Steve Zazulyk

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search
  • Accepts Visa

Cost For My Service

The cost of my service would be a fair finders fee that you and I would talk about before I come. If you're needing me to recover an item from water it's usually a bit more but definitely within reason.

Search Types

Land detecting,water detecting and scuba diving...Beaches, parks, lakes & yards.

Search Locations

I will search...Toronto. Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville, Niagara Falls or Crystal Beach... on Land and water

Steve Zazulyk's Bio

I am a professional detectorist and I am a certified scuba diver. I have experience recovering items on land and in water.

Steve Zazulyk - Recent Blog Post

  • North Toronto Engagement Ring Recovered from Snow (2020)

    Wow a 1.5 carat Engagement Ring recovery shocks couple 😄👍                                     A young couple who became engaged on Christmas were completely devastated after an evening walk in North Toronto went horribly bad . Snow had accumulated in their […]

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  • Toronto! Diamond Earring found! “Live Return” video (2018)

    This is definitely one of the best Ring finder “Live Video” returns of the year. One of the most difficult things to find are lost earrings with metal detectors! It takes a very specific detector and a lot of experience to locate such a finite piece of metal. The following story and amazing “Live Video Return” […]

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  • Hamilton Lost Diamond Rings Found “Live Video” (2018)

    This video shows two great Ring finds in Hamilton Ontario just after Christmas in -30 wind chill weather. The first one was very difficult. A young married couple were out hiking in the woods and decided to have a bit of a snowball fight up on a ridge. The lady noticed that her ring came […]

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  • Lost Ring Lake Erie (2017)

    This was the hardest Ring find I have done since starting. When I was called by this lovely couple who were frantic about the ring they had lost I thought it would be a sure find. The man had been in Lake Erie swimming a few days earlier and lost  is platinum wedding ring in […]

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  • Lost Ring Lake Simcoe (2017)

Steve Zazulyk - Testimonials

  • Steve, is absolutely amazing and I cannot possibly say enough good things about this man. (2018)


    Steve, is absolutely amazing and I cannot possibly say enough good things about this man. Steve is not joking when he says he WILL find your ring. After ripping apart my entire home, I reached out to Steve late one evening and his calm demeanour put me at ease when he said he would come the very next morning to help us. When he came to search for the ring he thoroughly canvassed both our driveway and my friend’s driveway to find the ring. He insisted that we drive across town to find the ring even when my spirits were so low and doubtful that I would ever get my 1.5 carat ring designed by my fiancé. He reminded us that he would find the ring. When we got to my friend’s house, I ended up going back into our vehicle because I truly didn’t believe we would find our ring and I was so upset. Minutes later, Steve was able to find my ring burried at the bottom of a snow bank!! The funny thing is I had never even gone near that area of the house but once again Steve insisted to check the entire area! I was absolutely speechless and in that moment all I could do was hug him because I was so happy!!!! It was a very special moment for all 3 of us when Steve presented my ring to me. What started off to be a horrible 2018 was turned around entirely because of Steve! DO NOT hesitate to call him! He is simply the best and will work diligently with you until he finds it (and he WILL find it!). Thank you again Steve for saving my year and my engagement! I went from absolutely devastated to insanely happy and speechless. I will always recommend Steve to anyone who has lost their rings, keys, etc that they can’t find! Steve is very professional and has very expensive equipment that will find your ring. He knows his equipment very well and has a very calm and caring personality to make you feel at ease. Steve – Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!