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LOST – Lady’s white gold cluster diamond ring – Kill Devil Hills, OBX – FOUND!!

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

On Friday my wife and I went on a fishing boat.  We didn’t catch much, but we had a beautiful day complete with a pod of mamma and baby dolphins near out boat.  When I got back, I was taking a nap when I got a call from Stephanie, who works with me at Beach Realty and Construction in Kitty Hawk.

She explained that she had lost her white gold cluster diamond ring which she had since 1971!  She said she had backtracked everywhere she was yesterday including calling some offices she had visited.  The only other thing she could think of was some yard cleanup she did when she returned from her appointments.  She had taken some tomato plants out of a planter box and had tossed them in an area of vines to pick up later.

I fired up the Eq 800 and began a cursory look about the tomato box.  I got a great hit…only to find two metal trivets under the box.  I went on to the area where she had tossed the plant.  I was getting multiple hits and lots of them.  But they were underground and if the ring was here, it would be on top.

Just then, I got a target that was changing…2, 7, 4, 6…but it was right on top.  All of a sudden,  in the ivy I spotted the glimmer of shiny silver!  I reached down and picked up the ring that was hidden in the green ground cover.  Voila!  Another happy person receives her ring back!!!


Lost – Men’s gold wedding band – DeLand, Florida – Found after 4 years!!

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

I was visiting my Brother-in-law, George, and his wife Lori in DeLand, Florida.  When we were talking the first evening, George mentioned that he had lost his gold wedding ring.  I asked him how long he had been missing it and if he had an idea or where it was.

George led me out to the front yard and showed me an area in the yard where he thought he had lost it.   The ring, (which had also been his late father’s wedding ring), had been lost four years ago.  He was mowing at the time and said it could have hit the deck or even the mower blade which could have thrown it significantly.  They spent hours on several days looking for it.

I fired up the Equinox 800 and immediately got several suspected targets.  None panned out and it was getting late, so I said I’d try again in the morning.  The yard was full of metal, and it was a target-rich environment.   Target after target was ruled out until I decided to go back where I started.  Almost immediately I got a hit.  As I dug the target, I saw the gold of the ring shining.  Found!

Lost Men’s Wedding Ring – Duck – Outer Banks, NC – Found

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

Al and Daniel, brother’s from Detroit and Baltimore, where tossing a football on the beach.  It was a beautiful day in the Outer Banks.  Suddenly, with the last toss, Al felt his ring slip off.  They looked and looked but couldn’t find it.

The next day around 10:30, I got a call.  Daniel told me that his brother had lost his wedding ring on Duck Beach.  It was in the dry sand. above the water line.  I headed out and met them at the access.

The brothers set a perimeter of where they thought the ring had slipped off.  It was quite a large area.  I covered the area both North and South and then East and West but only found trivial metal items.  I told Al that I would start expanding the search.

As I started expanding to the south (out of the area of possibility) about 10 yards and after several passes I got a deep hit.  It was the ring.  The Minelab machine had done its job again and Al was elated!!


Lost Men’s White Gold Wedding Ring – Corolla – Outer Banks, NC – Found

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

I received a text from Brian at 5pm on Friday night.  He indicated that he had lost his ring on the beach, in the water, the previous Sunday.  His wife had been looking for someone to search for it and had just today found my information.  He was wondering if it would be worthwhile to look for it.  I told him that chances are slim due to some rough surf we had but I would try.

Brian and his wife were heading back home from their vacation, but he sent me a picture of the  home at the spot he had lost his ring.  As is my custom, I prayed before I began.  I started with a search parallel at the water continuing up to the dry sand.  Nothing!  then I did a vertical search of water to dry sand encompassing the house in the picture plus 50 yards on both sides.  Nothing.  Two hours had passed.

Just before I decide to give up, I prayed again and went to go middle of the house and a little bit deeper.  As I stood in about a foot of water, I saw sand and shells go by and then…a ring!  I put my coil on the ring to hold it just as another wave crashed in. (very rough surf due to the tropical storm off our coast). When the wave subsided…nothing!  I dug my scoop  the last place I saw the ring just as another wave crashed in.  I lifted the scoop up and found the ring!!

I texted Brian, “a miracle happened today!”  I sent him an image of the ring and said I hope it’s the right one.  He answered back, “Oh my gosh!!!  Yes that is it!!!

Update!!! Brian has his ring back! A man whom I’ve never met texted me and told me where he lost his ring six days prior…I found it!!! So happy to reunite Brian and his wife with their wedding bring

Lost Men’s Gold Wedding Ring – Kitty Hawk – Outer Banks, NC – Found

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

I got a call from Kristin at about 4:30.  She said that her husband had lost his gold ring, which was his late father’s ring, on the beach.  The tone of her voice indicated that she was very concerned.  I asked her the normal questions about if it was in the water and if she know about where it was lost.  She indicated that it was in dry sand and that they thought of buying a detector but the stores where out of stock.  I told her that I could be there in just a few minutes.

When I arrived they told me that the ring had been placed in a cupholder of the chair.  Kristin and Tim showed me where their chairs where before they picked them up.  I fired up the Minelab and in just a few sweeps had a great hit.  It was the ring.

Another happy family.

Lost Men’s Platinum Wedding Ring – Duck – Outer Banks, NC – Found

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

I received a text from Asit on Wednesday at around 9pm.  He wanted to inquire about my lost ring service.  I told him to give me a call and he did.  Asit explained that he had been boogie boarding with his daughter’s when he lost his platinum wedding ring.  He didn’t really remember when he lost it but by looking at pictures he assumed that it was around noon.

I explained that high tide yesterday was near the time he lost it and that a good time to look would have been the next low time at 5pm but that time was gone.  The next low tide that I could get there would be around 5 the next day.  I told him that I could come up around 3pm.

When I arrived I fired up the Eq 800 and did a grid search parallel with the water from the dry sand to the water and about a foot deep.  No targets…not even a pop bottle cap.  I decided to do a vertical grid from the dry sand to the water.  On about the 8th pass…BEEP.  A great signal but a 14.  I decided to dig it anyway!  Unknown to me, Asit’s wife Rachna had been filming the find!

Another happy family!


Finding the ring

Lost Lady’s Diamond Engagement Ring – OBX– Outer Banks, NC – Found

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

Heather called me around 1:30 today.  Are you Ed Duffey?  “Yes,” I answered.  We need your help.  I’ve lost my engagement ring on the beach.  We’ve looked and looked and even got a metal detector but it just beeps at everything.  Her voice was quivering somewhat as she describe the facts of how it was lost.  She was distraught.  Why shouldn’t’ she be? She had only been given the ring two days ago.

I said, don’t worry, we have a very good chance of finding it.  I’m in my truck now so I have to head home to pick up my gear and I will be there as soon as possible.

When I arrived Heather was waiting and led me down to where here and her fiancé Steven thought it was lost.  They had put a canopy over the area to mark it.  It was 93 and the sand was very hot!!

I began my sweeps.  I got and immediate hit but it was very deep so I decided to go on.  I covered the entire canopy area and that same area down to the water.  No luck!  I then check out the area around their chairs…nothing!

I went back to the deep target.  I took a scoop full of sand out and it was still in…next scoop got it.

The dazzling diamond display lit up the sand.  I picked it up and they asked did you find it.  I held it up and Heather and Steven were ecstatic!

As the neighboring canopies rang out in applause,  I decided to give the ring to Steven so he could present it to her again…formally.  Romance on the beach!!!

Lost Lady’s Gold Ring with Red Heart – Duck– Outer Banks, NC – Found

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

I got a call from after 6 pm from Keith.  His daughter Emily had lost her gold ring when a sudden thunderstorm came up and they had to hurry off of the beach.  The ring had been in the cup holder with her phone but as they ran off of the beach…It was lost in the sand.

I asked the normal questions about if they knew approximately where they had lost it and if it was possibly in the water.  He was sure of where it was lost and it was not in the water.  However, it was low tide and if I waited, it could be in the water before morning.  I told him that I would come right out.

When I arrived Keith showed me where he thought they lost it and Emily showed me a picture of it.  I fired up the Equinox 800 and began sweeping.  I cover the entire area and then went from there to the beach access.  I found sinkers, hot wheel cars, bottle caps, but no ring.  I decided to start over.

When I did I got a hit…weak and deep.  As I dug the target two children approached me and asked what I was doing.  I explained that I was looking for a ring…just then, as I shook my extreme scoop…a tell-tale rattle.  The ring appeared and I showed it to the little girl.  She said, “can I have it?”  I said, I’m sorry, it belongs to the girl right over there…pointing to Emily.

Emily began shouting, “he found it!”  Overjoyed, she and her dad came over for pictures.  Another happy family.


Lost Lady’s Gold Engagement Ring – Corolla Beach – Outer Banks, NC – Found

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

I had just returned from doing some detecting on Kitty Hawk beach.  I hadn’t gotten out of the truck when I received a call from Monica.  She said that her sister-in-law had lost her wedding set on the beach.  They had found the wedding band but could not find the engagement ring.  I asked her to describe the situation and after she did I realized that I better go right away…a storm was closing in.

As I drove up through Southern Shores and Duck, it began  raining, very hard.  I was concerned that with the rain we might lose our advantage of finding the ring quickly or that we couldn’t get out on the beach due to lightning!

As I left the Duck area and started up through Corolla the storm subsided.  Laura met me at the beach house and led me to the beach where Monica and her husband Fred where waiting.  They had not moved from the spot.

As I fired up the Minelab Equinox 800, I told them that I would begin where the wedding band was found and spread out the search from there.  15 seconds later, I had a solid 11 on the machine and a very good signal.  I reached down with my hand and grabbed a fistful of sand.  Just then the clear sparkle of 5 diamonds appeared and Laura began shouting and jumping around.

Another happy family.


Lost Men’s Custom Gold Wedding Band – Southern Shores – Outer Banks, NC – Found

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

I received a call from Fred who said he had lost his ring on the beach.  I asked him if he was in the water?  He replied maybe on the edge.  I asked if he know approximately where he lost it and he said that he had a good idea.

Fred was in Southern Shores, which is only about 2 miles away.  I told him that I would be there ASAP.  I arrived and Fred led me to the area on the beach where they had a cabana set up with several chairs.  He walked off an area about 20ft square that ended near the water.

I fired up the equinox 800 and did a few sweeps in the area that he thought was most likely.  On the third sweep the Minelab machine rang up a very solid signal.  I thought I had gotten too close to the cabana pole.   The target was relatively deep so I did not think it was the ring.

I was wrong.  Congratulations Fred and Paula!