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Sandy Neck, Cape Cod, MA Lost Ring Found and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

August 26th:
Michael called me with an urgent request to help him find a very sentimental wedding ring. Years ago Michael knew what ring he wanted, a Claddagh ring made by Fallers in Galway, Ireland. He and his fiancée scoured the internet for the perfect ring. Not being able to find it by pictures alone, it was decided to purchase a Claddagh ring from the same maker as the one that President Kennedy had been given during a visit to Ireland. So the ring would not be purchased from a website or local jeweler. That would not do the marriage justice. Michael and his bride to be decided a trip to Fallers Jewellers had to be made to purchase the most perfect ring directly from the source.

For many years the ring had not left Michael’s finger until the waters of Cape Cod Bay snatched it from the finger as Michael enjoyed a cooling plunge on a hot summer day.

To improve the chances of finding Michael’s ring Leighton Harrington and I showed up on the beach just after sunrise on Michael’s birthday. The search started just where the ring had thought to have been lost. About an hour and half of searching did not bring the ring back to the surface. The search area from dry sand to knee deep water had to be expanded. I noticed Michael taking a birthday swim. The area he swam to motivated me to start searching in deeper water, up to my shoulders and east of the area we had been searching. I heard the tone of a gold ring, Two scoops and I saw gold. But all I could see was the ring’s shank among the pebbles in my scoop. A quick shake and I saw the heart between the two hands. The search was over, I had recovered the ring.

I had Michael remove the ring from my scoop. His heightened excitement had his hand shaking. Nothing else could have been a more meaningful “gift” for his 74th birthday. Nothing would do, but to call his wife and then his mother of a spry age of 97 to tell them of his good fortune in contacting TheRingFinders. To say the least, This return was one of the top highly emotional returns I have had the pleasure of making.

Pictures, stories, congratulations, and best wishes for a Very Happy Birthday followed. We left Michael knowing he was to enjoy and share his happiness with family in the heat and sunshine of a wonderful Cape Cod day.


Rapid Response Metal Detecting Service in Dennis MA, Lost Wedding Band found and returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Jeff a family friend of Kate to whom we, Luke and I, found and returned a ring to last year needed our assistance this year. Jeff had taken his ring off to apply sun screen and “safely” placed it in a pocket from which it somehow found its way into the damp sand.

How did Jeff reach out for help? It was Jeff’s good fortune that he had taken a picture of Luke’s “TheRingFinders” shirt last year which has Luke’s phone number on it. Jeff called Luke who was in Rhode Island at the time. Luke in-turn called me for help. About 15 minutes later I was getting my gear ready for the search. Jeff met me at the car park and we walked to the beach. A quick reminisce of last year’s events and a quick overview of where his ring should be and I was on the hunt. The first signal was a fresh beer bottle cap, the second was Jeff’s ring. Total search distance searched was ten feet covered in less than one minute and in less than half an hour from the time I left home I was home again. This search resulted in one of the fastest returns, if not the fastest I have been involved in.

Once again all is well on the home front.

Two last bits; First, I must apologize for the out of focus photo. Second, I should have checked before leaving the beach, second… Until next year, enjoy!

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