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Found Lost Widows Ring in Loveland, Colorado

  • from Fort Collins (Colorado, United States)

I received a text in the evening from Jae asking “Is this Greg The Ring Finder”?  I responded “Yes it is, may I call you”. I did and Jae began by saying that she had lost her sliver widows ring in her back yard. She had been playing with her dog in the snow at the time and had slipped and fallen down. When she got up she shook the snow from her hands. That is when she noticed that the ring was not on her finger. Jae stated that she and some friends that were visiting had sifted through the snow in an attempt to locate the silver ring but that they were unsuccessful. We and I agreed to meet the next day.

Upon arriving I greeted Jae and she showed me to the area in the back yard that she was standing when she noticed the ring missing. Jae was concerned that the search by she and her friends would make the ring more difficult to find.   I assured her that would not be the case.  I explained that because the ring was warm when it left her hand it should have melted it’s way down to the top of the grass and probably stayed right there.

I turned on my Minelab Equinox 800 detector, tuned and set it to the Coins and Jewelry mode. After only about six swings the detector beeped and registered a 26 on the visual display. The depth indicated about 6 inches under the coil. With my foot I moved away four inches of soft snow to reveal a layer of ice two inches thick. I was able to kick the ice and move a large chunk onto the snow. Swinging the coil over that ice indicated that the target was indeed in that piece. With my foot I broke the larger chunk of ice into four smaller parts and swung the coil over each one. The detector again beeped over the target and Jae picked it up. The ring was clearly visible on the edge of the ice. Jae and I hugged and she began to tear up saying how much the ring meant to her. She said  ” That’s amazing. I can’t believe that you found it so fast. We searched and searched and it was right there the entire time. ”

It was a great day having recovered and returned two rings to the owners!!!




  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)

I received a call from a lady, that a lady at the Lake Norman Yacht Club had a young lady loss a silver ring that meant a lot to her. She lost it during a water balloons fight. I met the 2nd lady at the gate, parked, unloaded my detector. We made our way to the back of the event area where the lady proceeded to tell me where the young lady had lost it. Two targets later and it was found!

The young lady wasn’t there at the time, she had jumped on a boat ride. I met her dad, and he texted the photo of the ring to her, and she confirmed it was her lost ring.

Dad posed for the photo!



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Lake,Alcohol & the Ring Flies into the Lake Grapevine, Texas

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

We got a call from a really guy named Jordan.  He let us know that the previous Saturday while on a family day at the lake.  Actually Jordan’s birthday.  A mistake that sometimes happens when alcohol is involved, tempers flaired and his sweetheart in a moment of regret took off her ring and just tossed it in the lake.  They searched for over an hour even though the water was only 2-4 ft deep.  We set a time to meet Jordan the next day at Lake Lewisville.  Jordan brought his wonderful 24 ft Pontoon boat,  he took on a short ride to the Island in the middle of the lake where he and his family liked to beach their pontoon and spend the day just floating in the lake.  Upon arrival I jumped in and began search asking Jordan where his sweetheart was sitting and what direction she threw the ring.  We always ask if the person who threw the ring is athletic or not because that can make difference how far the ring may have gone,  I made several passes and then Ellen my wife hopped in the water and began to search as well.  The both use Garrett ATPro’s and waterproof Garret Pro-Pointers.  Ellen wasn’t in the wate 5 minutes when she called my name, I looked and could tell from the look on her face she had found the beautiful ring.  I walked over and sure enough, the beautiful White Gold Diamond Ring sat beautifully in her scoop.  Jordan heard us talking and was shocked that Ellen had found the ring in less than 10 minutes.  After some congratulations and photos we had a wonderful boat ride back to the marina.

Another Great Find for the Dallas Ring Finders


Dallas, Tx – the Aggie Ring Disappears

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

Rec’d a call from Mr. Garcia requesting our services to hunt for a most valuable possession…his Texas Aggie ring. (Anyone from Texas knows how much those rings mean to their owners!)   Mr. Garcia had been moving out of his current residence to move to another city so locating this ring was imperative to say the least. He picked up a broken pair of sunglasses and threw them sidearm across the yard, when he did he saw his beloved Aggie Ring go flying.  He had spent Friday evening (3 hrs), Saturday afternoon (2 hrs) and again Sunday, another 3 hrs but that important ring was no where to be found! We arrived with our Garrett metal detectors, Pinpointers and a can-do attitude and stayed in the Texas heat to help as best we could.  We detected grass, huge bushes and even areas where we felt it might have gotten kicked or raked over to, but, nada, nothing, it was still lost.  Mr. Garcia had no doubt whatsoever where he saw it bounce across his yard and knew it absolutely HAD to be there, somewhere. We decided to re-search the areas beneath the huge bushes, on hands and knees with only our Pinpointers and low and behold….found it!!!  Amazingly enough it was found under the roots of one of the largest bushes.  How it traveled to where it was found is beyond imagination but…when one method doesn’t work determination proves there’s always another.

Caddo Lake Lost Ring Mishap on a Kayak

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)


Drove  out to Caddo Lake for an individual to look for two very special rings. She is a nature photographer by trade (& a very good one) and had taken her rings off and placed them in the fold of her lap/shirt while in the kayak to get a pic of a bird.  Excited about the pic she continued to kayak around the cove snapping pictures and when it was time to head back in she paddled to the spot where she entered the lake.  Feeling the solid ground beneath the kayak she stood up to exit the craft and her rings plopped in the murky water.  In her panic to recover the rings she placed her camera equipment on shore and tried to feel around beneath the water to no avail. In the span of just a few hours she had purchased two different types of metal detectors and even tried to shovel clumps of Muddy Muck   from the edge of the lake.  However, a park ranger did not see the humor in that, made her stop and told her to call someone professional but that she was not to dig again.  She called us.  Due to the metal garbage in the lake we had to first remove all things that set off our detectors and then proceed to concentrate on the jewelry specified sounds.  One of her rings belonged to her mother (who recently passed away) and the other was her engagement ring.  After a couple hours searching thru the mud and the muck We found one beautiful ring which had belong to her mother.  The engagement ring is still elusive and we will have to travel back to continue the search another day.

Lake Lewisville, Tx New High School Ring in the lake 😔

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

Received a call from a young lady who was almost in tears that needed our help in finding her newly acquired 2022 high school graduation ring that unknowingly came off while swimming in Lake Lewisville. Since it was already at the end of the day but close enough to go view the area we met her about 7:00pm.  After accessing the beach area and the size of the area she had been swimming in we knew how to tackle this problem first thing the next morning.  After gridding off the search area we began to hunt; luckily enough it was little more than chest high in some areas but very murky.  It took about 2 hours, along with avoiding other swimmers who came to enjoy the day, but she now has her beautiful ring back on her finger.

Dallas, Tx – 72 yr old Alzheimers wife hides all her jewelry and silverware

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

We received a call from an 86-year-old gentleman who said his 72-yr old wife (who has Alzheimers) had hidden his last set of keys to his car and he needed our help desperately and then he began to cry, it nearly broke my heart; secondly he told me that over the last two years she has hidden all of her jewelry and all of their silver somewhere in their 4000 sq ft home and beautiful yard in Dallas.. we said we would come right out. We went over, checked out the home as the couple had lived there 38 years and had lots of things in the home presenting lots of challenges.  We set up a schedule to come back on a weekly basis to continue the search and go room by room, item by item, which is something very unusual for us to do.  Using our Garrett Pinpointer‘s today we finished our first four hours of searching & found several sets of earrings,  a beautiful lapis bracelet  and some other miscellaneous items that he was very happy to get back. We’re going back again next week as we’re focusing on a very expensive necklace and very special pair of earrings that are missing  totaling somewhere in the area of $35,000 – $70,000 in total jewelry cost.  We consider this as part of our “forgotten fortune” category.  We will keep  you guys updated as we go forward.

West Dennis Beach, MA – Gives Back Lost Silver Ring

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

August 27, 2021:
Andrea lost her Wave, Sand and Sea ring while walking the shoreline. For six years the ring had brought Andrea many calming and wondrous thoughts of Cape Cod and its beaches. The loss had happened in the presence of her sister who had lost an earring a few years ago but had forgotten who and how to contact for help. She did called a mutual friend who contacted me. I called and set up a meet to search for the lost ring.

Both women marked the area that the ring was lost at the previous day. Seaweed made it near impossible to swing a detector’s coil, but I managed only to finish the area with out finding the ring. I expanded the search area and within another five minutes I had found the ring.

All that was left to do in the fading sunlight was to snap a few pictures, get a bit of information for the blog, and exchange a few stories. It was a perfect ending to a very hot day on Cape Cod, another “Beautiful Place To Be”.



Cedar Creek Lake -The most beautiful rose gold ring I’ve ever seen.

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)


After a lot of searching by friends without any luck, we were called to help locate this beautiful ring in the lake next to a boat dock. The reason the well-meaning friends weren’t able to find it is b/c someone stepped on it thus sinking it an additional 4-5 inches; thru the mud and the muck, Don was able to dig down and retrieve it.  Allows for a wonderful ending to a fun holiday weekend.

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Lost Tungsten ring found with a metal detector Glen Haven Beach, Glen Haven, Mi

I got a text from Zach and Caitlyn that Zach had lost his Wedding ring at the Glen Haven Beach. Zach put the ring in a pocket in the side of the beach chair to go swimming. They had just left the beach and Caitlyn was searching the internet on how to find a Tungsten ring in the sand, one of my tagged blog post came up. They turned around and waited for me to drive the hour up to Glen Haven. I had them put a couple of my 4 foot snowplow stakes in the sand and made me a search area. It took about 3 minutes to find the ring less that 2 feet from one of the stakes. Zach thanked me for getting him out of the dog house. Zach and Caitlyns one year anniversary is coming up.

I was very happy to help and appreciate the reward.