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Lost Dental Retainer Returned.

  • from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

My strangest Find on the Beach in Kelowna has to a youths Dental retainer. The retainer had a name embossed inside the resin. I checked the names in the local phone book, and started calling. The very first name I called I told them who I was an why I was calling. The lady on the other end was so excited and couldnt believe her luck. Her sons retainer was placed on the beach towel while he went for a swim. When leaving the beach, they forgot about the retainer and just grabbed the towel. They went back later and searched but could not find it. The following morning was when I detected the beach and found the unusual item. They tell me the wires in the retainers are platinum, sounds expensive to replace. Another happy customer.

Lost Birthday Ring Found

  • from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

A lady was hosting a Birthday Party for her daughter in the back yard.After the Party she realized that she had lost her ring, she called the Kelowna Metal Detectors and I responded within 10 minutes, I found the a few coins that I gave to the kids, then within 20 minutes I retrieved her Ring.

Lost Wedding Band in Okanagan Lake

  • from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

Joe had checked the dive shops for assistance, but no one could help him. As President of the Kelowna Metal Detectors, Joe contacted me for help, I responded to Joe and met him at his campsite on Okanagan Lake where he showed me approximately where the ring was lost as he was throwing a ball with the kids. I told him I would return the next day with my detecting gear and attempt to find the ring. The next morning at 7am I entered the water and proceeded to grid the area. It soon became apparent that the that the soft muddy bottom was heavily littered with metal garbage. After 4 hrs I still had not located the ring, I decided that I would quit for the day and return with Joe  for the specific lost location. It was 3 days later when we returned with Joe feeling badly all week. I entered the water to once again continue the search. After another 2 hours of sifting through the many pieces of junk metal, I peered down into my scoop after retrieving a solid signal and there it was…..a mans white gold ring surounded by 24 diamonds! I was out in the water and let out a loud “yahoo” but Joe was fast asleep on the beach. Hurridlay I went ashore and woke him up with the good news and we both danced around with delight. On the way home Joe stopped in at the local store and as he entered the store the background music being played was his wedding music. How appropriate it brought tears to Joe`s eyes.

Lost Ring, Found at Joe Rich

  • from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

David was operating an excavator loading a dump truck on a construction site. He stepped off the excavator to move the truck and to shake his hands of mud and dirt. During this process, he heard a ping and noticed that his wedding band was missing. He searched but was unable to locate it. He moved the dump truck and excavator and called his workmate over to assist him. The workmate went home for a metal detector, and together they searched the site for a few hours but were still not able to find the ring. He returned in the evening with his wife, and they both did a visual search of the site without finding it.

At 8:30 the next morning, he phoned the Kelowna Metal Detectors Club contact number and asked for assistance. I arrived at the site at 9:15 a.m., and asked David to show me exactly where and what happened. The location he showed me had been traveled over with the dump truck and was a muddy mess. He had pretty well given up on finding the ring and expected it to finish up in the landfill on the housing site. He explained that he had been married only 5 weeks and that the ring was a band of yellow gold and a band of white gold that his wife insisted he wear to work. We moved the dump truck, and I set up my Detector and started to work in a grid system. On the second pass, I got a strong signal in 6 inches of oozing mud. Reaching down I felt and recovered the metal rings. I walked over to the dump truck, and David asked me what the problem was. I told him that I had finished, and he responded, “No, don’t quit already!” I showed him the band, and he was ecstatic!

Lost Engagement Ring in Kelowna snow

  • from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)


Lisa picked a good day to play in the backyard with her dog. It had just snowed a good 10 inches in Kelowna. After 10 minutes of running around the yard, she noticed that her ½-carat diamond engagement ring was missing. Lisa and her husband spent 2 hours searching for it, to no avail. She called the Kelowna Metal Detectors Club contact number, and I responded within 10 minutes conducting a search of the area. It was a new home with a small yard, so it didn’t take too long before my Tesoro Silver Sabre µMax found the ring. It made Lisa a happy lady.

Lost Wedding ring, found at Gyro Beach Kelowna.

  • from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

After spending the day enjoying the Beach in Kelowna, Diana Helm realized she had lost her wedding band, a 14k White Gold Band with 3 Sapphires. I went the next morning and spent 3 hours gridding the area in the water with no success, I did find 2 rings but not the target that we wanted. I decided the ring was not in the water, I  checked the dry sand, and within 5 minutes I located the ring and returned it to a happy Helms family.

Lost Rings Cape Cod – Found & Returned by Cape Cod team

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

    Jan 17, 2011

      A message from RingFinders.com via Gateway Treasure Hunter Club put me in contact with JianJian who had seen her wedding rings leave her finger as she shook cold snow from them. The joyful play time with her two children turn to tears and a several stressful days.

Eight days after the loss and several bath tubs of snow being melted Kent B. from GTHC and I parked along 4-5 foot tall piles of snow to start our search. Power lines proved too much for one detector and a lowering of the sensitivity of a new, barrowed from J&E Enterprise, Garrett ATPro was a necessity. The ATPro was setup before hand in the PRO-CUSTOM mode specifically tuned to find platinum. Forty-five minutes into the search the ATPro sounded off for the first time. The reading locked up on 51, 4 points lower than my sample platinum ring.

The other machine being used could not “see” the target which was reading at 8 inches on the ATPro. A second shovel full of snow was removed, put on the roadway and the engagement ring was recovered. A second signal also locked on 51, but had a broken tone, also could not be “seen” by the second detector. From the second shovel full of snow the one of a kind, ornately designed, wedding band emerged.

Photo taking started before JianJian was told of the find. That action was the clue something was up and she came running out of the warm house with more excitement and appreciation than anyone I have ever returned a ring to. A few more photos were taken and a warm refreshment was offered. A wonderful cup of Green Tea was enjoyed over many detecting stories and the story of the diamond.

JianJian came to Massachusetts from an area in China where even a thought of a diamond engagement ring is something that would rarely enter a young woman’s mind. Years after JianJian’s wedding she was looking through a box of her husband’s great-great grandfather’s items and came across a piece of folded up wax paper. The contents, a single diamond, had been worn in a tie tack or similar adornment. A diamond ring was made and worn with respect in honor of the past owner. To say the least the ring had a great deal of sentimental value to JianJian.

My thanks go to Chris of RingFinders.com for passing the information along, Kent for keeping me company and aiding in the search and Eleanor for the use of the Garrett ATPro. Of course JianJian deserves my biggest THANK YOU for her open energetic personality, warmth and gratitude in allowing us to help in having a Happy Ending to a situation only she experienced the full breadth of. I know each person will be brought to mind every time I sip on a warm cup of Green Tea.

Lost Wedding Ring Retrieved From Community Pond in Northern Virginia!

  • from Baltimore (Maryland, United States)

On 2/21/11, I was contacted by a woman named Susan about her recently lost wedding ring.  She told me how she was at her neighborhood park the day beforer and when she went to throw some bread crumbs to the geese in the pond….you guessed it, off flew her wedding band! We made arrangements to meet and a few days later I found myself at the edge of a well maintained pond in a beautiful community. Immediately I slipped into my waders and got to work. After fifty minutes, 3 old cans, a beat up minnow trap and  a coax cable connector, I hit pay dirt!

Back where it belongs!

The look on Susan’s face was one of amazement and joy.  By contacting me quickly and taking note of exactly where she was when the ring came off, Susan made my job that much easier. Being able to return something that is so precious to someone sure is a great feeling!


Lost Ring… Found In Iowa City, Iowa


Hello Everyone,

I’ve been watching Chris Turner videos for awhile now and they always made me feel good. So I decided to take the plunge and join his Ring Finder site. I was a bit skeptical going in because I thought who would ever see this site and then give me a call. Well I joined on Jan. 28, 2011 and got my first call five short days later on Feb. 2nd. Needless to say I was very surprised.

I live in the eastern part of Iowa and we had a blizzard on Feb. 1st which dumped 12 to 14 inches of new snow. On Feb. 2nd I received a call from a young fella who lost his palladium wedding band during the storm. He said he had a good idea where it fell off at. So we agreed to meet the next day after I got off work.

I arrived the next day at 4:15 p.m. and met with his wife who showed me the area where his ring fell off his finger. Talking to her I found out they had only been married 7 months so this was a very sentimental ring to them. The snow was super deep and I wasn’t getting any signals. I had the discrimination on my detector wide open except for iron. I wasn’t sure where palladium would hit on the E-Trac but I was hoping it would be on the 12 line. I finally went over a target but it didn’t sound very good or look good. I dug down to the ground and it was deeper still so I knew that couldn’t be it. The next signal I got was just a whisper but it made me stop and investigate. I dug a couple of scoops with my shovel and it started to sound a little better, a few more scoops and wow there’s something here. I then had the target on top of the snow. I took my glove off and reached down into the snow and I could feel a ring! When I pulled it out and handed it to his wife her eyes got really big, I think she was stunned for a few seconds.

Her husband arrived a short time later and was very happy. He slipped the ring back on his finger as soon as he could. He told me that they had rented a detector and tried to find it themselves but the rental didn’t work very well. He said he wished he would have found the Ring Finders site before he wasted money on the bogus rental.

I must say that they were a very nice young couple and I was so happy I could help them. I know they truly appreciated it. I’ve found rings for people before but this was also special for me. My first success as a Ring Finder! Now I know why Chris loves his job.

HH everyone,

Norm Slaymaker

Lost Platnium and Diamond Ring Along with Platnium Wedding Band In Belmont, Massachusetts

  • from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)

On January 17,2011  One of my Metal Detecting partners and I  received an email from founder Chris Turner,asking for help in finding a lady’s  lost Rings that she lost in the snow.We contacted her and made a date for the following Thursday.We arrived around 8:30am and started our search of the snow banks and the snow in her yard.After about an hour we recovered both her rings,as you can see in the pictures,she was quite ecstatic about it.What a feeling  it is and it never gets old helping someone out.