Lost wedding band in Youngsville, LA. - Found

  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)


Tim called me on a Saturday morning as I was heading to the health club. I traded the gym bag for my detector bag and was on site in 20 minutes. He had lost his wedding band in the back yard 2 days before while playing with his daughter. He had put the ring in his pocket with his cell phone. He took out his cell twice in different areas of the yard. The areas where he removed his phone from his pocket were the first searched. After finishing the second area, I started a whole yard grid search. I had a not-so-great hit so I marked my grid line and searched the hit. Nothing there. As I turned back to pick up my marker, the ring was on top of the grass a foot from the marker. As I was on my knees, being that close to the grass made the ring a lot easier to spot.

Thanks Tim for the generous reward. This will help keep our services available.