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One for you and one for me!

from Suffolk (England, United Kingdom)
Contact: 07340-257343

Brian called me yesterday and said that his wife had lost her wedding ring in their garden almost four months ago. They had searched repeatedly but to no avail. I let him know that I would be there first thing in the next morning. The hour drive went by very quickly and I was there detector at the ready to search. Brian walked me towards their garden, explaining the happenings of that day in October (their anniversary) when the ring was lost. Standing in the small area, he told me about a dream he had the other day about finding the ring himself just 5 feet behind where we now stood. Clearly he had scoured the area multiple times and even borrowed a metal detector to aid his search. With these thoughts heavy on his mind he stepped back to give me the room to begin the search. We thought maybe the ring had been trampled and was just out of sight into the soil. Just as I lowered the detector to the ground, I heard Brain’s ecstatic voice trembling with “Oh my god! there it is!”. Lo and behold at his feet under a small sapling Brian found his wife’s beautiful rose-gold ring in a spot he covered many times before. His dream was just ten feet off! This happy ending would be enough for any story, but just as Brian needed me there to nudge him in the right direction, he unknowingly guided me to another ring recovery that day. After some good conversation and tea, I bid my new friend goodbye to head home. Along the way I decided to stop at a popular hiking path to see if there were any good finds waiting for me. All geared up I stepped towards the gate, and there at my feet, still in the parking lot, I now see a ring short an owner.

Lost Wedding Ring FOUND in Midlothian, Virginia!

from Williamsburg (Virginia, United States)
Contact: 844-434-4437

My husband lost his wedding ring in a massive pile of leaves in the woods the last weekend in November.  We searched and searched – even borrowing a metal detector from a friend – but could not find it.  It was quite literally a needle in a haystack situation.  We went out several times to search but it seemed impossible.  As you can imagine, we were quite upset.  We considered our options – thought about buying a new ring, etc – and several weeks passed. Through an internet search, we came across the Ring Finders website and noticed there was a member of this organization living an hour away from our home.  I sent Mr. Reed an email and he returned my message very quickly.  We spoke that afternoon and I was pleasantly surprised he offered to drive out that weekend to look for the ring.  Once he arrived and started his search, it took less than ten minutes for him to locate it in that huge leaf pile.  We were so excited to have it back!  We are very thankful for his help!


We Find Lost Rings or Jewelry in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Carrollton or Anywhere in DFW

from Dallas (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-972-523-4447


Plano, Frisco, Carrollton or Anywhere in DFW

IMG_0681         IMG_1529         IMG_2189      IMG_0862      IMG_1621           

Don  & Ellen Wilson





CONTACT: DON & ELLEN WILSON – 972-523-4447

Search Locations

We live in the North Dallas area, anywhere within reasonable driving distance is normally OK with us.

Search Types

Parks, Yards, Flower Beds, and we can do underwater up to 25 feet in depth.

Check out our YouTube Channel at “Dallas Ring Finders” for 30+ Fun Videos of some of our recent recoveries.

2017 by Don Wilson

Hello, if you have lost a Ring, Watch or Bracelet we possibly can help you find it. My wife and I have been Metal Detector hobbyists for a long time. We have been members of the “The Ring Finders” group as a finder of rings/other metal items. We have multiple types of Metal Detectors and Pin Pointing devices, whether it’s lost in your yard, a park, field or even underwater (up to 25 feet in depth) we can help. We work on a Reward Basis, give us a call and let us see if we can find your missing valuable(s). We have had great success in recovering of some very special items10

UPDATE! Man looses Fraternity Ring in Cedar Creek Lake while swimming.  Tx Found 07/2018

UPDATE! Man married only 3 months looses Engagement Ring in Lake Ray Roberts, Tx  Found! 7/2018

UPDATE! Lady looses Engagement Ring in Lake Lavon,Tx at Party Cove,TX Found 07/2018

UPDATE! Man looses Wedding Ring in Berry Bushes while gardening Weatherford, Tx Found! 06/2018

UPDATE! Lady looses Engagement Ring 9 myths ago  in field while playing with husband in field, Tyler,Tx Found! 05/2018

UPDATE! Student looses College Ring 6 months ago climbing Vine Wall in downtown Dallas “huh” Found! 05/2018

(Video up on YouTube) UPDATE! Lady looses “Dallas Texans” ring while taking wedding photos, Waco, Tx Found! 01/2017

(Video up on YouTube) UPDATE! Man buries coins and forgets where they are buried, Dallas, Tx Found! 1/2016

UPDATE! Man loose Presidential Rolex while training cutting horse in arena Milsap, Tx Found! 10/2016

UPDATE! Lady looses antique Bracelet on City Construction site McKinney, Tx Found! 10/2016

(Video up on YouTube) UPDATE! Lady throws 3 Watches out the car window on Freeway Milford, Tx Found! 10/2016

UPDATE! Man looses Wedding Ring playing Sandpit Volleyball, Dallas, Tx Found! 09/2016

(Video up on YouTube) UPDATE! Lady looses Engagement Ring 4-5 ft of water in Lake 24 days before her wedding, Ennis, Tx Found! 09/2016

(Video up on YouTube) UPDATE! Lady drops all her rings in the yard when she got out of the car, forgot they were in her lap, Denton, Tx Found! 09/2016

UPDATE! Lady looses ring with working in yard, Coppell, Tx Found! 08/2016

(Video up on YouTube) Update! Friend of mine lost his Wedding Ring during outdoor Family Reunion, Point, Tx Found! 08/2016

(Video up on YouTube) Update! Man looses Wedding Ring in field while setting up for Church carnival, Richardson, Tx Found! 08/2016

(Video up on YouTube) Update! Pastor wife looses Wedding Ring in Lake playing water volleyball with church group, Lake Ray Roberts, Tx Found! 08/2016

(Video up on YouTube) Update! Young mom looses Engagement Ring while playing Volleyball after work, Plano, Tx Found! 07/2016

(Video up on YouTube) Update! Man looses Wedding Ring playing volleyball in pool,Ft Worth, Tx Found! 07/2016

UPDATE! Wedding ring lost playing Volleybal with Church kids during fair…..Found! 08/2016

UPDATE! Wedding ring lost playing Volleyball in pool, lost for 5 days found in 20 minutes….Found! 06/2016


UPDATE!  Special ring lost playing softball after work in field…Found! 06/2016


UPDATE! 300 year old family heirloom ring lost playing volleyball in apartment pool, only here in USA for 3 months….Found! 05/2016IMG_3008

UPDATE! Lost Wedding Ring playing volleyball….Found! 05/016

UPDATE! Family selling Grandpa’s home ask us to look for Coffee Cans filled with cash, found no cash but found Gold 1952 Grand Prairie Class Ring lost 64 years ago by family member, Haltom City,Tx  Found! 01/2016

UPDATE! Man looses Wedding Ring while clearing property, Colleyville,Tx Found! 01/2016

UPDATE! Man accidentally tosses 25th Year Gift ring in pond while feeding ducks, Winnsboro,Tx Found! 01/2016

UPDATE! Lady looses Wedding for the 3rd time in her front yard, Ducanville,Tx Found! 12/2015

UPDATE! Man looses Aggie Ring in leaves while having a snowball fight, Carrollton,Tx             Found! 12/2015

UPDATE! Lady looses Wedding Ring playing fetch with her dog, Dalworthington,Tx                 Found! 12/2015

UPDATE! Man looses Wedding Ring repairing sprinkler system 3 YEARS AGO, Fort Worth,Tx Found! 11/2015

UPDATE! Man looses Wedding Ring playing football with his kids, Corinth,Tx Found! 11/2015

UPDATE! Man looses Wedding Ring while doing jump at Water Ski Park, Waco,Tx Found! 10/2015

UPDATE! Man looses Wedding Ring while planting roses, Corinth,Tx – Found,Tx 10/2015

UPDATE! Man looses Wedding Ring in front yard playing with dog, Carrollton,Tx – Found 10/2015

UPDATE! Man looses Wedding Ring in backyard, Kennedale,Tx – Found! 10/2016

UPDATE! Pregnant lady leaves Wedding Ring on back of truck & drives off, Waxahachie,Tx – Found 10/2015

UPDATE! Young man lost a Good Luck Medallion on a soccer field, Roanoke,Tx -Found! 09/2015

UPDATE! Dropped ring in Lake while covering boat, Cedar Creek Lake, Tool,Tx – Found! 09/2015


UPDATE! Lost Grandfather’s Ring falling out of Kayak near Waco,Tx  – Found! 08/2015

UPDATE! Lost Initial Ring in Volleyball Club in Dallas,Tx – Found! 08/2015

UPDATE! Lost Wedding Set while playing Water Volleyball in Alford, Tx – Found! 08/2015

UPDATE! Lost Wedding Ring while Kayaking in river in San Saba,Tx – Found! 06/2015

UPDATE! Lost Texas Aggie Ring while playing with dog in backyard in Denton,Tx – Found! 07/2015


UPDATE! Lost Wedding Ring while Kayaking in river in San Saba,Tx – Found! 06/2015

UPDATE1 Lost Wedding Ring while playing Golf in Farmers Branch,Tx – Found on Hole 9 – 05/2015

UPDATE! Wedding Band disappears in couples home, cat is suspect in Dallas,Tx – Found! 04/2015

UPDATE! Lost Engagement Ring when thrown out the car window in anger, Greenville,Tx – Found! 04/2015

UPDATE! Lost Silver Ring while playing around in front yard, Grand Prairie,Tx – Found! 03/2015

UPDATE! Lost Diamond Ring in Field when thrown during argument in Aquilla,Tx – Found! 03/2015

UPDATE! Lost Wedding Ring while taking pictures in the snow in Addison,Tx – Found! 02/2015


UPDATE! Lost Wedding Ring on Side of Highway after being thrown in Halton City,Tx – Found 02/2015

UPDATE! Lost Wedding Ring after full day of working in Backyard in Fort Worth,Tx – Found 02/2015

UPDATE! Lost Aggie ring in Lake after jumping in to save small child, Gun Barrel City,Tx – Found 02/2015

UPDATE! Lost Wedding Ring in garden after cleaning flower beds in Dallas,Tx – Found 02/2015

UPDATE! Lost Wedding Ring in backyard after Sunday BarBQue with friends in Plano,Tx – Found 12/2014


UPDATE! Lost Diamond Ring in Front Yard after moving mulch in flower beds, Carrollton,Tx –

UPDATE1 Lost Ring in Soccer Field after game with friends in Carrollton,Tx Found 10/2014

UPDATE! Lost Wedding Set in yard while playing with kids in Allen,Tx – Found 10/2014

UPDATE! Lost Diamond Ring while playing on beach island in Lake Lewisville, Tx – Found 07/2014

UPDATE! Lost Silver Ring while playing Basketball in the Pool in Dallas,Tx – Found! 07/2014

UPDATE! Lost Wedding Ring out the car window on HWY 30 near Longview, TX – Found! 07/2014!

UPDATE! Lost 6 Carat/$30,000 Diamond Ring in my kitchen in Addison, TX – Found! 05/2014!

UPDATE! Lost High School Ring in Bluebonnets at Cedar Hill Park in Cedar Hill,TX – Found! 04/2014

UPDATE! Lost Wedding Ring while digging a trench in his backyard Trophy Club,TX – Found! 03/2014


UPDATE! Lost Diamond Ring while Brushing Fire Ants off husband in Field in Frisco,TX – Found! 03/2014!

UPDATE! Lost 3 Ring Wedding Set while Raking Leaves in Backyard, Cedar Hill,TX – Found! 01/2014

*UPDATE! Texas Aggie College Ring Lost while “Toilet Papering at Friend’s Home” – Found! 10/2013!

*UPDATE! Wedding Ring lost while playing Volleyball in Dallas, Texas – Found! 10/2013

*UPDATE! Texas A&M Ring found in Mineral Wells,Texas – Found! 09/2013     IMG_1495

*UPDATE! Doctors ring found at Lake Home in Lake Worth,Texas – Found! 09/2013

*UPDATE! Man’s Wedding Ring found at Lake Lavon, Texas after Tube Fishing – Found! 09/2013

*UPDATE! Key Fob found after daughter lost it in their yard – Found! 09/2013     IMG_1091

UPDATE!   Lost 6 Carat/$30,000 Diamond Ring in my kitchen in Addison, TX  – Found! 05/2014!

UPDATE!   Lost High School Ring in Bluebonnets at Cedar Hill State Park in Cedar Hill,TX  – Found! 04/2014!

UPDATE!   Lost Wedding Ring while digging a trench in his backyard Trophy Club,TX  – Found! 03/2014!

UPDATE!   Lost Diamond Ring while Brushing Fire Ants off husband in Field in Frisco,TX  – Found! 03/2014!


UPDATE!   Lost 3 Ring Wedding Set while Raking Leaves in Backyard, Cedar Hill,TX  – Found! 01/2014

*UPDATE!   Texas Aggie College Ring Lost while “Toilet Papering at Friend’s Home” – Found! 10/2013!

*UPDATE!   Wedding Ring lost while playing Volleyball in Dallas, Texas – Found! 10/2013

*UPDATE!  Texas A&M Ring found in Mineral Wells,Texas  – Found! 09/2013

*UPDATE!  Doctors ring found at Lake Home in Lake Worth,Texas – Found! 09/2013

*UPDATE!  Man’s Wedding Ring found at Lake Lavon,Texas after Tube Fishing – Found! 09/2013

*UPDATE!  Key Fob found after daughter lost it in their yard – Found! 09/2013

*UPDATE!  Man’s Wedding Ring thrown into backyard in anger – Found! 06/2013

*UPDATE!  Man’s Wedding Ring found in 6ft of lake water after owner falls out of fishing boat – Found! 07/2013

*UPDATE!  Ladies Diamond Pendant Lost on 10 acres of land while tending Longhorns – Found! 04/2013

*UPDATE!   Man’s Wedding lost while shaking wets hands off  in the backyard – Found! 04/2013

*UPDATE!   Fireman’s Grandfathers wedding band Lost while fighting Brush fire – Found! 03/2013

*UPDATE!   Man’s wedding band found in ditch in front of his home – Found! 03/2013

*UPDATE!   Man’s wedding band lost while playing in snow on Christmas Day – Found!  12/2012

*UPDATE!  Man’s pocket knife lost  by 10 yr old daughter while unloading Christmas Tree – Found! 12/2012

*UPDATE!   Man’s wedding band found behind baseboard in bathroom  – Found! 09/2012

* UPDATE! Man’s wedding band lost in yard will working on home – Found! 08/2012

* UPDATE!   Child’s Gold Signet Ring lost on Country Club playground.  — Found! 06/2012

* UPDATE!  Heart shaped pendant and chain, lost while playing touch football — Found!  01/2012

* UPDATE! Diamond engagement Ring thrown in angry, lost in front yard – Found! 12/2011

Just a Few of our Happy Customers!!

IMG_2182 IMG_1749 IMG_2209 IMG_1626 IMG_1732 IMG_1495 IMG_1368         Shannon's Husband's Wedding Ring                IMG_2577    IMG_3559 IMG_3635 IMG_2373


Lost ring in Kaplan, LA – Found

from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)
Contact: 1-337-280-3077

Ashley called on December 22. Her husband, Rahn,  lost his wedding band, while working in the yard. Carrie and I were in California, spending time with the grandkids, so we set the 28th for the hunt. We arrived back from California and went the next day to FIND THE RING. Rahn had worked in the back yard but security camera footage showed the ring still on his finger as he left to do front yard work. He next went to the front yard to clean grass from three grated yard drains. The grass was tossed to the side and the ring may have left his finger with that motion. Carrie and I each hunted around a separate drain with no luck. I went to the third and final drain. The metal grating had caused problems searching the others but I got a strong signal a foot from this drain, far enough for the metal grating to not interfere. Buried in the grass was the prize. Ashley was beyond excited. It was a pleasure reuniting Rahn with his beautiful ring. Thank you for your generous reward. This allows us to continue providing our services.

Lost Car Keys in Idaho’s fresh snow. Found with metal detector by Gerry McMullen

from Boise (Idaho, United States)
Contact: 208-345-8898

Boise, Idaho is a beautiful place in late December and today brought us 4 inches of new snow.

Jeanette was walking down the porch stairs to go start her car and slipped in the fluffy white stuff.  Up in the air and away the keys go, across the yard maybe but nobody know.  She looks for some time and can’t find a thing as you know a fob of keys can easily hide in deep fresh snow.

Her sister who is visiting for the holidays looked me up online and called.  What else would a guy be doing with his metal detector on the evening Eve of Christmas Eve?

Luckily she only lived 2 miles from me and so the drive there took longer than the actual hunt.

I searched the area she thought they’d be and nothing, so I checked the other side of the porch and the trusty Fisher Gold Bug-2 screamed of metal close by. 

As I handed them to her a joy and tear was about to appear.

No, not Saint Nick..just another good deed from Gerry’s Detectors… Ho Ho Snow.


The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service can locate your lost diamond engagement ring, gold wedding ring or band, hearing aide, favorite piece of sterling jewelry, antique family heirloom, or other important personal item.

I can search virtually any location on land and in the water, some of the most common areas of parks, volleyball courts, beaches, creeks, yards, gardens, and even underwater.
If you lost your RING or other precious item “Don’t Wait-Call Now!” 208-345-8898 and please leave a message if the answer machine comes on, as I am with a customer at the time.

Lost Ring In Prairieville, LA – Found

from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)
Contact: 1-337-280-3077

Rosetto called me on Tuesday. She had lost her husband’s diamond and tungsten carbide wedding band the day before. They had searched the yard without success. I questioned her on the loss. “Where do you think the ring is?” “It’s either in our yard, the neighbor’s yard or in the tree.” “The tree??” “I was really mad at him”.  Being 2 hours away, I told her I’d look at my work schedule and the weather and get back to her. I found an opening on Friday with neither rain nor work. Carrie and I arrived at Rosetto’s house and had her throw flagged test washers. All three washers hit the tree branches and fell within a foot of each other. Within 10 minutes of searching, Carrie had a good signal (80 on the AT PRO) and found the ring close to where the washers dropped.  Another very happy client. We accepted a generous reward after telling her, “We are  lucky you throw like a girl.“


Lost wedding band in Youngsville, LA. – Found

from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)
Contact: 1-337-280-3077


Tim called me on a Saturday morning as I was heading to the health club. I traded the gym bag for my detector bag and was on site in 20 minutes. He had lost his wedding band in the back yard 2 days before while playing with his daughter. He had put the ring in his pocket with his cell phone. He took out his cell twice in different areas of the yard. The areas where he removed his phone from his pocket were the first searched. After finishing the second area, I started a whole yard grid search. I had a not-so-great hit so I marked my grid line and searched the hit. Nothing there. As I turned back to pick up my marker, the ring was on top of the grass a foot from the marker. As I was on my knees, being that close to the grass made the ring a lot easier to spot.

Thanks Tim for the generous reward. This will help keep our services available.


Wedding Ring Lost in Central Louisiana – Found

from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)
Contact: 1-337-280-3077

I received an email from Jason saying that his wife, Patrice, had lost her platinum engagement ring while playing with her kids in their back yard. She then bought a detector and tried to find it, without success. He was asking about my services and availability. I was able to start the hunt the next morning at 7:30. Patrice grabbed one of my detectors and helped with the search. The search area was not very large. It included a fenced back yard, a strip of un-fenced land bordering a lake and part of the neighbor’s back yard. About halfway through a grid search in the fenced back yard, I had a good hit and saw the ring, visible when the thick grass was moved. I was happy that the lake had not accepted the ring during their time fishing.

Thank you Jason and Patrice for the generous reward. This will help keep our services available.img_0568img_0589img_0590

Ridley Creek State Park Posy Ring

from Downingtown (Pennsylvania, United States)
Contact: 1-717-314-2078

What at first appeared to be just another annoying telemarketer call, actually turned out to be a lady in distress. Lady Alexia was the unfortunate soul who had lost a ring while attending a reenactment at the Ridley Creek State Park Colonial Plantation the weekend prior. Alexia had worn one of her favorite rings and to her dismay, had lost it on the last day while helping to pack the group’s camp site.

After she described the colvilarea and her confidence that it was lost there, I knew that the odds were in our favor for a recovery. We made an arrangement to meet that coming Saturday, as the sooner we look for it the better… plus I could tell that she was very anxious to find her ring. To my surprise, Alexia lived in Manhattan and would have to take off a day from work, in order to make this journey. She also asked if I could pick her up from the local train station, I obliged and was impressed with the trust she had in strangers.

Prior to my search, Alexia contacted the Park and secured permission for me to search the area with a metal detector. Since this is a historical site, I made sure to enforce the fact that I would not be digging any holes during my search. Since the ring was lost very recently, it would be a surface recovery and no need for any penetrations. The State Park management granted us permission, with the understanding that if any other items/artifact were found during my search that I would give them to the Park.

I met Alexia at the local train station that Saturday around noon. The weather had taken a turn for the worse; it reminded me of an Islay scotch. It was overcast, with patches of light rain, cooler and windy! I could smell the damp peat and taste the salty sea. Ok, maybe the peat and the salt was the Talisker still lingering on my palate, but it was a typical Scottish day (from what I hear).  🙂  As we drove to the park I learned that Alexia is in the jewelry business, she is a gemologist. The lost ring was part of her jewelry collection; it was a 15th century English posy ring with the inscription “NUL AUTRE” on the inside. It was originally found by a metal detectorist in England and then sold under the Treasure Act of 1996.

When we arrived at the field, I recognized that the area was large than estimated. I would take me the rest of the day to search, but fortunately, it was all low grass, so that was a pleasure to work with. We had a brief chat about what occurred in the different parts of the field and then I was ready to start the search.

I use little orange flags to mark my search grid and spots of interest, this way I make sure that there are no overlaps or missed spots and I can come back later to investigate the “good hits.” I did have two great sounding hits, with a high likelihood of them being older silver coins; it was so hard not to check them. Yet since they were a few inches down, I could not dig a plug, a promise is a promise… but it was so tempting.

I was a few hours into my search and hope was fading fast. I had searched the most probably areas with two more smaller spots to check, the archery area and where Alexia had dropped some swords. The archery area search did not produce anything. With failure on my mind, I told her that I could come back with a friend to try one more time the following week. I was really impressed with her attitude, as she said that it is ok, because she tried her best to find her ring. This made me feel better, because I gave it my best also.

The last small 10′ x 10′ area is where Alexia first noticed that her ring was missing. She said that she had alexia-posy-ringput down some swords by the vehicles when – to her horror – her prized possession was missing. And at this very spot I had a clear hit, it was perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, pure. As I squatted down and moved the grass to the side I saw the yellowish glint of gold that every treasure hunter dreams of. I immediately knew by the beautiful diagonal design that this was Alexia’s. I was so happy, that I couldn’t contain myself and had to exclaim our find! I was amazed at the beauty and sheer weight of this ring – it is an exquisite piece of jewelry! This is definitely the nicest and most valuable – monetarily speaking – ring that I had found so far.

She was VERY happy – it made my day. On the alexiaway back to the car, she made the comment that the ring, which was originally found by a metal detectorist in England, was found again by a metal detectorist.

Not only did Alexia give a very generous reward, but she also bought lunch as we waited at the local pub for her train to arrive. The reward came in handy, because on that day I had to replace my washing machine.


Lady’s white gold 3-ring set lost in Hudson, WI while kayaking – Now found!

from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)
Contact: 1-206-930-7228

Marie and her husband Zack were on a guided kayaking trip down a small river in WI when Marie got swept into a swift and deep part of the river that had low-hanging branches blocking the way.  She had no choice but to go through and duck as best she could to avoid getting hurt by the branches.

As Marie was doing her best to get herself and her kayak out of trouble, the kayak tipped over and she went sprawling into the river.  She made it to shore, dumped the water out of her kayak and started again on her journey down the river.

A few hundred yards past the spot where she went in, Marie discovered that her 3 rings welded together were missing and let Zack know the bad news.  She was certain that the most likely spot the rings were lost was back up stream where she went in.

Zack call me 6 days later and told me the story.  I knew that the hunt wasn’t going to be an easy one and Zack said it was a bit of a hike to get to the site, so I contacted two buddies who also have a lot of experience searching for rings.  The more people searching, the better the chances a ring will be found – especially in a river.

Zack met us in town near the river and we followed him to the a parking spot about 3/4 mile away from the search site.  We got on our waders, got our gear together and walked through some little-used trails and across the river to the spot where Marie’s kayak tipped over.  I was surprised how fast and how deep the water was at this particular spot. We knew some of the water was too deep to search, but we covered every bit we could.

It was Mike who eventually found the rings by taking off his waders and going deeper into the river.  He found it right where the kayak likely tipped over: immediately after the low-hanging branches.  Zack was thrilled and gave us a generous reward.

I was really impressed by Zack’s effort to get his wife’s rings back.  He was very determined and really thought things through.  Below are pictures of Zack and the rings.