Lost Ring Kemah, Texas (Recovered)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

  01/18/2014 I received the following e-mail

Subject: Missing Ring

 Hi my name is William and I lost a gold ring.  It is very dear to my family and I would like your help.  It is in Kemah.  Can you come by this week?



 01/19/2014 William and I spoke on the phone and he outlined some of the details regarding his missing ring. William said he and several friends where at another friend’s house down in Kemah, Texas.  He said they were all out on the ground level deck visiting and enjoying the outdoors when his girlfriend dropped her 18kt ring.

 William said they heard the ring hit the deck; it bounced of his shoe and disappeared either into the grass or under the deck.  He said they search for the ring and later found www.theringfinders.com website and sent an e-mail.

 A few lesson learned on this search, I normally ask and get a pretty through “CAN” report which is an acronym for Conditions, Actions, and Needs (Firefighter Terminology).

 Gathering all relevant information as normal I scheduled a trip for Thursday 01/23/2014.

  I made the trip out to Kemah on Thursday as scheduled and met William at the location provided. As I arrived, I could see some time had been spent looking for the ring. The large wooden deck had been jacked up in one of its corners with a large bumper jack. (The point is coming), “the actions portion of the CAN report.”

 After introductions and a firsthand account of how the ring was lost, I began searching the grassy area around the deck and then began the process of crawling under the deck to find the lost ring. To be expected, the deck had its share of beer tabs and bottle tops, but no ring. I spent an hour working the areas around and under the deck with no positive result.

 It was at this point the decision was made to lower the jack and move it to the other side of the deck. The plan was to jack up the opposing corner of the deck and check the areas I could not reach. As I examined the jack, I thought to myself Williams a pretty sharp guy; he used the large steel water utility cover as a footing for the jack.  I started looking for something to use on the other side as a footing for the jack. I again ran my hand held around the edge of the cover checking for the ring, but no luck.

 It was at this point William grabbed the large steel utility cover off the ground (OK, will stop here with the story)

 William had brought the steel utility cover along with him to use as a footing for the jack. I couldn’t believe it; it looked like it belonged there, and had been there a long time.

 Well, I think we all know where the ring was found, under the cover WOW. William had put the large steel cover right over the ring.  I went around that darn cover 20 plus times; knowing in my mind, that the utility cover was their long before any of us. (wrong). This was where I failed in my CAN report, “Actions” what actions had been taken. 

 One can never ask enough questions. I am still laughing about this one.

 William was glad to get his girlfriend’s ring back, all in all a good day for everyone.












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4 Replies to “Lost Ring Kemah, Texas (Recovered)”

  1. William Turner says:

    I was not sure what to do after I lost the ring but I am so glad I called John. His professionalism and patience prevailed over a challenging search area. Highly recommended by a happy customer!

  2. Yep… need to determine the ‘original’ condition of the search area and what has been done to alter it. Good persistence and results!

  3. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go John, every search can be an learning experience, something we learn from and take with us on the next search… Like you said you can never ask enough questions and don’t stop asking because sometimes that will lead you right to the ring… happy hunting, Chris

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