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Lost 3 Ring Wedding Set Raking Leaves in Backyard, in Cedar Hill,Tx

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

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We received a call from Christine about 3pm on Sunday afternoon.  She got our name and number from a friend she had told that she had lost her wedding set of 3 rings.

Christine lives on about a acre of land, she had gone out to the back of the property to help her husband bag up some leaves that he had been raking together.  They worked together for about a hour and finished up and carried the bags of leaves up to the garage about a half acre away.   That was when she realized that her Wedding Set (3 rings) was missing.  In a panic, she and her husband looked all over the yard, they dumped the leaf bags out but did not see anything.  They spent several hours looking with no luck.   Later in the day while talking with her friend, she told her about the lost rings.  Her friend said, wait a minute I heard about this website of people who find rings.  She Googled and found “The Ring Finders” website and called Christine back and gave her our number.

It was about 3pm when Christine called and she lived 41 miles from us.  I told her we would be there in about and hour & a half.  We needed to hurry as I was concerned it would get dark and it was already quite cold, and the darkness would only make it colder.   We arrived and got our 2 Garrett AT Pros and Pinpointers out then Christine walked us to the back of the acre of property.  She showed us all the places she walked and was helping her husband with the leaves.   Ellen and I chatted about what area we would grid off visually and began to detect.   Within 10 minutes I hear Ellen say “Here’s One”,  I joined her as we looked through about 4-6 inches of leaves in a pile but nothing else rang up on the detectors.   I told Ellen to keep looking and I ask Christine to show me the bags of leaves, my thinking was that if one ring was in the pile of leaves that they had been bagging then it was likely the other rings would be in the bags of leaves near the garage.   I began to scan the full plastic bags of leaves with my detector and got 3 very light hits.   I kept scanning but nothing else hit so I backed up to the bag with something metal inside.   I tore a small hole in the bag and began to stick my Pinpointer into the bag.  As I got a signal, I used my hand to begin pulling out whatever the metal was.  1st hit was piece of wire, the second was a metal screw and the 3rd hit I could not see it.  Finally I saw a glint of Gold in the bag.  I began to smile but had to fight the leaves to find it, and finally the smallest of the 3 rings rings was found.   Christine was standing right beside me and could not believe I found it.  Now the only ring missing was the most expensive, the diamond solitaire with several small diamonds around the band.   After determining that nothing else was in the 4-5 bags of leaves, I walked back to the rear of the property and told Ellen that I had found one but that one was still missing.  She had been working out visual grid and I went back and started back over the grid working the opposite direction.   I made several passes checking every 2inch or less hit that I got regardless of the type of signal.  Then I got a shaky 44-46 hit that was very weak,  as I was checking everything I almost kept going but thank goodness I did not.  I reached down and moved the leaves and grass and there it was, the diamond solitaire twinkled at me.  I reached down and picked it up and ask Christine, “Would this make you Happy!”  She and her husband were so excited and grateful.  It is so much fun to see the reaction of our customers when we are successful.

So 3 rings, 1 in the leaf pile, 1 in a trash bag a 1/2 acre away and one in the grass 5-6 feet away from the 1st one.

Another successful hunt for “The Ring Finders”.

Don & Ellen Wilson – Dallas/Ft Worth

Lost my Texas Aggie College Ring while Toilet Papering a friend’s home!

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

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We got a email from a young man who on Saturday evening was having some innocent fun with friends and lost his Texas Aggie College Ring.   I responded quickly to the email and called the man and we chatted about where the ring was lost, what kind of ring it was, and the address where the ring was lost.   He told me that Saturday evening he had been playing football in the front yard of a friend’s  home and his ring flew off and he could not find it in the thick grass.

We set a time for us come out, this was 3 days after he lost the ring.  He was there to meet us.  I ask him to show us where he was standing and how he threw the football.  He looked at us and said well the truth is we were here “Toilet Papering” my friends home and then he pointed up!  We looked up and the trees still had toilet paper waving around.  I told him I thought it was great he could have that kind of fun, we had a nice laugh and began to search.  It did not take long before Ellen hollered “Is This Your Ring!”,  he jogged over to where she was and was so excited.  Ellen is 2 for 2 on our last hunts! It is so great to be able to enjoy this hobby with my spouse of 39 years.

Another successful hunt for The Ring Finders!

Don & Ellen Wilson – The Dallas Ring Finders!


Lost my Wedding Ring Playing Volleyball!

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

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We got a email from an very nice young man who was in a little bit of a panic.  He was playing volleyball  with his team at the local “Bump & Drink Volleyball Club” and realized his wedding ring had come off sometime during the evening.  This was about 8pm, he had spent the next 2 hours on his hands & knees with his friends going through the really deep sand on the court he had played on.

His wife is 8 months pregnant and he really dreaded going home without his wedding ring and then having to tell his wife about it.

He found “The Ring Finder” website and sent us a email.  I responded immediately because I knew exactly what Volleyball Club he had been at, we had been called in before to find rings for other customers.  I immediately call the club and spoke to the manager, most of the Volleyball clubs are very strict about not allowing detectorists on to their courts, but this manager remembered us and said we could come in the next day 30 minutes before they opened.

Ellen & I arrived at 3pm on a Friday and began our hunt.  Understand this sand is awesome, but it is 12-20inches deep all over the 8 courts.  We had to use our beach scoops as we detected.  We knew what court he had played on and where he had wash off the sand at the end of the night, so we began our hunt.

We cover the court 3 times with no luck, I began covering the area I believed the customer would have walked to the wash off station”aka water hose!  Understand that Ellen & I both use Garrett ATPro’s and Garrett Pinpointers, I was digging in the sand and Ellen walks over and says “what did he say his ring looked like”, as I looked up she had this sheepish grin on her face and on her finger was a Platinum Wedding  Ring.   I started to get up, and she said don’t stop looking this might not be his ring!  We have had that happen more than once, we found a different ring than the one we were hired to find.

Well the customer was on his way, he was stuck in Friday afternoon Dallas 5pm traffic..YUK!  When he arrived, we shook hands and I said “my wife has a question for you”  she walked up and said “is this your ring”.  He was awestruck, his mouth dropped open, he was so excited.  He must have told us 3 times how much his wife was going to be happy…

This hobby is so much fun.

Another successful hunt for The Ring Finders!

Don & Ellen – Dallas/Ft Worth

Lost my Ring while Playing with my Dog!

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

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We got call from the gentleman above who said he had lost his ring in the backyard while playing with the dog at friends home.   The challenge on this hunt was the it was 102 degrees in Dallas that day, it was miserable.  My wife and I arrived and began the search with our Garrett ATPro’s and we began in the area where the customer said he thought it was.

We searched for about 2 hours, gridding out the yard, going through the flower beds we were having no luck.  I ask the ring owners wife if he could come home from work and show us exactly where he was and exactly what  he did with the dog.   He arrived about 20 minutes later.  He stood in the yard and said I did this and my son & I looked at each other and knew what had happened, the ring was slung back to the other side of the yard when the man threw the toy for the dog.  My son found the ring in about 10 minutes.

The customer and his wife were thrilled, we were soaked, and sunburned, but happy!

Another successful hunt for “The Dallas Ring Finders”

Don & Ellen with help from our son Tripp

My Daughter Lost my Key Fob Somewhere on our Street!

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

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We got a call about 5:30pm from a customer that we had help several months ago, her daughter had lost daddy’s very special knife in the high grass.  We were able to find it and created a happy customer.

This same lady’s neighbor’s daughter grabbed her mom’s car keys and ran through the yards of about 5 homes chasing a dog and then ran back to her house.  Now you need to understand these are hugh yards, 100-200 ft across per yard.  All the neighbors and family had been looking for 1 key and key fob that had fallen off.

Our previous client came home and heard about the keys and immediately said “I know who to call, lets call “The Ring Finders”,  she gave us a call and explained what happened and we said let a us grab a quick dinner and we would head that way.

We arrived and chatted with the owner of the keys, the little girls dad, the little girl was in bed being punished for losing mom’s keys.   He explained where she had run and told us we had permission to scan all 5 of his neighbors yards.  Ellen & I got our Garrett ATPro’s and began to search, some areas were very thick grass.  About 5 minutes after we started my son and his girlfriend arrived to assist.  Sometimes just more eyes in a situation helps, it was starting to get dark.

We all spread out and it 5 minutes I hear my son say “Found It”  we all ran to him, including the owner and all his neighbors, my son was not even using a detector, just walking and looking.  As I told him, son we do not care how it gets found only that it gets found.

Everyone was happy the father said it would have cost him $300-$400 per replace the key fob for his wife’s car.

So from a referral comes another successful hunt for “The Dallas Ring Finders”

Don & Ellen with assistance from Tripp & Shannon

Lost Wedding Band while Tube Fishing at Lake Lavon,Tx

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

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We received an email from Crystal after she did a exhaustive google search to find someone to help her husband find his wedding ring.  Her  husband Aaron had been tube fishing on Lake Lavon in Texas all day long.  He had no idea where he lost the ring and I think really did not expect us to find it.

Trying to coordinate schedules for us to make the hour drive out to the lake took several days, so today when we all arrived at the lake the ring had been lost for 9 days.  We arrived about 9am and met Aaron & Crystal,  remember he was very unsure where he lost the ring, in fact he thought it was probably out in 20-25 ft deep water where he had been tube fishing.

Aaron showed us the area where he and his buddy cleaned the fish in a picnic area.  Ellen & I got out both of our Garrett ATPro’s and began the search.  Aaron and Crystal took a walk down the beach while we were detecting.  We had only been there 20 minutes when we spotted the Silver Carbonite Wedding Band.  We could not believe we found it, this was one of those searches you go on almost knowing its going to be a long shot at best.

BUT, it turned into a awesome day.  Ellen & I walked down the beach and Aaron & his wife spotted us and began walking back our way.  As we got close to them I said “Boy the lake is really low” instantly you could see their faces get a little sad thinking we had not  found the ring and already given up.

THEN, I said, “Aaron let me ask you a question, would you like to have this back” and I held up his ring.  As you can see in the pictures, they were ecstatic and could not thank us enough.

What a wonderful hobby we have and the joy we get to bring to people when we find their lost item.

Another successful hunt for “The Dallas Ring Finders”

Don & Ellen