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Flying Gold Ring Recovered with Detector in Etobicoke Ontario Park

  • from Mississauga (Ontario, Canada)




This lost ring flew off the hand of my latest Ring Finder client 75ft.¬†Paul was wind milling his arms to keep warm at an Etobicoke park near Toronto when he felt his beautiful gold wedding ring fly off. He heard it hit his car then silence…… After hours of scouring the parking lot and adjacent grass into the night Paul and his wife found Ring Finders on the net and messaged me the next day. I arrived within an hour of the call and immediately started gridding the area where he thought it may have landed with my Pro series detector. I decided to do a peripheral search after an unsuccessful grid search of the area where it was assumed to land. Sometimes and most times I will find the owners rings the opposite direction of where they are thought to be. Rings can cover a long distance and then roll even farther than expected. ¬†After about 25 minutes and about 75 ft away my detector got a clear Gold signal and as I moved away the grass and leaves the beautiful wedding ring appeared . I yelled over to Paul to call his wife…he asked why and I said….. so you can tell her I just found your ring! He was shocked! ¬†Congratulations Paul and Sandra and thank you for calling me on Ring Finders.