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Platinum Anniversary Ring Found And Returned Myrtle Beach SC

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Saturday night was Deardra’s last night in town as she was winding down her vacation time in Myrtle Beach. Walking on the beach that evening she lost her 1 year anniversary ring. It was not a way to end her enjoyable time at the beach. She fretted about her loss as she returned home to North Carolina. Deardra found The Ring Finders online and reached out to me Sunday night. Explaining to me the loss of her special treasure, she told me she dropped it somewhere near the stairs of her resort. She lost it in the dry sand so tides were not involved. At one point in our conversation she mentioned reaching into her back pocket for a phone, to answer a call. She told me she had walked up to place a plastic bottle in the recycle bin. She felt certain that is where she dropped her ring.

I arrived to the beach at sunrise. I had an hour and a half window before a business meeting I had in the neighborhood. Cross gridding a 30 yard square in front of the access stairs, I had no luck. I expanded the grid twice more. While searching the area I noticed a trash can next to the stairs, but no recycle can. Thinking about her telling me about placing her bottle in the can, I began to wonder. I started looking for the recycle bin and noticed that the next resort to the south had one. With 20 minutes left in my time window I walked 200 yards to the next hotel beach access, to where the container sat. I had 15 minutes to close the deal, or I would have to return another time. About 30 feet from the recycle can I got I nice signal on my CTX 30-30. In my sand scoop the gleaming treasure stared up at me. I sent a picture of the ring to Deardra’s phone and hurried to my meeting. She texted me back in the middle of the meeting, that indeed it was her precious prized possession. The mail man returned her ring to her three days later.

Deardra, thank you for the generous donation.


Cell Phone Found and Returned In Myrtle Beach, SC

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a referral call from Jim Wren, TRF Member North Myrtle Beach. He told me he had received a phone call from a young man that lost his cell phone on the beach the night before. Getting the phone number from Jim, I called Nick back on his buddies cell. I met Nick and his friend at the beach an hour later. Nick had a watch that was coupled with his cell phone. We walked to the beach where the watch was telling us the phone should be. At night after all the people are off the beach the city has a beach sweeper that rakes the sand. This sweeper has buried Nick phone. Most of the area was clear of beach goers so I started to work. After 30 minute in the dry sand I was unsuccessful. I politely asked a family who were camped out in the area if I could help them move their stuff so I could search the area where they were sitting. They were happy to oblige me. I started to work again with my trusted Excalibur II. Just a few sweeps in the area they were sitting gave me a scratchy tone. Digging with my hand revealed Nick’s phone. It was unfortunate that the phone had a broken screen. I’m sure the sweep truck had run it over. The phone was still functioning though, so I was relieved Nick could retrieve his stored data. I called him on his buddies phone to let him know I had his phone. He joined me on the beach to get his found phone.

Nick thanks the generous reward, and thanks to Jim Wren for the referral.

Surf Church Morning Service. Found and returned Man’s 14Kt. Wedding Band in Garden City, SC.

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a phone call Saturday night from Sandi. She explained that her husband Brock and son were swimming in the ocean just before sunset and that he lost his wedding band in 4 feet of water. I told Sandi that I would research the tides and call her back. Looking at the tide chart told me another one of those “It was Lost in 4 feet of water at Low Tide” searches. Beach hunters hate these kind of searches, as they are the most difficult hunts to work in pounding surf. I called Sandi back and told her and Brock to meet me at the beach Sunday morning at 7:00.

Meeting the family at the beach the next morning was a chilly 63 degrees, but the water temperature was still holding around 80. We walked down the beach to the approximate area they were swimming the night before. “Right about here” Brock told me. I stripped down to my swim suit and T-shirt, leaving the warmth of pants and a hoodie on the sand. I had all of them rub their left earlobe for homage to The Ring Gods, and the family watched from the beach as I headed out to chest deep water. I was pleased to see that the surf was not a washing machine however, the waves were big. When you are standing in 4 feet of water a 3 foot wave is daunting enough, but the occasional 4 or 5 footer can be devastating. Many times while working a 50 yard area parallel to the beach I was forced to hold my earphones on my head and duck and cover from being smashed. It was difficult to stay on targets and actually dig them by feel between the waves in the crunch zone. Every time I ducked under a wave I would right myself, dump the water out of my earphones, and start again. On a couple of waves I would look up toward the beach. I swear I saw Sandi praying. I wasn’t sure if it was for my safety, or the wedding band. Maybe a little of both. An hour and twenty minutes into the search I got a crisp signal on the Excalibur II. Sending the sand scoop to the target I was relieved that I got it on the first try. Sifting the sand from the scoop revealed a beautiful 8mm, 14kt, gold wedding band. YESSSS! I placed the ring on my little finger and headed for the beach. When I got to where they were sitting I asked them if they really thought I was in a good area. As Brock and son Ben were discussing sunsets and angles I was holding the ring out in my hand. Brock finally noticed the ring first and with a great big smile took it from my hand. Sandi broke into tears (The Ring Dance) and gave me the biggest hardest hug I have had in a long time. She cried on my shoulder while telling me how life had been kicking them around a bit the last year. They had just moved to the beach area from Indiana just two days earlier. After losing the ring they were starting to wonder if life was still kicking them in their new found home. After finding the wedding band all seemed right with the world. I told Brock, Sandi and Ben “Welcome to the neighborhood, and that it was the a positive start to their new home. After some celebrating we took some pictures and parted ways. As they walked back up the beach they were hand in hand. I watched Ben pat his dad on the back several times. The wedding band of 22 years gets to continue it’s story, and I have some new neighbors and new friends. I started humming “It’s a Great Day to be Alive”


  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

(June 28th) I was on my way to dinner with visiting family when I got a phone call from Claire. Claire had just lost her engagement ring in the surf of Myrtle Beach, SC. Claire lost her ring in belly deep water, while throwing a football, at a low tide. I told her that I was on my way to dinner and that I would call Jim Wren (TRF North Myrtle Beach) to see if he might be available to do this search. Jim said he would take the call and see what he could do. Jim called me back in short order and informed me that he had just gotten a phone call to do a ring search in his area, and that he had called Jim Brouwer (Super Human), and J.B. was going to meet Claire and family at the beach. When Jim B. got there the tide had risen quite a bit. He searched for a while but soon realized that the water had gotten too deep to work. Jim returned that night around midnight and searched the low tide waters to no avail. Saturday morning I got the message that he did not find the ring. I joined Jim at low tide that morning and we searched for nearly 3 hours in the belly deep water. No Luck. Claire had returned to Virginia that morning, but her parents looked on (great people) as we gave it another shot on Sunday. Both Jim and I separately returned to the area a couple times over the next couple weeks. We were being frustrated by this ring that we knew was there. I have to admit that after a couple weeks of searching for this ring I had given up. Mentally for me, it was one more sacrifice to “the ring gods”.

(July 18th) I am driving to meet a customer, to discuss signs, when my cell phone rings. I see it is J.B calling. “Maaatt” (Trying to imitate his accent) “That ring on 6th avenue, I have it. Can you call the girl?” I am amazed, after 3 weeks in the water he has found this ring. I pull over and start scanning my phone from 3 weeks ago hoping I still have her number. Without my notes in front of me I can’t even remember her name. I find her number and call… “This is Matt with the Ring Finders, we have found your engagement ring.” There is a very long pause on the other end, and so I ask her to remind me of her name as I do not have my notes. “This is Claire.” I could hear her voice cracking with emotion as she received the news. I was happy to hear that they had not purchased a replacement as of yet. Claire emotionally shared a story of how she and a late grandmother shared a liking of cardinals. She told me that 15 minutes before my call there was a cardinal on the rail of her back patio that had reminded her of her grandmother. This was about the time Jim found the ring. (Premonitions). Talking with Claire later that day, she told me that her nephew was the ring barer at her and Peter’s wedding last November, and that he had worn a super hero outfit. He told Aunt Claire that it was because of his super powers that we found her ring.(Super Powers) Super Heroes, Super Humans or Premonitions… Whatever it was I will take a win however it comes. Claire’s ring is now back where it belongs.

Jim Brouwer (author of “Gold Beneath The Waves” Amazon) Has been a trusted friend to both Jim Wren and myself on ring searches. He has helped both of us on several occasions. I can’t say enough about this man, his integrity, and his willingness to help us and other people. Way to go Jim!

White Gold Chain Found and Returned in Myrtle Beach

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I was throwing darts with the boys Wednesday night when I got a phone call from Timothy about 8:30. Timothy explained that he had lost his white gold chain that afternoon at the edge of the high tide line. He told me that he was lamenting the loss to a pool side bartender that had remembered hearing about The Ring Finders network. After getting Timothy’s phone call I headed to the beach resort about 20 miles away.

I arrived at his oceanfront resort with my Minelab Excalibur II, a couple flashlights and my sand scoop. Timothy met me in the parking lot. I had him rub his left earlobe for luck and then we made our way to the beach. Earlier that day Timothy was getting buried in the sand. He took the necklace off and placed it on his shirt. You know the rest of the story. We arrived at the spot on the beach where Timothy was buried. I set up my machine for the search and turned it on. Just as I was about to start swinging Timothy turned on the flashlight that I had given him. Just as he did he exclaimed excitedly “Is that it”. Right in front of my coil was an exposed 2 inch section of the chain. Timothy reach down and plucked the chain, that his mother had given him, from the sand. I didn’t do a lot of work, but I will take the win. Back in the parking lot Timothy handed me a hansom reward and explained that he would have not gone back to the beach to look for the necklace in the dark. Like I said, I will take a win, any way it comes. Timothy, good luck in your future endeavors, and thanks again. ‘Til next time!

Found Ladies White Gold and Diamond wedding Band In Myrtle Beach, Returned!

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a very anxious phone call from Janice on Wednesday. Janice just lost her wedding band on the beach and was about to come unglued. Janice told me how she had taken her ring off to apply sunscreen and placed it on the arm of her beach chair. Our local lifeguard then asked them to back up their chairs and umbrella so he could see the entire beach. During this process the ring hit the powder dry sand and quickly disappeared. They searched for about an hour in the 25′ square area with no luck. Janice did a web search on “How to find a lost ring in the sand” and found The Ring Finders Directory. She told me she had not left the beach and that she was not allowing anybody to sit in this area.

Arriving at the beach 30 minutes later I called Janice to let her know I was there. Looking down the beach I noticed people waving to me and rightly guessed that to be the anxious lady and her family. They had a 25′ square drawn in the sand and were ready for me to put a smile back on Janice’s face. I had them all rub their left earlobe for good luck and started to work. Searching from where the chairs were, back to their present location, I could see Janice fretting with each grid pass. Almost to the chairs I got that lovely tone in the phones. I told Janice that her ring was right there and asked her if she wanted to do the honors of uncovering it. Her husband Jerry looked on and encouraged her but she just couldn’t bare to look. I sent the scoop into the sand very carefully and lightly sifted the sand away to reveal her beautiful diamond encrusted white gold wedding band. The very ring that her husband Jerry placed on her finger 27 years ago. Janice came forward and took the ring from my hand and then commenced to do “The Ring Dance”. Tears, laughter and hugs, I love the ring dance. Vacation saved!

Janice and Jerry Thank you for the generous reward and trusting me to do this search. I wish you traveling mercies back to Cleveland Tenn. I wish you another happy 27 years.

14K White Gold Engagement Ring Lost in the Surf, Found and Returned Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received an e-mail shortly before 10pm on Thursday, July 21st from Zanita W. requesting help finding an Engagement Ring that had slipped off her finger in the water about 4 hours earlier. Zanita was here with her family on vacation from Indiana and was leaving on Saturday. I noticed in the e-mail that she also included Matt Fry (TRF Myrtle Beach). I contacted Zanita and got a few more details that included the name and location of the resort they were staying at. This resort was in Matt’s area so I called him to make sure he saw the e-mail. When he answered his phone I told him the situation but unfortunately he was stuck in Atlanta on his 3rd delayed flight out west and wasn’t available. I’m still on vacation and 800 miles away so I tried contacting Jim Brouwer, a friend who was filling in for me while I was gone. He didn’t answer so I sent him both a text and an e-mail with all the details knowing that he was probably asleep and was going to wake up very early to catch the low tide somewhere. I’m asleep and hear my text alert go off at 1:45am from Jim saying he’s on it. At 3:39am I get another text alert from Jim saying “I found it”. I called Jim and asked him to send me a picture so I could forward it to Zanita saying it was found. That morning I called Zanita around 8:30am, waking her up, with the good news. She couldn’t have been happier. I gave her Jim’s number and they arranged to meet later that morning.

Zanita, Thank you for trusting in The Ring Finders to help find your lost treasure!!!

Again, thanks Jim for backing me up. Zanita couldn’t have been happier!!!!


Zanita's engagement ring Zanita Whitley