Steven Ray

Cost For My Service

I work on a traditional reward basis...That means you pay me what you can afford, and what it’s worth to you, to have your lost item found.

All travel and incidental fees will be agreed upon prior to rendering any services.

Search Types

Beaches, Ocean/Lakes (up to 5ft depths), Yards, Parks and Athletic Fields. With permission... Private property and some Parks and Athletic Fields

Search Locations

Emerald Isle, NC Atlantic Beach, NC Morehead City,NC Hubert,NC Jacksonville,NC , Surf City

Steven Ray's Bio

I have been detecting all terrain, mostly beaches, since 2012 with a pulse induction machine. Last year I purchased a Minelab CTX-3030 and this was a game changer and my finds increased. With my new detector, I helped locate 2 lost rings in a matter of minutes.

Steven Ray - Recent Blog Posts

  • Calamity Wave Claims Clam & Prevents Perfect Proposal (2017)

    Laevelle had the perfect sun setting evening planned as he and his girlfriend sat along the Pine Knolls, NC coastline.  While his girlfriend, Keneicia, took a few steps away, Laevelle placed an engagement ring into a artificial clam and set it in the sand.  His plan was to call her over to check out the […]

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  • Youth Pastor’s Loss in Helping Others Ends Well for All at Atlantic Beach, NC (2016)

    Atlantic Beach, North Carolina Date Lost:  August 18,  Date Notified: August 21,  Ring Recovered & Returned: August 22     Parker explains this situation very well: “On August 18th I lost my ring at Atlantic Beach. I am a Youth Pastor in Rocky Mount, NC and took a beach day with the youth group. While […]

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  • Wedding Band Recovered in Cedar Point Canal (2016)

    . Chase called me this morning to give me a chance for an early morning swim.  His wedding band had fallen off the evening before and after trying to sift through the oyster shells and black silt under the dock Chase called off the hunt.  I knew the area where he had lost his ring […]

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  • Wedding Band Lost on Emerald Isle Point Recovered Days Later (2016)

      Jeff contacted Emerald Isle Metal Detecting Thursday morning regarding his lost wedding band.  Jeff stated he was near the water’s edge at the time of the loss. During the time of loss another man had found the ring in the water but lost it again in the waves.  I contacted Jeff and we made […]

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  • Lost Diamond Wedding Ring Found by Emerald Isle Metal Detecting (2016)

    Megan contacted me Tuesday afternoon in regards to her wedding ring she lost in the ocean surf Saturday afternoon.  She had stated that she happened to be searching the internet and found an add I placed on Craigslist for jewelry recovery.  A storm was in the area that afternoon/evening so we agreed to begin the search […]

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