Steven Ray

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

All Recoveries are on a REWARD System - so we DO ask for a reward based on what the lost item is worth to you and what you can afford. I charge a $35 call out fee to search for your lost item.

All travel and incidental fees will be agreed upon prior to rendering any services.

We gladly accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or Cash.

Call us as soon as you can! As much as you may want to, it’s best not to dig through the sand (it can dislodge, sink or even move your item making it more difficult to find). Be aware that people may have seen that you’ve lost something valuable and they may return when you leave, so time is of the essence! Be sure you only reveal the location of your valued item to a trusted source - the sooner you call us, the better our chance to successfully recover your lost treasure!

Search Types

Beaches, Ocean/Lakes (up to 3ft depths), Yards, Parks and Athletic Fields. With permission... Private property and some Parks and Athletic Fields

Search Locations

Emerald Isle, NC Atlantic Beach, NC Morehead City,NC Hubert,NC Jacksonville,NC , Surf City

Steven Ray's Bio

I have been detecting seriously since 2012. All metal detectors used are waterproof I am retired from government service and now when not searching for a customer’s lost item, I can usually be found on the beaches searching for other treasures!

Steven Ray - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost Phone on Pine Knoll Shores Found on Beach (2018)

    Late Thursday evening I received a call from Joe.  He stated his wife had found my number online (  He explained she had lost her cell phone on the beach the day before (Wednesday).  We agreed to meet to begin the search Friday morning.  After a few passes in the high tide zone,  my detector […]

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  • Topsail Island: Lost Wedding Ring Found The Next Day (2018)

    Ashley & Blake were spending time, celebrating their anniversary, at Topsail Island beach.  The same place they were married one year prior.  Blake was wading around in the water when his ring slipped from his finger, bounced off his foot into the surf.  By use of online searching, Ashley was able to contact me within […]

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  • Lost Gold Necklace Pendant Near Pamlico River Found (2018)

    Joe used a Google search to find  This provided Joe to find Emerald Isle Metal Detecting‘s phone number and call me in regards to very sentimental necklace pendant his wife had lost the week prior.  It seems she was holding one of their dogs when the poor pooch got tangled in her necklace and […]

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  • Carolina Beach Ring Lost in Sand Found (2018)

        Kati and Mitchell were sitting in their truck on a beach in Wilmington, NC.  While taking in the view off the Atlantic ocean, Kati’s hand movement resulted in her losing not only her engagement ring but also wedding band.  Days later, I was contacted and was able to meet her husband Mitchell to […]

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  • Class Ring Lost 6 Months prior found at Atlantic Beach, NC (2017)

    While out on a random hunt at Atlantic Beach, NC, I found a, University of North Carolina, class ring. With some online searching I was able to locate the name inscribed on the inside of the ring. Later, I made contact with Carson and arranged a return in the same day!  Carson informed me in […]

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