Eagle Scout returns Girl Scout Leader's lost wedding band

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Jill Smiles

A daily task somehow went wrong. The rings were taken off and were put on a Cape Cod Bracelet as they have been so many times. We will never know just what went wrong, except that a wedding band missed its place of safety and ended up in the sand. Hours of searching did not bring the ring out of hiding. Enter Rick Browne an Eagle Scout from TheRingFinders.com and his friend Jim.

The two detectorist came close to calling it quits as thoughts of the area that the ring was lost in may have greatly enlarged from a small beach area to the path back to the office and within the office building itself.

Tenacity paid off. After griding the search area Rick made one more pass on the way out. This pass, at a different angle to the beach, his detector gave off a faint signal, and two scoops of sand later the glitter of diamonds was seen. A short walk with Jill’s husband let him ready his camera so a picture could be taken when Jill removed the ring from my scoop that was now holding the ring captive. The pictures tell the rest of the story!

Jill ring cr

And of course how else would a Girl Scout thank one for their help? WELL: