University of Toronto Master of Laws Graduate loses Family Heirloom Gold ring

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

I received a phone call from Jessica who was heartbroken as she lost a very sentimental Family heirloom pure gold ring that was made in Shanghai. Jessica graduated from the University of Toronto with a Master of Laws degree just two weeks ago! She wore her ring for her graduate photos. The wind caught Jessica’s graduation cap. Jessica quickly reached for the cap and felt her loose ring fly off her hand. The Family searched the area for some time with no luck. Even some of the University staff helped to look for her ring.

Jessica then obtained permission from the University of Toronto staff to allow a metal detectorist from ‘The Ring Finders’ directory to assist! I alway respect private property and am grateful to be granted permission to detect and help recover Jessica’s special ring! I would love to have permission to go back to recover & donate all the lost relics/history still in the ground! Saving history from generations ago! Who knows, there could be more lost U of T alumni rings!

I had many memories flooding back just driving down to the location! I even shed a few tears. You see, my late Father WO George Walker worked for Toronto Hydro for 40 years! As well, my Father was a well know bagpiper for the 48th Highlanders of Canada for over 50 years! He piped many weddings at Hart House and well as graduations ceremonies at the University of Toronto and York University! Happy proud tears for sure!

Check out the video of the ring return surprise! Great deal of thanks also to the Campus Police Officer Matthew for going along with the prank surprise as Jessica had left the location for a quick coffee!

This unique pure gold ring is not like any normal ring as it is a wrap-around ring with no connecting loop! Jesica and I thought the ring was 14k but it turns out the inside symbols represents the makers mark, a karat stamp referring to 99 pure gold and the number 14 which refers to ring size 14! Who knew!


Thank you Jessica for your generous donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation and entrusting me to help recover and return your priceless Family Heirloom graduation gift from your beloved Grandmother!! Happy, healthy, bright and safe future ahead and many years to come!!

Man loses Portuguese white gold wedding band in the snow Toronto (Weston), Ontario

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Received a text from Nancy as she had been into RADIOWORLD in north Toronto. She had explained to the sales staff that her Husband George had come home in the wee hours this morning and felt his wedding band slip off his finger. He heard a “ting” after his ring hit the sidewalk!

George & Nancy had spent a few hours going through the snow in the area George remembered losing his wedding band!

The sales staff had suggested to call me a local “Ring Finder”

I called Nancy after lunch and received details and headed out the door!

I had originally started with my Minelab Excalibur2 but quickly switched to my sweet Equinox800 due to chatter. Five minutes later I had that sweet solid tone!!

Check out the video;

Such a lovely young couple! Very appreciated to staff at Radioworld for the recommendation and grateful to have George’s beloved sentimental wedding band back!!

Thank you George & Nancy for you donation to The Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation!!! 🌸💖🌸


Canada Day celebrations Husband of one month accidentally lost his wedding band Centennial Park, Etobicoke, Toronto, ON

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Received a message from Chantal that her Husband of one month lost his 14k gold wedding band in a grassy area of Centennial Park (Etobicoke) Toronto as they were celebrating ALL DAY for Canada Day!!

They had 20 people searching the areas where he was sitting and throwing a football.

I started a grid pattern but there was an absolutely INSANE amount of pull tabs and bottle caps…..after 3 hours BINGO I had a nice crisp tone on my Minelab Excalibur2….then I started the surprise video!! Priceless.

Here’s a link to the video from my YouTube channel;


She was OVER THE MOON and tears of joy! I love it when I make them cry!!



  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Toronto, Ontario Canada

A lovely Lady named Dori was in her backyard cleaning up her gardens and yard. She felt as though a big bug had landed on her shoulder and she flicked it away. Turns out it was her hearing aid!! The hearing aid was $3,000 !!!
A number of Friends were over and all were on their hands & knees with chop sticks going throught the gardens/mulch for hours.
Her Son had suggested to call someone with a metal detector! THE RING FINDERS came up. She called Steve Zazulyk but he was unavailable and recommended to call me!
I made arrangements to attend that evening. After I arrived we had discussed what had happened! Luckily they put tarps down due to the severe thunderstorms moving in!! We had slightly lifted the first tarp when I spotted her hearing aid. I put my side of the tarp down and asked if we could do a short video for my blog and for good luck. Dori had no idea I had spotted it!
Here is the link to the video from my YouTube channel;
 Grate for another donation from Dori to The Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation!!
Dori is a breast cancer SURVIVOR and was so gracious to so “Thank you” for all the charity work raising donations to help others!! Proud of my efforts!! 🙏🏻 AMEN 🙏🏻 Thank you Steve Z for the honour of being your back-up!!

Toronto! Diamond Earring found! “Live Return” video

  • from Mississauga (Ontario, Canada)

This is definitely one of the best Ring finder “Live Video” returns of the year.

One of the most difficult things to find are lost earrings with metal detectors! It takes a very specific detector and a lot of experience to locate such a finite piece of metal. The following story and amazing “Live Video Return” of the 1.5 Karat, near flawless Diamond earring is truly amazing! Finding this beautiful stone is a great example our commitment, persistence and experience here at Ringfinders!

Please enjoy.

I received a call from a woman who lost a very expensive diamond earring in the woods at a high end golf course just north of Toronto. Apparently while golfing she lost her ball in a small wooded area between 2 Fairways. The area was thick brush with a lot of branches and fall leaves on the ground . After the woman recovered the ball she remembered a branch grazing the side of her face on the way out. Once at her golf cart she noticed that one on the earrings that had been on her ear for over 20 years was gone!

The beautiful diamond was an anniversary gift from her beloved husband. Understandably she became frantic and went back into the woods on her hands and knees but could not find the beautiful stone. She notified the golf course and over a two-week period many of the Golf Course staff searched the wooded area for the earring. Trees were pruned, dead branches were cut and many individuals scoured the area for the earring with no avail!

After sometimes she decided to hire another detectorist to come out and look. Unfortunately after 2 days of thoroughly gridding the area  it was not located. At this point she gave me a call!

Along with having a very extensive repertoire of metal detecting equipment I am fortunate enough to be on the test team for one of the largest metal detecting companies in the world. Being on their test team allows me to have metal detectors that other ring finders and detectorists do not have and in the situation it greatly helped! Along with my extensive knowledge on finding very small pieces of metal and the right machine, I was extremely fortunate that day.

After arriving to the wooded area the woman told me the story. By this time she was completely exhausted and had given up all hope on finding the earring! I had told her this is only a matter of time and patience and I was quite sure that I would be able to find the earring for her. Unfortunately her face did not have as much confidence as I was hoping for and understandably. I started gridding the area with another detector but by this time the area looked literally like a minefield . Unfortunately no luck so I started testing the other ear ring that she still had on with my detectors. I finally found a prototype detector with a very specific setting I made heard it perfectly. At that point I literally walked over to the area where “I ” believed it had fell off and on the second swing got the beautiful signal I was expecting!

The following “Live Return” video shows the entire event and is one of the proudest moments of the year for me.

Cobalt Wedding Ring Recovered from the Snow in Oakville Ontario

  • from Mississauga (Ontario, Canada)

After being married for only 2 weeks he lost it in a friendly snowball fight.

After being married for only 2 weeks Bjorn lost his Cobalt Wedding Ring in a friendly family snowball fight. The family actually bought a cheap detector at a local Canadian tire and looked feverishly throughout the evening in the front yard. These types of detectors are very low grade and in about a foot of snow didn’t have any hope of hearing a signal. Along with lots of chatter and interference from the close by power lines to the house they put it back in the box. Know with shovels in hand they dug out the snow bank at the road from where the rally began and then combed the yard with no luck! Cold, wet, disappointed and frustrated they gave up went inside and looked online for an answer……… thats where they found me on the Ring Finders site. Fortunately we lived in the same town so he gave me a call and I replied straight away. I usually can get to a Ring Finder call within hrs or the latest by the next morning . After about 30 minutes of detecting the areas where Bjorn thought he lost the beautiful ring without any luck, I started an elevated peripheral grid search. Most times Rings are located almost the opposite direction from where people think they are. A few months earlier I located a ring using the same method 100 ft in the opposite direction that a client was sure it landed. Now as I was walking along the yard parallel to the garage in a small inconspicuous snow bank I heard that familiar low grunting sound on my detector.  As you can see on the following Youtube video the rest is what we were all waiting for….


Platinum & Gold Wedding Band Found.!! Mississauga, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call yesterday afternoon from Bob about his lost platinum and gold wedding band.

It seems that he had lost it somewhere in his backyard while playing baseball with his nephews on the weekend.
Bob remembers his hands being a bit sweaty and he had pulled off his glove a few times during the game. He thinks this must be when his ring slipped off his finger.

After looking for the rest of the weekend, and on Monday for it with no luck, Bob found me online and we arranged to meet.


I was able to make it to Bob’s home today, Tuesday August 13th out in Mississauga, Ontario.

After meeting Bob at his beautiful home and getting a few more details, I started to run my grid lines in the large backyard and then grabbed my gear as Bob went back into the house to make a few phone calls.

After about five minutes, without a single signal, I finally got a decent one which turned out to be a Heineken beer cap.

A few minutes later, that beautiful, even, rounded tone in the headphones told me that without a doubt, this is the ring. I took out my pin-pointer and located the target. After spreading the grass a bit, there was Bob’s platinum and gold wedding band staring back.


I left it exactly where it was laying and went to get Bob.
He followed me out to the backyard and I pointed out his ring to him.
He still could not see it staring right at it.
Rings just hide so well in the grass.


I handed Bob back his ring and then got a few photos before packing up my gear.

Great to meet you today Bob and thank you very much for the generous reward.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

Lost Engagement Ring Baseball Field, Brookside Elementary School, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Krista & Kyle         Ring in Grass

Kyle called this evening as he had been playing catch ball with his finance when Krista took off her glove and realized that her engagement ring was missing.    He then asked me if I could find the ring.

I meet up with Kyle and Krista at the school and they showed me the approximate area where the ring went missing and within 40 minute Bingo, Ring was reunited once again on Krista finger.

Thanks Kyle and Krista.

Lost Ring Downingtown/West Chester PA

  • from Downingtown (Pennsylvania, United States)












Hi my name is Teja Berberich and metal detecting is my hobby. I know what it is like to lose something of great sentimental  value and I am here to help you. I joined THE RING FINDERS to see the smile on faces when items they thought had been lost forever are returned.

The sooner you contact me, the better the chances are of a recovery. Please do not hesitate to call and or email me and let’s try and find your lost item.

Thank you and have a nice day.


Gold Anniversary Ring Found.!! Toronto

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Late last night I got a call from Yuestas about his father David’s lost gold ring.

David was wearing a large, gold Anniversary ring while working in his “City of Toronto Allotment Garden” just north of the city.

I’m not sure about other cities, but Toronto uses parcels of land that they divide into several garden plots for local residents to garden in if they don’t have their own yard.

Anyway, David was working in his garden a few days ago turning over large chunks of grass and soil trying to get his garden prepared for planting.

When he returned home later that evening, his wife noticed he wasn’t wearing his ring. He knew it must of come off his finger when taking his gloves off in the garden.
David and Yuestas returned to the garden over the last few days to try and locate the ring but came up empty.

After Yuestas called me last night, we made plans for me to meet his father David at his garden this afternoon.

I arrived around 1:45pm thinking it would be an easy search in the 30 x 30 foot garden.

Funny how every time you think a search will be easy or fast….it never is.

There was chain link fence all around the perimeter, old rusted nails, gardening equipment, old hose couplings, tinfoil and everything else under the sun in there.

After removing a ton of the junky targets, I finally removed a large rusted nail and scanned the area again.
I then got a great signal this time. The nail was masking the ring underneath it and both were about five inches deep.


After pulling up David’s ring and showing it to him, a look of total relief came over his face and he instantly gave me a hug. What a great moment.
He was very happy to see his ring again as it held a lot of sentimental value to him.


This search was tougher than I thought it would be but we got David’s ring back and that’s all that matters.

Glad I could help today and thank you David for the generous reward.

Let me know when the fresh veggies are ready……

Take care,

Mark Ellis