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Lake,Alcohol & the Ring Flies into the Lake Grapevine, Texas

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

We got a call from a really guy named Jordan.  He let us know that the previous Saturday while on a family day at the lake.  Actually Jordan’s birthday.  A mistake that sometimes happens when alcohol is involved, tempers flaired and his sweetheart in a moment of regret took off her ring and just tossed it in the lake.  They searched for over an hour even though the water was only 2-4 ft deep.  We set a time to meet Jordan the next day at Lake Lewisville.  Jordan brought his wonderful 24 ft Pontoon boat,  he took on a short ride to the Island in the middle of the lake where he and his family liked to beach their pontoon and spend the day just floating in the lake.  Upon arrival I jumped in and began search asking Jordan where his sweetheart was sitting and what direction she threw the ring.  We always ask if the person who threw the ring is athletic or not because that can make difference how far the ring may have gone,  I made several passes and then Ellen my wife hopped in the water and began to search as well.  The both use Garrett ATPro’s and waterproof Garret Pro-Pointers.  Ellen wasn’t in the wate 5 minutes when she called my name, I looked and could tell from the look on her face she had found the beautiful ring.  I walked over and sure enough, the beautiful White Gold Diamond Ring sat beautifully in her scoop.  Jordan heard us talking and was shocked that Ellen had found the ring in less than 10 minutes.  After some congratulations and photos we had a wonderful boat ride back to the marina.

Another Great Find for the Dallas Ring Finders


Grandmothers Ring slides into Cedar Creek Lake, Tx

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

We got a call from a mom who was so upset, her daughter had been at a Labor Day Swim party at Cedar Creek Lake, and the group of teenagers decided to take a midnight swim.  While sitting on the swim platform of the ski boat tied off at the dock.  A boy reached up and grabbed her hand and pulled her into the water.  As Alina was going under she her grandmother’s ring slid off.  She screamed and all of her friends tried searching for the ring. The water was about 5 feet deep with ZERO Visibility.

She then had to call her mother in tears and tell her that Grandma’s ring was gone.

I fully believe that Mom was more upset than the daughter.  Mom calls us and we set a time to come out to the lake 4 days after the loss.  The drive was 2 hours, but the subdivision was beautiful and the water was like glass… BUT BUT BUT the dock was a single dock that pitchforked out into 4 more docks and the daughter was not completely sure which dock they had been swimming on since it was dark.

I began my search using my ATPro, and water scoop.  The bottoms were 18inches of mush, like wet mash potatoes.  I began clearing all the normal junk.  Soda & Beer cans, nails, and junk.  After 4 hours of going over and over and increasing my search grid area with every pass.  I was about to call it quits, the mom had come over and said she understood I had gone above and beyond in my search and understood if I need to call it.

I said I wanted to do one more pass, I had one signal that was funky and I just wanted to pull it out to be sure I would have no regrets in my search.  I made my last scoop and nearly could not lift the 30 pounds of muck, had to use my hand to squish the much through my fingers and suddenly I saw the glint of a ring.

I called the daughter and the mom over and had them explain one more time what happened and then I said… “I have a question for you ….. “Does it look like this?”  And screams and tears began to flow… mom and daughter hugged and cried tears of joy.

Another successful find for the Dallas Ring Finders.

Lost my ring at the beach, now what?

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)


If you lost your ring, or any type of jewelry at the beach, give me a call, Louis 305-608-1870.  I have a metal detecting service where I can come out and help you find your lost item.  Many of my customers are from out of town on vacation, losing your wedding ring can ruin the whole trip, so give me a call and I’ll help keep it memorable and not a disaster.

Lost earring playing Beach Volleyball in Key Biscayne

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)

Another quick recovery!!! She lost her earring while playing volleyball and I was able to run right over and find it.  If you lost some jewelry on the beach or in the water, give me a call and I’ll go out and help you find it.  Louis 305-608-1870

Swamp Thing versus The Ring Finders (fighting over a Lost Texas A&M Ring)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)
Swamp Thing versus The Ring Finders
I was contacted by Harendra Mondal a resident of Katy, Texas who was looking for someone to help him recover his son’s lost Texas A&M Class Ring from a bog in Katy, Texas.
Harendra reported his son was visiting a wetland (bog-swamp) area in Katy one evening when a large, massive creature arose from the swamp. Harendra said the creature caused such a fright, that in his son’s effort to escape from the creature, his Texas A&M Class ring slid off his finger and fell into the swamp.
Harendra said when his son returned home and told them of the horrific event, they did a little internet research and identified that his son was a Swamp Thing victim. Harendra’s son had told his father he was not sure if Swamp Thing saw his ring fall into the water and was hoping he might one day be able to recover it
Harendra said while researching the Swap Thing on the internet, he came across The Ring Finders website and located (Houston Metal Detecting Services) and placed the call. Harendra provided me with all the details related to his son’s lost class ring, as he asked if we could recover the lost ring. Harendra further stated his concern beyond Swamp Thing in the swamp was Alligators, and Venomous Snakes that have been seen in those waters.
After a review of all the information, a plan was made to search during the heat of the day in hopes that Swamp Thing would be deep into the cooler waters of the swamp, and that we might go unnoticed.
As one can see from the photos, we were able to successfully sneak into the Swamp and recover this Texas A&M Class ring
The Ring Finders (1), Swamp Thing (0)
Stay safe,
John Volek































































































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Lake Christine/Los Colinas, TX ~ Lost Phone in Lake

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

Sometimes when you’re strolling along a water’s path, holding your phone and decide you need a drink from your water bottle being held in your other hand, attempting to remove the twist cap can be a little more challenging than imaginable.  That’s exactly what happened to Stephen yesterday. Getting in the water 5ft deep to search with a metal detector and scoop proved to be unreliable since the depth increased the further he tried to walk out. So Don suited up in his diver’s suit and tank to scan the bottom up to 15 ft deep.  After a couple of passes it was found in the far corner of the water.

PS… I do have to say it was really a strange feeling Scuba Diving in Lake Christine which is in the middle of 30 story tall buildings… I know we had many eyes watching us as we located this Iphone.

Another happy customer for the Dallas Ring Finders.

Dallas, Tx – the Aggie Ring Disappears

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

Rec’d a call from Mr. Garcia requesting our services to hunt for a most valuable possession…his Texas Aggie ring. (Anyone from Texas knows how much those rings mean to their owners!)   Mr. Garcia had been moving out of his current residence to move to another city so locating this ring was imperative to say the least. He picked up a broken pair of sunglasses and threw them sidearm across the yard, when he did he saw his beloved Aggie Ring go flying.  He had spent Friday evening (3 hrs), Saturday afternoon (2 hrs) and again Sunday, another 3 hrs but that important ring was no where to be found! We arrived with our Garrett metal detectors, Pinpointers and a can-do attitude and stayed in the Texas heat to help as best we could.  We detected grass, huge bushes and even areas where we felt it might have gotten kicked or raked over to, but, nada, nothing, it was still lost.  Mr. Garcia had no doubt whatsoever where he saw it bounce across his yard and knew it absolutely HAD to be there, somewhere. We decided to re-search the areas beneath the huge bushes, on hands and knees with only our Pinpointers and low and behold….found it!!!  Amazingly enough it was found under the roots of one of the largest bushes.  How it traveled to where it was found is beyond imagination but…when one method doesn’t work determination proves there’s always another.

Caddo Lake Lost Ring Mishap on a Kayak

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)


Drove  out to Caddo Lake for an individual to look for two very special rings. She is a nature photographer by trade (& a very good one) and had taken her rings off and placed them in the fold of her lap/shirt while in the kayak to get a pic of a bird.  Excited about the pic she continued to kayak around the cove snapping pictures and when it was time to head back in she paddled to the spot where she entered the lake.  Feeling the solid ground beneath the kayak she stood up to exit the craft and her rings plopped in the murky water.  In her panic to recover the rings she placed her camera equipment on shore and tried to feel around beneath the water to no avail. In the span of just a few hours she had purchased two different types of metal detectors and even tried to shovel clumps of Muddy Muck   from the edge of the lake.  However, a park ranger did not see the humor in that, made her stop and told her to call someone professional but that she was not to dig again.  She called us.  Due to the metal garbage in the lake we had to first remove all things that set off our detectors and then proceed to concentrate on the jewelry specified sounds.  One of her rings belonged to her mother (who recently passed away) and the other was her engagement ring.  After a couple hours searching thru the mud and the muck We found one beautiful ring which had belong to her mother.  The engagement ring is still elusive and we will have to travel back to continue the search another day.

Lake Lewisville, Tx New High School Ring in the lake 😔

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

Received a call from a young lady who was almost in tears that needed our help in finding her newly acquired 2022 high school graduation ring that unknowingly came off while swimming in Lake Lewisville. Since it was already at the end of the day but close enough to go view the area we met her about 7:00pm.  After accessing the beach area and the size of the area she had been swimming in we knew how to tackle this problem first thing the next morning.  After gridding off the search area we began to hunt; luckily enough it was little more than chest high in some areas but very murky.  It took about 2 hours, along with avoiding other swimmers who came to enjoy the day, but she now has her beautiful ring back on her finger.

Dallas, Tx – 72 yr old Alzheimers wife hides all her jewelry and silverware

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

We received a call from an 86-year-old gentleman who said his 72-yr old wife (who has Alzheimers) had hidden his last set of keys to his car and he needed our help desperately and then he began to cry, it nearly broke my heart; secondly he told me that over the last two years she has hidden all of her jewelry and all of their silver somewhere in their 4000 sq ft home and beautiful yard in Dallas.. we said we would come right out. We went over, checked out the home as the couple had lived there 38 years and had lots of things in the home presenting lots of challenges.  We set up a schedule to come back on a weekly basis to continue the search and go room by room, item by item, which is something very unusual for us to do.  Using our Garrett Pinpointer‘s today we finished our first four hours of searching & found several sets of earrings,  a beautiful lapis bracelet  and some other miscellaneous items that he was very happy to get back. We’re going back again next week as we’re focusing on a very expensive necklace and very special pair of earrings that are missing  totaling somewhere in the area of $35,000 – $70,000 in total jewelry cost.  We consider this as part of our “forgotten fortune” category.  We will keep  you guys updated as we go forward.