Wedding Ring Lost in Central Louisiana - Found

  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)

I received an email from Jason saying that his wife, Patrice, had lost her platinum engagement ring while playing with her kids in their back yard. She then bought a detector and tried to find it, without success. He was asking about my services and availability. I was able to start the hunt the next morning at 7:30. Patrice grabbed one of my detectors and helped with the search. The search area was not very large. It included a fenced back yard, a strip of un-fenced land bordering a lake and part of the neighbor’s back yard. About halfway through a grid search in the fenced back yard, I had a good hit and saw the ring, visible when the thick grass was moved. I was happy that the lake had not accepted the ring during their time fishing.

Thank you Jason and Patrice for the generous reward. This will help keep our services available.img_0568img_0589img_0590

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  1. Patrice Pippins says:

    Thanks so much Mr. Sid!!! You were AWESOME and I appreciate you coming all the way to Central to help us!!! I showed your site to some of my buddies at law school – they think you’re awesome too 🙂

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