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Sandy Neck, Cape Cod, MA Lost Ring Found and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

August 26th:
Michael called me with an urgent request to help him find a very sentimental wedding ring. Years ago Michael knew what ring he wanted, a Claddagh ring made by Fallers in Galway, Ireland. He and his fiancée scoured the internet for the perfect ring. Not being able to find it by pictures alone, it was decided to purchase a Claddagh ring from the same maker as the one that President Kennedy had been given during a visit to Ireland. So the ring would not be purchased from a website or local jeweler. That would not do the marriage justice. Michael and his bride to be decided a trip to Fallers Jewellers had to be made to purchase the most perfect ring directly from the source.

For many years the ring had not left Michael’s finger until the waters of Cape Cod Bay snatched it from the finger as Michael enjoyed a cooling plunge on a hot summer day.

To improve the chances of finding Michael’s ring Leighton Harrington and I showed up on the beach just after sunrise on Michael’s birthday. The search started just where the ring had thought to have been lost. About an hour and half of searching did not bring the ring back to the surface. The search area from dry sand to knee deep water had to be expanded. I noticed Michael taking a birthday swim. The area he swam to motivated me to start searching in deeper water, up to my shoulders and east of the area we had been searching. I heard the tone of a gold ring, Two scoops and I saw gold. But all I could see was the ring’s shank among the pebbles in my scoop. A quick shake and I saw the heart between the two hands. The search was over, I had recovered the ring.

I had Michael remove the ring from my scoop. His heightened excitement had his hand shaking. Nothing else could have been a more meaningful “gift” for his 74th birthday. Nothing would do, but to call his wife and then his mother of a spry age of 97 to tell them of his good fortune in contacting TheRingFinders. To say the least, This return was one of the top highly emotional returns I have had the pleasure of making.

Pictures, stories, congratulations, and best wishes for a Very Happy Birthday followed. We left Michael knowing he was to enjoy and share his happiness with family in the heat and sunshine of a wonderful Cape Cod day.


Haigis Beach, Dennis Port, Massachusetts Ring Lost, Found and Return

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Joe was frolicking around with his son in the beach waters of Haigis. As we all know something unexpected is always bound to happen. When father and son’s hands connected the result was Joe’s wedding band went sailing off into the ocean. This ring has had a habit of taking leave from its appointed place of adornment. It had been an escapee five previous times, the first time was onto a nice dry sandy beach, once into a rock pile, a couple of times into fall cleanup debris, once a fall from the top of a ladder only to lodge between the ladder and a dock which foiled its escape into the water which was 20 feet deep. After each disappearance it was always found. This is probably the one ring that has been lost and found more times than any other ring.

This time the ring was to stay in Nantucket Sound for 2 days before it would accompany the blooming plum flowers and fresh sea air again while adorning Joe’s finger again.

The family vacation had been planned as a trip to South Carolina. Covid-19 put a halt on flying and the plans had to changed. The new plans were to enjoy the amenities on Cape Cod this would not require flights to and from South Carolina. The vacation town of South Yarmouth was chosen. What luck for the ring and Joe as I would not have been in South Carolina to retrieve the wayward ring.

Joe had the presence of mind to mentally take notice location identifying features of the beach. Each helped in narrowing the search area. I marked the sand and went into the water. I covers the first two areas directly in front of the marked area with no results. I moved about ten feet further east, again nothing. Next ten feet to the west. It was not long before I heard the sweet sound of the wayward ring. I scooped it up and walked into shore toward Joe. He thought I was giving up and needed a drink of water. True, but his daughter spotted the ring in my scoop first. Joe’s glance was second to spot the rings new resting place. A call of joy prompted by the sight of his ring, Joe signaled to his wife and son to come out of the water. They all joined in on a multitude of Thank Yous and a promises not to let the ring escape again.

Wedding Charm Sails Away from Wedding Bouquet: Barnstable, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Karoline’s day was going perfectly, family, friends, food, beverages, weather, entertainment, you name it it was all perfect, well almost. It seems a bit of wind had untied the knotted string holding a family heirloom, a gold sailboat, close to the bouquet. The sailboat ran aground mooring itself in the soft sand which was soon to be covered by water of the incoming tide.

Many eyes searched and fingers sifted the sand to no avail. As a last resort I was called. My search lasted a bit over two hours covering both the area on the beach and yard also to no avail. About ready to call it a day Karoline’s sister came running and said we have a neighbor’s pictures, some 135 of them, and one shows the sailboat at the feet of the bride and groom. The entourage was on the way to the beach.

Trying to match the photo up with the landscape was no easy task. After the third area was isolated, and I searched it, an area only about 3 inches from one of my previous search marks, the commandeered sailboat was scooped from the fluffy sand. Now I had the fortune to return it to its rightful mooring. One can talk about a million in one, finding the sailboat in the one picture was one of those winning odds.