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Metal Detecting for 2 Lost Rings In Maple Ridge, BC

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)












Close to two months back I received an email from a young lady asking if I could find her husbands wedding band that he lost while gardening. I replied but never heard back from her, just the other day she contacted me again and we set a day to look for the ring.

When I arrived this morning at 10 am I was greeted by Brenda who quickly told me that she lied about how her husband lost his ring and explained that he threw the ring in the back yard and weeks later she threw hers…

Brenda isn’t the first to do this nor will she or her husband be the last!  This happens a lot ! More then people think…She is just the first to discuss it with me on video and I’m very grateful for that! It’s important that others know that they’re not the only ones doing something like that and not to feel embarrassed,  just call me ASAP and I’ll get that ring back on your finger where it belongs.



I was able to find her husbands ring in only a few minutes but I wasn’t  able to locate her ring. I knew the minute I saw her back yard that there was going to be a good chance that it ended up in the neighbours back yard which wasn’t that far from where the ring was thrown.

The only problem was that the neighbours where the ring could be,  wasn’t home. So now we wait until I hear back and hopefully we can get her ring back on her hand!

I love my job!

Thanks for reading!

Lost something? Call me ASAP

Chris Turner – 778-838-Find(3463)

Watch video of the search below…

Lost Tungsten-Carbide Wedding Ring Found in Racine, Wisconsin

from Menomonee Falls (Wisconsin, United States)

John Schwartz, of Racine, Wisconsin, was throwing a football in the backyard of his house when disaster struck. He felt his heavy Tungsten-Carbide wedding ring leave his finger. It seemed to vanish into the evening dusk. Despite frantic efforts on his hands and knees, groping through the grass, the ring eluded his touch. In the days to follow he continued to systematically comb the turf, carefully separating the foliage in hopes of glimpsing the missing token of his marriage. Neighbors wondered about the sudden and strange behavior of the young husband next door. A friend even loaned him a metal detector. But it only yielded a confusing cacophony of audio signals–the ground was full of metallic objects. It was futile.

That’s when a search on the internet raised his hopes. At he was surprised to learn about people like us, people who happily apply many years of metal-detecting expertise to help locate and return sentimental and valuable jewelery items to their owners. A quick phone was all it required. The next afternoon, the elusive wedding band surrendered its hiding place to a Minelab Excalibur. The ring had traveled some 40′ away, almost out of the confines of John’s backyard. He wasted no time planting it firmly on his finger once again. And the smile on his face, well, it just oozed gratitude.

We sure loved helping to recover your ring, John!

Wedding ring found in Roslan, New York

from Massapequa (New York, United States)

While cleaning debris in the front yard after hurricane Irene, Carol realized that she lost her wedding ring. After finding ring finders online, she called me and asked me to come out and help find her wedding ring. The next day I went out, and withing thirty minutes, Carol was a happy camper because I found her ring within thirty minutes. Thanking me for being honest, she rewarded me with a hundred dollars. She also thanked ring finders.

Wedding ring found in Roslan, New York

Lost Ring in Council Bluffs, IA found after 3 months

from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)
Contact: 1-402-800-8510

In late June, I responded to a Craigslist offering my assistance in locating a ring lost in a local park.  I received a response stating that they had already searched the area with a metal detector with no luck other than the usual trash and a little bit of change.   I had never given much thought to hunting that park, because a few years ago much of it was ripped up and completely redone.  I put this one off in the back of my mind.

Until this weekend, every time I drove by that newly remodeled park this summer I noticed that there was quite a bit of activity as of late.  I decided to have a look around, Saturday I found some loose change and a little silver ring.  My wife was with me this trip and I managed to put off her boredom for a little over an hour.

Sunday afternoon I had a chance to get away to take another look.  After about 2 hours, with nothing much to show but a little change, I received a signal that had a rather low id (normally trash) but it was a good solid signal.  I took my pin-pointer out and waved it over the spot and received a solid tone (metal close to the surface.)

I pulled the grass back and immediately recognized that glimmer as a white gold ring……I thought to myself, what would the odds be of someone else losing a ring in that same area.  Shortly after getting home, I pulled up that email I had saved months earlier and replied to it asking for a description of the ring that was lost.  From the description I received it was pretty obvious…..we had a match.

Tonight I met and returned the ring to Brittney and found that it was lost while putting lotion on a little one while at an outdoor concert.   She thought it was gone forever….

Tungsten carbide ring found in Aurora, CO

from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Rick Smith lost his tungsten carbide ring while playing in the March of Dimes mud volleyball tournament held each year in the Denver suburb of Aurora. A contributor that led to the loss of the ring is the fact that Rick has lost in the neighborhood of 50 pounds since his marriage.

Rick was changing positions when he actually saw the ring leave his finger and fall in the knee deep soupy mud. He and five of his teammates searched for several minutes but at last the officials of the tournament made them play on.

Now nearly two months later while posting my ad for “Ring Finders metal detecting service” on Craigslist I noticed an ad posted by Amy, Rick’s wife, about the loss of the ring. I sent Amy an email and told her I may be able to help find the ring. That evening I received a call from Rick and we made arrangements to meet the following morning at the site of the volleyball tournament. During our phone conversation Rick mentioned that he was contacted by another metal detectorist about searching for the ring and that this gentleman did not have any luck.

Sunday morning we met at 8:00 and Rick showed me the site of the volleyball tournament. This hunt site was HUGE with at least 30 volleyball mud pits set into a field. Rick had a good idea as to which court he was on when the ring came off but he was not 100% positive that the court he was pointing out was the one we needed to search. After a quick look at the vegetation growth and reading of the site we determined which court we needed to search.

Our first pass with the metal detector yielded no signals to dig. The work then began as we started to pry up the dirt clods in the area of where Rick’s loss occurred from the now dried out mud pit. Each dirt clod was about 10 inches in depth and fairly heavy. We moved each clod off to the side of our search site placing them upside down so that we could search the bottom side of the clods with the metal detector. I first scanned the bottom of the newly formed hole and then the clods without any success. Rick was starting to lose hope but we removed more dirt clods and I once again scanned the newly exposed soil, no luck. I made my way over to the clods and the first clod I scanned, the last out of the hole, I received a signal. I pulled the clod up to look at it and there was the edge of Rick’s ring exposed to the daylight. I let Rick see the clod and the edge of the Ring, he as ecstatic!  Though this ring was not a very expensive ring, it was HIS wedding ring and he finally got it back.

Ring recovered September 25, 2011.

Ricks ringRick happy to have his ring once againRing in dirt cloda challenging hunt site

Lost and Found Ring Returned on Cape Cod, MA

from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-860-309-3307

Lost Ring / Found Rind / Returned Ring … It is as easy as that my 19th return of 2011!

      I was on my way to a metal detecting club picnic when I turned on my cell phone and was alerted to a missed call. When I was safe at the picnic I made a return call. Don said he had lost his wedding band while tossing some pine needles into the woods and asked if I could help look for the ring. Don had left his metal detector in Florida and needed help. I said sure, but I have to partake of the picnic food and I would stop by afterwards.

I arrived at Bob’s and with my ATPro set to located platinum and gold I was ready to help and fellow retired US Navy shipmate. First I used one of Chris’s tips of giving Don a ring on a ribbon. I let him toss the ring just as he has tossed the pine needles. I started a grid search to one side and then the other side of where the test ring landed and worked forward. After finding a few targets with too high a ID reading and too deep including some kind of manifold or liquid valve the ATPro’s ID reading locked in at 64. I pushed a few leaves and pine needles away and then asked Don if this was his ring? Still on the ground and shining upward was enough for Don to confirm it was his ring and then he picked it up and returned it to its proper place, on his finger.

Don’s wife, Janet, was the person who located me through The Ring Finders. She was very grateful for my efforts and presented me with a beautiful home made candle decorated with sea shells that I gave my wife for her patient waiting in the car while I did the search and recovery.

Yes another picture for the Book of Smiles. What a wonderful hobby, helping others!

Lost Ring Recovered – Memorial Park, Omaha Ne

from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)
Contact: 1-402-800-8510

Sunday morning, I noticed an ad on Craigslist for a wedding ring that was lost in a local park.  I contacted the person and arranged a meeting that afternoon (besides it was going to get me out of mowing the lawn)  I arrived at the park a little early and managed to find 16 cents, two bottle caps, and a couple of the ever present pull-tabs.   Shortly thereafter I met Paula and her husband and got into the details of what happened.

She took off her engagement ring and put that in her pocket but left her wedding band on she put on a baseball glove to join a game of catch.   After playing catch for a bit they began heading back to their car.  She pulled the glove off and retrieved her engagement ring from her pocket, that’s when she noticed that her wedding band was no longer on her finger.

She showed me the general area where she thought she had pulled the glove off on the way back to the car.  I set up a couple of stakes to mark of that area and begin searching.  Shortly after I started, she and her husband begin intently looking at the area where she was standing playing catch.   She felt that it may have been more likely that she dropped it anywhere from there towards where I was searching.  I shifted my focus to where she was standing while playing catch.    Three or so hours of searching for turned up nothing.  Paula and her husband had to leave a little earlier to drop some relatives at the airport, so I sent her a text to let her know that I hadn’t found anything but I wasn’t giving up.

Two days later afforded, about an hour to search after work on my way to get my wife.  I changed my focus back to the original area and begin a grid search.  I had roughly 10 minutes left before I had to get my wife and decided to head for the car.   I was about 15 feet from the car when I had a solid signal on top of the ground.  Stuck the pin-pointer in the grass and had a sold tone, pulled back the grass to reveal a nice platinum band with diamonds.

I immediately took a picture with my phone and sent her a text…..”I hope this looks familiar.”    Shortly after, I received a phone call from a very excited Paula…..she couldn’t believe that I had found it.

Lost Ring Found… Bettendorf(Quad Cities) Iowa

from Iowa City (Iowa, United States)
Contact: 1-319-430-3606

I got an email from a lady saying she had lost her wedding ring. She was pulling weeds and debris from a flower bed in her yard and noticed her ring was missing. This happened over a year ago. Her husband and her rented a detector but couldn’t find it.

They are getting ready to move so they thought they would give it one more shot and found my name on theringfinders site. When I arrived this morning Sept. 18th

it was raining but not hard enough that I couldn’t detect. They showed me the area she thought it was lost in and assured me that it wasn’t thrown away with the weeds. Well I searched for awhile finding mostly junk targets. On my thirteenth target I pulled up the ring and what a ring it is!

She was so excited when I called her over. She couldn’t stop hugging me. I was so happy to help these people. It was definetly the best ring I’ve ever found. I can’t wait for my next call out. Happy hunting everyone.

Norm Slaymaker

Platinum and diamond stud earring found in Littleton, Colorado park

from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Brenda reunited with her earring

Brenda Speedy had loaned her platinum stud and diamond earrings to a friend’s daughter. While preparing to go into a soccer match one of the earrings went missing. The two adults searched on their hands and knees without success. They later rented a metal detector at a local store and searched the area. Finding a stud earring is no easy task as there is not a lot of metal to make a metal detector react. Once again their search did not give their desired results. Later that night the two searched the area for another two hours using headlamps hoping the diamond would reflect the light, still no luck. They even went as far as using a shop vacuum the following day in hopes that it would suck up the lost jewel.

Brenda contacted me Monday night telling me of her predicament and her efforts to find the earring. We set a plan to meet at the park the next morning to search for the earring. I arrived at the assigned meeting time and location and we walked the area where the earring was supposed to be while Brenda once again explained the events that led to the earrings loss and her efforts to find it.

I set up my machines and tested them both on the match to the lost ear ring to make sure they were picking up the signal. I selected one of my machines and started my grid search. After an hour and a half I had found the earring within a few feet of where they had used the shop vacuum and within the area that they had searched using the rental metal detector.

The pair of platinum and diamond earrings had been given to Brenda by her father and they held a sentimental value that far exceeded the monetary value of the pair.

Item recovered: September 13, 2011.


Not an easy target to find

The lost ear ring, now returned to it’s proper owner.


Lost Ring After Iron Man Race Found – Cross Plains, WI

from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)
Contact: 1-608-492-1070

Gold Ring (20110913)_crop

I saw a posting on Lost and Found section looking for help in locating a lost ring.  Brian had been spectating the Ironman race the past weekend. After the race, he found a wooded area off of the route to change into some shorts.  He then walked back to the race route, which ran directly past a rural house.  Brian picked a spot in front of a driveway and encouraged others still running the race.  Suddenly, Brian realized his ring was missing.  He retraced his steps back to the wooded area, searching for his ring along the way.  He did not have any luck.  He wasn’t sure if he lost it while changing in the woods, or while watching the race.  It was getting dark, so Brian grabbed a flashlight and continued hunting for his ring.  He searched for awhile longer, but did not find anything.  Brian was so mad at himself for losing his ring. To top it all off, he was from Illinois and had to return home the next day.  This is when Brian posted an ad on Craigslist hoping someone else had found it while watching the race.

I responded to the ad offering to help.  Robyn, Brian’s wife, replied back with a great image of a Google Map snapshot, including the area Brian was in circled in red.  She indicated the main area to search was the driveway.  My son and I made arrangements with the homeowner to stop out and search.  The grass was longer than usual, so I could see how it would be hard to find the ring if it was dropped.  After about 10 mins, all we had was $0.35 in change, a couple pop tops and a handful of other junk.  Then, right in the area Robyn said to focus on, we got a strong hit on the detector … it was Brian’s ring!  Someone must have stepped on it, possibly Brian while searching for it.   It was about 1 inch underground, but was easy to retrieve.  I then gave Brian a call to give him the good news, he was ecstatic.  You could just tell the relief in his voice when I was talking with him.

This was a special hunt for me, as this was our first wedding ring search and return … we’ve been hooked ever since


Brian and Robyn L.

RobynBrian        Gold Ring2 (20110913)