she decided to wash […]

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  • Lost Wedding Band…Found At Boone, Iowa (2015)

    A guy named Guy sent me an email last month about his lost wedding band. He was participating in a mud run on ski hills and lost his ring. Lucky for him he had a GoPro camera on that day because he was able to determine on what hill the ring slipped off. At the […]

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  • Lost Engagement Ring Iowa City, Iowa… Found! (2015)

    I found an engagement ring today for a lady named Susan who gave me a call yesterday. She was at her son’s baseball game on Wednesday evening and was helping the team warm up before the game. She had a baseball glove on and when she took it off and tossed it to her son […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring… Found Des Moines, Iowa (2014)

    I found a white gold wedding band today for a young fella named Austin. He lost it while mowing roadside ditches this summer. When he parked the tractor he noticed his wedding ring was gone. At one point during the day┬áhe had stopped to clean the mower out and figured he lost it there. His […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring… Found at North English, Iowa (2014)

    I checked my messages on my phone today after work and had a call about a lost wedding ring at a ball field. I got my equipment together when I got home and gave the lady a call. Her name is Doretta and she thought she lost her white gold wedding ring at her granddaughters […]

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