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Important Keys Lost In Cape Carteret Poppy Field Found With Metal Detector

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)


Char wrote… “On a pretty May day I sat out to take some pictures of my sweet bulldog who was turning 11. We went to the field of poppies in Cape Carteret. Unfortunately while getting all the cute shots, I dropped my keys somewhere in the field. Talk about needle and haystack, after looking for an hour and the help of a very kind Good Samaritan it became clear I wasn’t going to find them. I had car keys, house keys, storage keys — everything on that key chain. I knew all I needed was a metal detector. That’s where Crystal Coast Ring Finders came in. I called Steve and he came straight over. We began searching and within 10 minutes he found them. Yay!!


Late Father’s Wedding Ring Lost & Found In Jacksonville Flower Bed

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Marilee texted me that she is devastated because she just lost her father’s 1937 wedding ring while working in her flower garden.  She had read that Crystal Coast Ring Finders had helped a woman find a ring, also lost in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

After finding numerous pieces of aluminum and landscape fabric staples, a detector coil sweep around a small bush produced a decent signal and peering around the bush, the gold wedding band was discovered laying between the bush and the home.

Lost Engagement Ring At Atlantic Beach,NC Pier Found By Crystal Coast Ring Finders

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Robert and his family were spending the day next to Oceanana Pier in Atlantic Beach, NC.  Rob’s wife placed her wedding rings inside of a can cooler sleeve and then inside the beach bag under the umbrella.  She had told me that she told Rob about the rings location but he informed me he didn’t hear her.  They had moved a couple of the lounge chairs closer to the water and about 20 yards from the the original setup.  Rob went to retrieve some of the can sleeves and both rings fell out on the way to the chair.  He said the wedding band was located, but was still unable to find her diamond ring.  When I arrived, I was hoping they fell out at the same time and her engagement ring would be very close to the wedding band…Nope.  After a thorough search of the setup area, I started to grid search towards the lounge chairs.  After a few trash objects removed from the beach, I plucked her lost ring out with only part of it exposed in the pile of sand.  I asked Rob, “Do you see what I see?”  He bent down and picked up her missing ring.

Rose Gold Wedding Ring Lost On Emerald Isle Beach Found And Returned

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Nicholas sent me a message very early in the morning about his wife’s wedding ring being lost on the Emerald Isle beach.  I did some investigative work ( asking for location pictures, ring description, etc.) and made a plan to head to the beach.  After some communications, I was able to find the area they were set up and started my search.  Unfortunately, after my first attempt, I only found a few items and no ring.  Nicholas’s reply was “That’s unfortunate.”  I woke up early the next morning to head back there with my CTX-3030 with a 17″ search coil to cover the area without missing spots and to hopefully gain a few more inches of depth.  I also recruited the service of my friend, Justin.  He has helped me in the past even when I was out of state.  Justin was using his Minelab Equinox with a 15″ search coil.  Again after hours of searching, we were not finding the ring and decided it was time to take a break and evaluate our next plan.  I decided to widen the search area of the slope they had set up on and thought where the ring may have fallen out of the purse it was placed for safe keeping.  Just started to work the area between from where they arrived and exited the beach, and their set up location near the water.   Finally, Justin received a solid tone and was able to pull Christina’s ring out of the soft sand.

Swansboro Cast Net Fling Results In Lost Class Ring

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)


Bailee was spending the day with her parents along the White Oak river trying to catch shrimp using a cast net.  They were throwing the net from a high wooden walkway.  During one toss, Bailee’s gold college class ring slipped off of her finger into the rivers soft muddy bottom.  Bailee’s father started an online search and found Crystal Coast Ring Finders.  Just after the call, I was on my way.  To my surprise, getting close to the ring was a challenge in itself as the bottom was very soft in places and water access was also a bit of a challenge.  After pulling up various items of trash, I locked onto a strong 12 signal on the Minelab Equinox 800.  The scoop was filled with the black mud but the signal was no longer on the bottom.  After a few seconds of sifting out the mud and debris, Bailee’s ring was shining in the bottom of my scoop.  I loved the reaction from her as her eyes lit up and she jumped with joy


Diamond Wedding Rings Lost Two Months Ago Found In Morehead City Waters

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Amanda explained to me, two months ago, her daughter had cut her foot in the waters of a small Morehead City, NC beach.  During the excitement, Amanda had taken off her long sleeve coverup shirt to wrap her daughters food on the beach.  She told me that is where she thought her rings were pulled from her finger.  She explained she had a group with metal detectors come out the July 4th weekend to help locate the missing rings.  It wasn’t until a friend had heard about The Ring Finders on a radio broadcast and this lead Amanda to contact Crystal Coast Ring Finders.  My first attempt was to thoroughly search the beach and shallow water.  This beach was full of various garbage, mostly aluminum which is a nemesis to detectorist.  My second day attempt was planned so that it would be during a low tide and more importantly, early enough in the morning that nobody would be in the way of my search.  I arrived at 6am, just before it was getting light enough to see.  I began a search from beach to water and back.  Each time I would go in just above knee deep water as Amanda told me it happened at low tide that day and the deepest she went was knee deep water.  I must admit my doubts of finding the rings lost in a public area 2 months prior were in my mind.  I also knew if I don’t try all possible areas, I wouldn’t be assured I tried my best.  The waters still produced a large amount of aluminum and each time I would try to scoop the target and dump it into my floating sifter.  I was in an area with multiple targets around me when I dumped a scoopful and was about to dig again when I glanced over to see Amanda’s wedding band laying in the basket.  I was in knee deep water at the time.  The very next scoop raised her beautiful engagement ring!

Amanda was very close by and I called her just before 8 am to ask her to come down and help me narrow my search area because of the numerous garbage items I was digging.  Amanda showed up with her daughter and at one point when she looked away, I held out both of her lost rings.  She looked back and noticed in disbelief her rings in my hand.  It is moments like this that make me proud to return items that have so much meaning!

Lost Engagement Ring From Emerald Isle Pier Found By Crystal Coast Ring Finders

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Well, Dog Gone!

Jayme was on the Sound side of Emerald Isle on a hot sunny day.  She removed her ring to apply sunscreen and placed it onto the blanket on the bench.  A small dog that came along for a swim was also on the bench and moved the towel causing the ring to fall between the pier slots and into the murky waters.  A plea on Facebook once again helped connect Jayme with Crystal Coast Ring Finders a proud member of the global organization The Ring Finders.  I quickly went to work in he hip deep water and after numerous iron signals, my Minelab CTX-3030 located a non-ferrous item near the drop area.  I used my pinpointer to go underwater and felt it vibrate all of the way back out of the water with Jayme’s engagement ring in hand!  Jayme’s tears were a sure sign of how important this sign of love means to her!



Sentimental Ear Ring Lost At Atlantic Beach Found Two Days Later

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Atlantic Beach, NC

I was practicing my detector skills and settings at “The Circle”.  As I pulled another bottlecap from it’s sandy depths (glass bottles are prohibited here), a couple asked if I had found an ear ring.  Kate informed me she had lost the ear ring in the same general area 2 days prior.  My recovery mode went into action as I started to grid the area.  To her surprise and after a few more pieces of junk metal, I received a solid 1 signal on my Minelab Equinox 800.  It took 1 scoop to unbury her missing ear ring.

Kate was thrilled I found it and explained although it didn’t have monetary value, her Aunt had made the ear rings for her and the sentimental value connection made her very happy to have the set back in her possession.