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$45.00 charge to cover fuel cost. We work on a GIFT Basis !

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Water & Land

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Cape Cod and surrounding areas within 50 mile radius.

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I have over 43 years of Metal Detecting experience. I Specialize in Water and or Land Hunting. Relocating lost Jewelry and or Personal Items are what I do best…If you have lost your car keys, or perhaps a Wedding or Diamond Ring, call as soon as possible to help with the recovery while it’s still fresh in your mind…Hoping to give you back what is rightfully yours…

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  • Nothing but praise for Ring Finder Leighton Harrington, Buzzards Bay, MA.


    Nothing but praise for Ring Finder Leighton Harrington, Buzzards Bay, MA.

    I just want to share my side of this experience with everyone.

    The story began on Sunday, June 24th. We were enjoying a nice day on the beach and my wife had taken her rings off and put them in a side pocket on her beach bag. When we decided to pack up and leave, in a moment of forgetfulness, she turned the bag upside down to shake the sand out of it, and out fell both rings onto the beach. Unfortunately we didn’t realize what had happened until a good 4-5 hours later. Shock and disbelief set in back at home, and we searched every crevice of the beach bag just hoping against hope that they were still in there, somehow.

    Too embarrassed and hurt to share what had just happened with our family, or to ask them for advice, we turned to the electronic oracle that is Google. I started searching for similar experiences and stories of recovery. I learned of people recovering lost items using metal detectors. I searched for metal detector enthusiasts’ clubs on Nantucket island hoping to find some help. I searched for possible places to rent a unit myself. It was around then that I discovered this site. I wrote to Leighton and one other gentleman, hoping to keep as many lines of communication open as possible.

    On Monday morning I must have called every tackle and equipment rental shop on the island, only to be told they didn’t rent metal detectors, or to refer me to one particular gift/surf/skate shop and novelty store downtown by the ferry wharf. We filled out a lost property report at the police station and then rented a very simple metal detector from the only available source we knew of. Eager and full of hope, we took it to the beach immediately, and attempted to revisit and mark off the area we thought we were sitting on. We had no luck. We tried it again the next morning, still no luck.

    In the meantime, Leighton got in touch via email and said that he and his wife might be coming to the island in a couple of weeks, and to describe what had happened. We began communicating. My wife and I returned the metal detector to the shop, disappointed, but now hoping this new correspondence might lead to something.

    We got a second wind and rented the metal detector once again, thinking we should adjust our technique and give it another shot. We met some locals on the beach, giving our names and numbers just in case of any leads or luck. Leighton then wrote back and said they might actually be coming on the next weekend, and to provide a description of the rings and the location where they were lost. On our next outing to the beach, I grabbed a GPS tag from my phone and emailed it to him, hoping it was accurate. Still having no luck with the metal detector on the second try, I began to hope more and more that Leighton might be able to help us.

    A couple of more days passed and Saturday the 30th rolled around. It was tough to think about leaving the island without the rings, wondering if we did all we could do, but now mentally shifting our hope to Leighton, leaving the matter in his hands, or to chance. We returned the metal detector once again, on our way to the wharf to catch the ferry to leave, and then my wife got a call… I didn’t remember giving our telephone numbers to Leighton, but amazingly he had not only found her engagement ring but made contact with one of the kind folks with whom we’d spoken two days prior and to whom we’d given our number. The rest is described above in Leighton’s post.

    I just want to state that I am overjoyed things turned out the way they did, and that we are beyond thankful for Leighton’s help. The correspondence and communication were perfect, and not only did he make the trip to the island but he had almost immediate success finding her engagement ring, which is definitely the more valuable of the two we lost. From my point of view this went as beautifully as it possibly could have, with more success than I could have imagined if there were a formal, commercial business that offered this kind of service. He didn’t HAVE to do anything; he didn’t even have to email me back, but he went above and beyond, made a trip to Nantucket island and then found my wife’s ring. He genuinely seems like he loves this kind of work – that’s the only reason I can think of that he might do such a great job. If the whole world worked like this we’d all be a lot better off! I wholeheartedly recommend getting in touch with Leighton if circumstances find you needing his help.


    D. Jesrani

    Brooklyn, NY