John Volek

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search
  • Accepts Visa

Cost For My Service

I work on a traditional reward basis...That means you pay me what you can afford, and what it’s worth to you, to have your lost item found.

All travel and incidental fees will be agreed upon prior to rendering any services.

Search Types

I can search virtually any location regardless of the conditions, geography or technical difficulty. Most of the calls for service I receive are for lost personal possessions (jewelry, rings, and bracelets). I have experience in Insurance Claims Resolution, Evidentiary Recovery, Underwater Property Recovery and Estate Property Searches to list a few.

In short, if you lost it, I can assist you in finding it.

I maintain a Scuba Diver Certifications through (SSI) Scuba Schools International, placing your lost property with-in reach even when overboard.

I train regularly and use the best equipment available insuring the greatest possibility of finding your lost possessions.

Assistance to any Law Enforcement Agency upon request.

Search Locations

I am located in Texas, residing in Fort Bend County. I can travel anywhere, as long as you can cover the postage.

John Volek's Bio

I am a certified Texas Law Enforcement Officer of twenty-five years. If you lost something important, I have extensive experience and training in helping people find what they have lost.

“in scientia opportunitas”... In Knowledge, there is Opportunity

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John Volek - Testimonials

  • We are incredibly blessed to have found John. (2017)


    We are incredibly blessed to have found John. He’s not only a gentleman, but he’s also super talented and knows his craft. We knew the vicinity of where I misplaced my ring, but it took less than 5 mins for John to recover it. It was unbelievable – I’m still in shock!

  • John is definitely a professional that takes this job to heart.I owe a great deal of thanks to John! (2016)


    I lost tungsten carbide wedding ring during a brief foot chase and scuffle with a wanted suspect in the pitch dark field (~0130am). At this point, I went into panic mode for fear of 1)pissing off the wife, and 2)losing something of high sentimental value (Granted the ring itself only costed ~$200) i had 8+ officers on scene with high intensity flashlights helping me search the field, but it would still seem hopeless due to the size of the field.

    I did a quick Google search (still on scene)if a metal detector would help as I could go to the 24hr Walmart and pick it up. I learned that it could help, but an expert with its use would the quickest and higher success rate vs. me buying and trying to learn how to use it blind. I also found Houston Metal Detecting services in my search. Found John was local and bookmarked it to call in the AM. Finished the processing of the suspect (with a really distracted mind of course) and went home.

    I definitely had trouble sleeping and had dreams of finding my ring, only to wake up and not feeling it there. 9AM, I called John Volek and he arranged to meet me at the site within the hour. He sensed my sense of urgency and arranged his schedule to it. Around 10Am, I met John and leaned that he was a brother in blue and a supervisor with his agency. I briefed him on the details and he immediately established a “hot spot” to start the search in the scorching Houston heat. Within 15 mins, he tells me to search an area that he staked. I was using his handheld mini-metal detector to search the staked spots, and this last spot, had the glimmering tungsten ring sitting on top of the grass. A huge feeling of relief and gratefuness came over me and I will remember the exact feeling and vision of finding the ring forever. I don’t know how many times i and other coworkers walked over this very same spot searching the night before!

    John is definitely a professional that takes this job to heart. He shares the sense of urgency and I can tell he loves the look of satisfaction and relief of his customers. To him, it looks as if he finds helping people with this task very rewarding. I was surprised his expertise is UNDERWATER metal detecting. I owe a great deal of thanks to John!

  • Mr John is THE REAL DEAL (2016)


    After calling a few other so called revovery specialists ( won’t mention any names) I ran across Mr John.

    Unlike the others Mr John was concerned about the recovery of my chain. He never mentioned a price which i thought was unique. When Mr J arrived on the scene after a quik meet and greet and a glance at the equipment he was preparing to use i immediately felt hopeful about the recovery of my chain.

    I gave him a recap of how my chain ended up in the lake. Mr John entered the murky chocolate water lake and to my best recollection i pointed out an area where it was. After being under for about 10 minutes Mr John popped up and in a talking in a scuba mask darth vader voice said ” its impossible its too much trash down there ”

    I felt disappointed and began to walk away head hanging down before i could turn all the way around out of the corner of my eye i was blinded by the diamonds and gold

    Mr John was pulling out of his glove.Words couldn’t explain my feeling . If you are reading this and has an item lost and you know about where it is don’t hesitate calling Mr John. YOU WONT REGRET IT THIS IS A TRUE STORY I HAVE BEEN COMPENSATED WITH THE RETURN OF MY CROSS AND CHAIN. Mr John is THE REAL DEAL .

  • John is truly a humanitarian. (2016)


    My wife and I are greatly in debt to John Volek who drove from Sugarland to mustang island and tenaciously worked to find my wife’s wedding ring which was only two months old! John is truly a humanitarian. I appreciated his kindness and understanding. With his expertise and top notch equipment he was able to locate my wife’s ring which ended up in the surf no where near the designated area. I appreciate his skillfulness in not giving up! It’s as though he has a sixth sense!! Just talking to him you can tell he knows what he is doing and genuinely interested in helping people! I would use him again in a heartbeat! Good work John!!!!

    Best regards

    Gary & Martha

  • John was professional, prompt and above all successful!!! (2016)


    I thought looking up ring finders on the Internet was a total long shot. It was just the opposite. I found John who works in this region of Texas and called him. To my surprise he answered my call and was able to come immediately. His fee for the outcall was completely reasonable and if the item was found he only expected a reward I could afford. Within 10 minutes of him searching my yard he found it!!!!-my husband’s gold and diamond wedding band. John was professional, prompt and above all successful!!! Thank you John Volek.

  • But after only 15 minutes of searching, John found my beautiful engagement ring (2015)


    There are not enough words to express my gratitude for what John has brought back to me. I felt hopeless and extremely sad when I realized I had lost my engagement ring.

    I literally tore my house apart looking for it; even took off from work the following day just to keep searching for it. I Became desperate and purchased a metal detector myself but was even more frustrated when I didn’t understand how to work it.

    That’s when I decided to hire a professional and came across John’s name on the ringfinders website. After talking to him over the phone, I just knew everything was going to be alright.

    I never met him before but his confidence along with reading the miracles he has done for others, I knew there was hope. And sure enough, John was my life saver! I don’t know if it was a coincidence that I came across his page and that he lived so close to us or if it were just God answering my prayers.

    But after only 15 minutes of searching, John found my beautiful engagement ring (while my fiancé and I had searched for two and a half days). If I would’ve known about John before, I could’ve saved myself the headache along with time and money. So if you’re ever in the same position, I highly recommend contacting John. Not only is he professional and comes with the best equipment, but he genuinely is a great man and will most likely find whatever it is that you lost.

  • John made the impossible possible for us. Thank you John! (2015)


    Two days into our vacation, a Sunday, my wife lost her Aggie class ring in about 4 feet of water and 60 paces from the shore of Bolivar Peninsula in the surf of the Gulf of Mexico.

    Four of us spent about half an hour searching for it with no success. To put it mildly, we were both very upset as we both have these class rings and they are very sentimental to us. She had given it up as gone forever, and I mean she actively told me to not waste more of our vacation time worrying about it. However, I knew she was pretty upset about it.

    I called John on Monday morning (without her knowing) and explained to him what had happened on his voicemail. Within about 45 minutes he called me back and asked me a LOT of questions. The specifics of what he was asking sparked some hope for me that maybe it was not impossible to recover the ring.

    He told me that he would be there on Tuesday morning to begin the search. By this time, I had informed my wife that I had hired John to conduct a search. She was not enthused about it, but I told her we needed to give it one good try. John showed up Tuesday, introduced himself, and we explained what happened.

    He spent the next ten minutes putting on equipment and pulling out gear from his truck. This process convinced me that I had made the right choice. This wasn’t just a guy with a metal detector–he had a game plan. Twenty minutes later John says, “You got your camera ready?” John handed me my wife’s ring and we walked it up to her.

    She told me that she thought the whole thing was a dream. All of this to say, if you lost your ring, give John a shot at finding it. John made the impossible possible for us. Thank you John!

  • This experience was truly incredible, overwhelming, unbelievable, and amazing! (2015)


    John is a fantastic person and extremely determined in his recovery efforts. This experience was truly incredible, overwhelming, unbelievable, and amazing! Although I was very hopeful we could recover this ring for my son, I also knew the location conditions would present quite a challenge. I still find myself in awe that it actually happened! I don’t think words can express the overwhelming joy and gratitude I felt when John emerged from the water and presented the ring on his gloved finger!