Don Wilson

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search
  • Accepts Visa

Cost For My Service

It's a reward system, whatever you think it’s worth. 10% of all our fees go to our church. We do not do it for the money, but we do not turn it down when offered.

Search Types

Parks, Yards, Flower Beds, and we can do underwater up to 25 feet in depth. We are NAUI certified divers and do a lot of underwater detecting with specialized equipment.

Search Locations

We live in the North Dallas area, anywhere within 100 miles or reasonable driving distance is normally OK with us.

Don Wilson's Bio

My wife & I have been metal detecting for just over 10 years. Our interest in metal detecting began after I lost my gold nugget bracelet while playing frisbee standing knee deep in the ocean in the Cayman Islands. I was devastated, my wife had given me that bracelet 25 years earlier and I had worn it every day since. Earlier in the day while in the Cayman Islands we had seen a couple walking the beach with metal detectors and commented that it looked like fun, never expecting to need one that very day.

After realizing that my gold nugget bracelet was gone, we raced down the beach to find the couple with the detectors. They were so nice and agreed immediately to come and search for my bracelet; they had one regular detector and one underwater detector. We searched for several hours but unfortunately did NOT find my bracelet. The couple were such great people, they showed us how to use their detectors and my wife and I each took turns just playing around with the equipment. You know just trying it out. My wife got a hit/beep while detecting on the beach and became so excited, we dug and dug in the sand and found a coin about the size of a 1/2 dollar. It was very corroded and hard to make out what is it was. We scrubbed and scrubbed and tried to clean the coin with everyone around us trying to help. They were very excited for us. Long story short, what we thought was our treasure found turned out to be a 20+ Anniversary Sears Commemorative Coin worth about $7.50. It was not a treasure but from that day forward we have been hooked on metal detecting.

I will never forget how I felt, telling my wife that I had lost my gold nugget bracelet, that deep gut feeling when you know its gone. That's why we decided to become part of "The Ring Finders" team. If we can find someone's special item and return it to them, then it will be all worth it.

We have detected all over Texas, Louisana, Cancun, Cayman Islands, & Dominican Republic. We have had some decent success (over 100 successful recoveries) in finding rings, old coins, trinkets and treasures. We travel extensively and our time is our own, please give us a call, maybe we can help.

Don Wilson - Recent Blog Post

  • Lake,Alcohol & the Ring Flies into the Lake Grapevine, Texas (2022)

    We got a call from a really guy named Jordan.  He let us know that the previous Saturday while on a family day at the lake.  Actually Jordan’s birthday.  A mistake that sometimes happens when alcohol is involved, tempers flaired and his sweetheart in a moment of regret took off her ring and just tossed […]

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  • Grandmothers Ring slides into Cedar Creek Lake, Tx (2022)

    We got a call from a mom who was so upset, her daughter had been at a Labor Day Swim party at Cedar Creek Lake, and the group of teenagers decided to take a midnight swim.  While sitting on the swim platform of the ski boat tied off at the dock.  A boy reached up […]

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  • 3 Rings Lost in Apt Yard in Dallas, Texas (2022)

    We got a call today from a gentleman who was inquiring about our services, said he lost 3 rings in his apartment complex common area.  Something did not sound right about his story so I inquired further, letting him know that 50% of our business is from people who throw their rings, primarily women.  Letting […]

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  • Aggie Ring and Wedding Ring Lost in MUCK in Ennis, Texas Lake (2022)

    We got a call from a young man who had been riding a horse with his wife and decided to cross the lake to the island in the center.  As they entered the MUCKed Up section the young man’s horse sank up to his belly in the MUCK.  He crawled off his horse and crawled […]

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  • Cedar Creek Lake – Platinum and Diamond Ring Missing (2022)

    Well, this was our 2nd attempt to find this $5,400 Platinum Ring with Diamonds. The owner had called and explained that the motor on his small 12-foot boat quit on him just 2 docks from his home.  His boat was still slowly moving in the water while he attempted to restart the engine and after […]

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Don Wilson - Testimonials

  • They’re good honest people (2020)


    I recently lost my Aggie ring while working in my yard one afternoon. Once I realized I had lost it I spent hours trying to find it with no luck, I even rented a metal detector myself but no ring.

    I found Don & Ellen online and sent an email that night. Don called me first thing the following morning and was at my house by noon that day! After an hour of searching, I was getting a bit discouraged but Don was persistent and determined to find it.

    After a bit more searching and questioning me about every step I had made that day we narrowed it down to one side of the yard and ended up finding it along a fence across the yard from where I was working. Apparently flew off my hand while I was washing some mud off. We never would have found it if Don hadn’t questioned my every move that day!

    I was blown away by how much they both cared and I could tell they were just as excited as me to find my ring. They’re good honest people that just want to help those of us that can’t keep track of their valuables!


    hank you again, Don & Ellen!!

  • He found it!! I’m so very thankful and appreciate y’all so much (2020)



    I lost my great grandmothers wedding ring in the lake one evening and was devastated. After hours of scouring the internet for anything I could do to try and get it back. I came across the ring finders page and found don and Ellen’s page, decided to email them to see if it was even an option for me. Don got right back to me the next morning, and was able to squeeze me into their day. By the grace of god before having to leave for another appointment and having come back to try another time. He found it!! I’m so very thankful and appreciate y’all so much for fitting me in and helping me get back something so very special to me.

  • Thank you, Don and Ellen. You are the best! (2020)

    For some reason, my sprinkler control valves have a habit of burying themselves in my grass. And then they wait until the hottest day of the year to break. Such was the case the other day and fortunately, instead of digging up half my yard trying to find them, I remembered using to locate one several years ago. It’s so worth it to me to have experts like Don and Ellen Wilson to go to when I need them. So I called them up and Don was very happy to come help me out with my little problem, and made arrangements to come over that very afternoon. He actually found three heads that would’ve taken me hours to find. Thank you, Don and Ellen. You are the best!

  • Thank you so much, Don & Ellen! (2020)

    I am so impressed with their professionalism. I called on a Monday and left a message wherein Don returned the call within 5 minutes. I explained we lost a custom made knife that was a 40th wedding anniversary gift off our Lakehouse dock. We arranged to meet that Friday but he called on Tuesday saying could actually come on Thursday. On Wednesday, Don inquired about knife specifications, water depth and said he was actually at the dock and wanted to try using a magnet before diving. The magnet was not successful so the next am, I met them at the dock! He dived about 13 feet and came up with the knife after about 10 minutes. They are so friendly, punctual, prepared and overall professional.

    We are extremely happy to get the knife back especially since learned the knife maker no longer doing custom knives so could not have another made. Thank you so much, Don & Ellen! We will definitely refer and use Dallas Ring Finders again!

  • You and your wife are so wonderful! It was an honor meeting you two! (2012)


    ”" Thank you again sooo much, Don!! I surprised Aaron with his ring when he got home from work last night…. I sat him down and proposed to him . Luckily he said yes We are both so happy to have his ring back. You and your wife are so wonderful! It was an honor meeting you two! “”