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Lost Ring In Prairieville, LA – Found

  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)

Rosetto called me on Tuesday. She had lost her husband’s diamond and tungsten carbide wedding band the day before. They had searched the yard without success. I questioned her on the loss. “Where do you think the ring is?” “It’s either in our yard, the neighbor’s yard or in the tree.” “The tree??” “I was really mad at him”.  Being 2 hours away, I told her I’d look at my work schedule and the weather and get back to her. I found an opening on Friday with neither rain nor work. Carrie and I arrived at Rosetto’s house and had her throw flagged test washers. All three washers hit the tree branches and fell within a foot of each other. Within 10 minutes of searching, Carrie had a good signal (80 on the AT PRO) and found the ring close to where the washers dropped.  Another very happy client. We accepted a generous reward after telling her, “We are  lucky you throw like a girl.“