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  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

The main thing to keep in mind, if you lost something in a public location, such as the beach, or a park, you need to call as soon as possible, because there are so many variables that can lessen the possibility of a recovery.

I tell everyone who calls me, I do not charge for my service, but will accept what you believe my services are worth for the recovery of your lost item. For me, getting what you lost back in your hands, is the most important thought in my mind as soon as I receive your call. All rewards are thoroughly appreciated.

Search Types

I can search pretty much anywhere, in and out of the water, at parks, or beaches, lakes, open fields, etc.

Search Locations

All Los Angeles County Beaches, all Orange County Beaches, and all of the inland of Los Angeles and Orange Counties, I can search other areas if needed.

Steve Smith's Bio

I am retired, which allows me to do a search at all hours of the day or night. I look forward to being a help to all who call. This hobby has been a great learning experience, and I have made sure that for the searches that I go on, I am using the best up to date equipment that is available. I have also found that being a member of The Ringfinders, and helping people find what they thought was “Lost Forever” has been a very rewarding experience. Please make the possibility of finding your valuable a success by calling as soon as you can after the loss.

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Steve Smith - Testimonials

  • I was totally devistated about losing my chain (2018)


    I just wanted to say that before you came I was totally devistated about losing my chain that my gf got me for my 6 month anniversary. I was scanning through the sand looking a needle in a haystack and I thought I lost it forever. Bu then Steve “ the finder” smith came as my gaudrian angel to help me find my chain. The feeling when he found my chain was priceless all the weight of losing my chain was lifted and I could sleep that night. All my thanks goes to the finder from saving me from my sanity. Thank you and God bless

  • Very thankful that Steve was available... (2017)


    I was spending time with my family during the holidays in 2017 on Newport beach, and happened to be tossing a football with my cousins. About an hour later, I noticed my wedding ring was missing. I had a feeling that it happened during the football toss. I had mentioned it to my wife about me misplacing it, she was not too thrilled.

    My cousin and I rushed back to the spot, but couldn't locate the ring. He pulled up a site called Ring Finders on the web, and told me to call. I called and Steve Smith picked up and said that he was on his way. I asked how much the service was, and he said whatever we felt we wanted to pay. This was Christmas Eve so we were a bit worried about any one actually working.

    Steve arrived, and I told him what had happened. I showed him the area where I felt it could be and he asked me a few questions and then proceeded to work. I was back to my family and within 10 minutes, everyone started cheering. I looked back and Steve was walking towards me holding the ring in his hand.

    I couldn't believe that within such a short time, he was able to produce the ring! We chatted for a few minutes, and he told me about his method. Best part of our conversation was the reason why he did it, he said it was THAT moment when he finds the item and how the mood changes in an instant!

    Very thankful that Steve was available and he was able to locate something very important to myself and family. Thank you a ton RING FINDERS!


  • I met a charming person who wants to help with all his heart! (2017)


    This is my story

    On Saturday, 11/19/2017, at 4:00 PM, I went with my wife and my daughter to the park. As I rocked my girl on the swing, my wedding ring was pulled from my finger and fell into the sand.

    After extensive searching and lots of help from good people, the loss was not found and I had to accept fate.

    The evening came and I decided that this ring was too important to me and I was not going to give it up so easily.

    I started looking online with a professional who comes with a metal detector and the first person who intrigued me was Steve Smith who answered me on the phone right away.

    I told him the story and asked how much his service would cost me.

    Steve answered that I could pay as much as I think fit. I was in in shock from his answer! He said that in any case he would come to help me even if I did not pay him at all!

    I really wanted him to find my wedding ring.

    We met in the park at six in the evening. It was already dark. Steve would get organized quickly and after 20 seconds the loss would be found !!! And I was very happy

    I met a charming person who wants to help with all his heart!

    Thank you Steve Smith


  • My pendant was found by Steve Smith, the best ring and pendant finder hands down. (2017)



    My pendant was found by Steve Smith, the best ring and pendant finder hands down.

    I had this necklace that was given to me in the 80’s it was really 80’s looking and I wanted a more contemporary piece.

    I was telling my girlfriend that I wanted it redone.

    I happened to be going to India towards the end of last year with her and she told me she had the finest Jeweler in Delhi.

    I carried that necklace with me to India and met with the jeweller.

    I sat for about an hour designing this and felt so proud of the out come. I cherished it.

    Flash forward to today I was doing our Christmas pictures in Palos Verdes on the rocks at the beach no less.

    I came home and noticed it was gone.

    I had a knot in my stomach, I was so upset.

    Ran back the next day and found the chain ,but no pendant.

    Then I got frantic it had to be there it just had to.

    I could not find it anywhere.

    Went home went online and found Steve.

    He was just awesome. Asking me questions and he was so calm.

    We met the next day and I was so impressed with his gadgets he set up and he went to town.

    He’s thorough and precise.

    It helped that I guided him to where I was sitting. I was in 2 locations.

    I was pacing and digging a hole to China while he was diligently scanning.

    And then he held it up and said is this it ?

    I shrieked in happiness and ran to hug and kiss him.

    He found it he found it, he found it.

    Today was my lucky day:)

    Would recommend him to anyone and everyone.

    He is absolutely the best, hands down.

    Warmest Regards


    Happiest customer

  • If you’re reading this because you have lost your ring and you need to find it... Call or text Steve Smith immediately!!! (2017)


    If you’re reading this because you have lost your ring and you need to find it... Call or text Steve Smith immediately!!!

    If it can be found, he will find it.

    Steve is angel on earth. He is a humble and kind soul.

    And if your ring can be found he will not only find it but also find it for a fair and hopefully generous amount on your part to pass forward good energy on Earth.

    Thanks again Steve for finding my cherished wedding ring the day after it was lost near Zuma Beach in my favorite beach side enclave. Thanks for meeting me at my favorite store in the whole world, Vintage Grocers in Malibu to find my ring.

    Steve I can’t thank you enough.

    Much love,

    Akida Mashaka, Esq.

  • I googled the website and read all amazing stories about wonderful results of their search. I found Steve Smith (2017)


    In the evening, I decided to swim in the ocean at Santa Monica beach. I left my rings on my T-shirt and after swimming I took it so abruptly so the rings fell in the sand. It was already dark, so I spent an hour trying to find them but it was not possible. I tried to take a picture of the place and views to be able to track this place. In the morning, I looked up in the Internet where I can buy or rent metal detectors, but all of them must be only shipped.

    I had to be quick to start searching since other people could also find them. So, I googled the website and read all amazing stories about wonderful results of their search. I found Steve Smith who covered our area. His reviews we excellent. He helped many people in the same situations, so I immediately called him.

    Steve promptly asked me questions about the location, and we met in less than 2 hours. After identifying the area, he started searching. He found a lot of coins and can caps. He told me it was a good sign because it meant nobody was there, and there was a big chance the rings were still in the sand.

    After 3 hours of searching, we went all over again, taking wider area into consideration. And suddenly at one more sound of metal Steve dug the sand and there found my ring. The second ring came right after it. They were around 5 inches deep in the sand, so obviously, they could not be found without Steve’s help. Steve said you should never give up while searching things in sand and he was absolutely right! Thank you, Steve!

    Best Regards,

    Dmitry & Natalia

  • Steve was super nice and very professional (2017)


    Two days ago I lost my wedding ring doing yard work. It was my fathers wedding ring so it had double sentimental value. My wife and I were sad about losing it so I went out and bought a cheap metal detector and found a bunch of screws.

    I googled ring finders and found Steve. I couldn’t believe he would come all the way out to Thousand Oaks from Palos verde for a donation but he did and much to my surprise he found it in no less than one minute. i took him to the part of my yard where I was putting in stepping stones into some 1” gravel.

    I had used my metal detector down a 4 foot path of rocks and like I said, only found screws. His metal detector was much more sophisticated then mine and with it and his expertise found my ring almost instantly.

    He told me it has a certain tone for gold. I just couldn’t believe it. We are so happy. Steve was super nice and very professional. If you lose a ring or anything else metal, I highly recommend you call him.

  • Thanks for doing what you do. (2017)


    Hey Steve,

    I am very fond of the necklace you recovered for me. Your immediate response and search in the middle of the night was exceptional, and the fact that you dropped it off at work for me the next day made the recovery process a breeze. Thanks for doing what you do.



  • Steve is amazing, an expert at what he does (2017)


    Steve truly saved the day — after losing my wedding band just before the ceremony, my husband’s 8 year old god-daugther so sweetly offered me her ring.

    The next morning I typed “lost wedding ring” into google and found Ringfinders and Steve. I emailed him and he got back to me within the hour (it was early) and made plans to come to our house later that morning. I was grateful for how quickly he responded. Once he got to work, he told me there was a lot of metal in the ground, making the search more difficult. After he had been searching for about an hour, I began to think it must have fallen beneath our deck and there would be no way to find it or retrieve it without pulling up the deck. I asked Steve if we should call off the search and he said he wasn’t ready to give up. I went back in the house, and had even called the jeweler to ask if they had a replacement ring in stock. A little while later Steve got my attention and I asked him if we should call off the search. He said “yes …. because I found the ring!” and a bright smile came across his face as I screamed “JEFF HE FOUND IT !!!!” I really couldn’t believe it — I was so surprised and thrilled! Steve is amazing, an expert at what he does, and he so clearly loves doing this - finding people’s treasures for them… You can see that the joy he brings to people is for him, priceless. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Steve !

  • It is amazing how God answered my prayers and led me to this wonderful man that found my ring. (2017)


    Today we are leaving sunny CA and I had a remarkable experience while here that I have to share. Last Monday we were at Redondo beach, having a wonderful time running around on the beach and catching waves. About an hour into our beach fun Tyler and I were knee deep in the surf when a big wave caught us and dragged my wedding ring off my finger. It was one of the worst feelings I have ever had in my life. My heart sunk as I told Tyler to go back up to where Dad was and I proceeded to start frantically looking for it, knowing it was like looking for a needle in a haystack especially since we were in the water and it was high tide. I was so scared to tell Tony, but of course I had to. Plus I needed his help to find it. I hugged him and told him what happened and he was so calm. He tracked down a guy with a metal detector who had been scanning the beach for treasures (after all, he had found a spoon earlier while we were there

  • Angels come in many forms and I feel truly blessed to have encountered such an amazing and generous soul. (2017)


    My wife and I would like to thank you so much for finding my lost wedding ring. After getting out of the ocean at Zuma Beach I completely forgot that I had put my ring inside my wetsuit.

    I stripped off my wetsuit while standing in very deep sand despite all kinds of instinctual internal voices telling me that I should be peeling on a better surface. Hours later my wife asked me how my surf session was and I realized that I had no ring on.

    The evening had set and I knew that I was going to be unable to seek out my ring. Fortunately my good friend Dave volunteered the next day to put some energy into trying to find what truly was a needle in a haystack. After his searching and scooping the area that I hoped I had dropped my ring, I had given up.

    Then Dave asked, "What about Ring" A few minutes later I was speaking to Steve who generously volunteered to go to Zuma Beach after he finished a search in Venice for a misplaced phone. It took Steve less than 5 minutes to find my ring nearly a foot beneath the surface of the sand.

    Angels come in many forms and I feel truly blessed to have encountered such an amazing and generous soul.

    My ring is a matching ring to my wife's and it's loss would have been sad.We have always told our 2 children that they will each inherit one so thank you, thank you, thank you,

    The Kincaid Family

  • I’d been good about resisting crying up until this point, (2017)


    I flew into LA for a long weekend. On Sunday I decided to go to the beach. Before I left the hotel, I very intentionally decided to wear my wedding band but not engagement ring out that day. I was travelling without my husband and wanted to make sure I looked married.

    I jumped on the bus, grabbed a drink at Starbucks, and made my way to the ocean. I put on sunscreen. I sent happy pictures to my family. I popped in earbuds and was basking in the sun. I absentmindedly touched my left thumb to my ring finger. No wedding band!

    I sat up very carefully. I combed the beach with my fingers. Then I gently pushed the sand to the side with my palm. A person nearby came over and started to help me – really pushing the sand away to try and uncover the ring. We searched for over half an hour. No ring to be found.

    I returned to the apartment, certain that the ring was lost. A day passed. Two days later a friend chided me to be more active in trying to get the ring back. I called the bus company. No ring. I went back to Starbucks. No ring. A third day passed. Late that night a friend encouraged me to check CraigsList lost and found. No ring, but a picture of a guy with a metal detector.

    I dropped a message to my husband (still at home, but with a Craigslist account) – “Can you contact this guy?” I gave my rough location for him to pass on– a cardinal direction and a life tower number. I sent along a vague aerial map with an arrow pointing to a stretch of sand. I described my ring – it’s practically a hollow dime – 3mm wide and tiny – a size 4. I went to bed.

    I woke up in the morning and saw a text message from my husband. “Call him – his name is Steve.” I spoke with Steve. I was scheduled to get on a plane back home that morning and we agreed it was probably best for me to get on the plane versus meeting him on the beach.

    Before I boarded the plane, Steve sent a picture of the beach. It had been groomed the night before – smooth sand. I saw even less probability of a recovery. I powered down my phone for the flight.

    I landed at home in Seattle. I fired up my phone as soon as we touched down. I saw an image had been delivered, but it took a moment to download. The image pushed through – It was Steve’s hand, palm up, sand in the background. In the palm, of course, my platinum, hollow dime of a wedding band.

    I’d been good about resisting crying up until this point, but I gasped and started crying when I saw this image. I called my husband, “Is that my ring?!” In retrospect, I am fairly certain the men sitting on either side of me on the plane thought they witnessed me being proposed to. In reality, I didn’t cry 8 years ago when my husband proposed. I reserved the tears for the moment that Steve presented me with the ring.

    Less than a day after landing, the ring arrived via secure post, courtesy of Steve, was back on my finger. For good!

  • . I can attest to this event, and I am a witness that The Ring Finders is legit. (2017)


    On Sunday, April 30, 2017 I lost my diamond stud earring in the grass at Eternal Valley Cemetery. My little brother accidentally took it off my ear and it fell somewhere. We looked for two days but we couldn't find it.

    On Monday, May 1, 2017 that night I searched up on google "how to find an earring in the grass" and that's where I found out about this website called, The Ring Finders. I read through the website and it said something about someone being able to find their diamond stud earring, in the grass with the help of whoever is in charge of this website.

    I looked for more information and then I read a name. Steve. And so I assumed that he was in charge of this website. And I was right. His number was there, so I tried calling him. We arranged a meeting for the next day, May 2, 2017 and that's on a Wednesday. At 3pm. At first, I was hesitant.

    Although I've read his blogs about him being able to help some people, I was still a little worried. I thought, would he really be able to help us look for my earring? Because I know we've looked for two days and we didn't find it.

    But I took my chances. I knew that diamond earring had a sentimental value to me, so I just hoped he would be able to help us. And he did! It took him an hour and I almost thought he would never find it, but he did. He found it. We were all so happy. My parents, and especially me. It was really unexpected, but with the help of Steve and his equipments, my earring was found. I can attest to this event, and I am a witness that The Ring Finders is legit.


    Lauren Arcillas

  • We highly recommend Steve (2017)


    We were looking forward to spending a day at the beach and had a great time there. However, after driving 3 hours home, my husband realized his ring was missing. We had pretty much just accepted that we wouldn't be getting the ring back because for all we knew the ocean could have taken it anywhere!

    After going to bed, I just couldn't sleep thinking about it and started to research of our insurance policy would cover the lost ring. In my searches, the Ring Finder website came up and I clicked on it out if curiosity.

    After reading Steve's testimonials, I read about another couple who had lost their ring in the water. This gave me some hope, so I sent Steve an email late at night figuring we had nothing to lose! I was surprised when he emailed back right away, volunteering to go look for it the very next day. I kept checking my email the next day to see if we had anything from Steve, and a few hours after he started looking for it, we received a picture of the recovered ring!

    We were BEYOND happy and grateful for the work he put into finding it! We highly recommend Steve if you're reading this wondering if you should contact him. The sentimental value of things like this can't be replaced, and he is such a genuine person to work with! He was so kind during the whole process and even volunteered to meet us closer to our home to save us some of the drive. He is very professional - the ring was even returned to us in a little jewelry box! I can't say how happy I am enough that we have the ring back. Steve offers a great service and you can tell he really cares about helping people recover their valuable and sentimental items. God bless you, Steve! We are so so grateful!

  • I shared with him my story, he mapped out a grid, began to detect and the rest is history. (2017)


    Walking to and around the Strand in Hermosa with my daughter has become routine over the past couple years. From the Baby Bjorn at just a few months, to the hip, an occasional seat on the shoulders overseeing what probably feels like sitting on top of the world, to now, keeping up with the little Olympic sprinter, one thing is certain, I am in love. Having married three years ago, my wife and I were blessed with a beautiful daughter and our lives were forever turned upside down from the moment she arrived.

    Recently, walks to the Strand have one general purpose, the swing. We wake up, we eat breakfast, maybe take in a little PAW PATROL and then we’re out the door. April 10th started as usual business. We crossed the street and I asked my daughter if she wanted down to walk. Of course, she declined. I asked if she were ready for the swings and she nodded while looking at me knowing I had the answer.

    As we approached our stomping grounds, on this morning, we would have company.

    Not paying mind to the closeness of the action, I put my daughter in the swing where she immediately focused on the volleyballs flying in and around our direction. As usual, I would give her a few pushes, move back a bit, drop to my knees and begin building my princess her sand castle that she eagerly awaits to climb, stomp, smash and use as a slide.

    We had been at the beach for no more than ten minutes. While constructing the castle, a ball zipped in my direction that I caught and without hesitation, threw back to one of the girls training. Moments later, another ball would finds its way in my direction that I would catch, again, throw back however this time, would throw with it my wedding ring. I immediately felt its weight “fly off” my finger.

    Happening so quickly, I couldn’t see the exact direction the ring would travel however, my world stop spinning. Flashbacks of my wedding day resurfaced. Forgotten faces would reappear, and the sentiment of life would take new ownership. The beach became a sea of memories and with it carried a feeling of unexplainable loss.

    I called my wife to share with her what happened. She would soon show up to help aid in the search. The volleyball team would literally come into play as well. A morning fit a father and his daughter would become without notice, a search and rescue effort.

    After forty-five minutes without discovery, a couple had approached the swings and learned of my story. Not too focused on their involvement, I would overhear the woman conversing with her partner that she was going to look for a metal detector. Having no success at a local restaurant on the Strand, she walked to the Lifeguard unit where she was provided a yellow piece of paper with a gentleman’s phone number on it. That gentleman would happen to be Steve Smith.

    Not losing hope, but confidence, I reluctantly dialed Steve who would answer and agree to meet with me. What would feel like an eternity, Steve would arrive a little over an hour after having talked on the phone with gear in hand and new life.

    I shared with him my story, he mapped out a grid, began to detect and the rest is history.

  • Thank you Steve! (2017)

    Yesterday (03/24/17) I lost my house key at the park and I searched 3-4 hours for it on my own and had no luck. I called Steve and he said he couldn't make it out that day but tomorrow would be better.

    We agreed to meet the next morning and he was there on time. He asked me a few intelligent questions, and his patience was remarkable. The hardest part about finding the key was that it was not on a keychain and not uniquely designed, but it still only took him 15 minutes to find it!

    I really needed that key to get in and out of my house. He pretty much made my week by finding it, and I thank him for taking the time to help me out. He didn't make me feel like I was wasting his time, and I could tell he enjoys his job and takes it seriously. Thank you Steve!

  • I'm so thankful for the quick and expert help Steve was able to give me. (2017)


    I'm so thankful for the quick and expert help Steve was able to give me. I was visiting my brother and a group of his friends for the weekend, and we had decided to visit the beach to enjoy the weather.

    I had absentmindedly placed my wedding band in the cupholder of my beach chair earlier in the day as I was playing volleyball and swimming. As the sun moved, our group decided to pick up stakes and move to a different part of the beach.

    It wasn't until after we set up our new spot that I realized my wedding band was missing. I ran back to the area where our group had previously been and searched frantically for 20 minutes. Realizing I was probably in for a long day (or that my ring was gone for good), I found Steve online and gave him a call.

    Steve's response time was incredible. I expected wait for hours at the beach, but in 30 minutes I saw Steve with his equipment walking down the strand. He asked me a few basic questions about where I thought the ring was, set up a search grid, and located it in about 15 minutes. I was awestruck.

    You can tell that Steve is a passionate craftsmen, and I'm sure this is what made finding the ring so simple for him. As we wrapped up, I got a chance to pick his brain about how and why he does what he does.

    You can sense that he has a deep understanding of his equipment and the right techniques for the job. More than that, though, Steve seems to have a mission. You can tell that he gets a lot of joy from finding items that are priceless to those that hold them dear.

    Don't lose your wedding band. If that happens though, call this man. He will find what you lost, and put a smile on your face too.

    - Mike Spiegel

  • Steve - he is amazing! (2017)


    So, on the last day of our recent vacation, while on a shuttle to LAX to fly back home, I realized my wedding ring was no longer on my finger. I was devastated and figured the ring I'd worn 18 years was gone forever.

    I wasn't even sure where it had fell off. I contacted the theme park and car rental agency without any luck. The next night, in a desperate "what do I have to lose" attempt, I searched the internet for help. I hesitantly placed a Craiglist ad in the 'lost and found" section with a Google maps screen shot and address of the beach area we went to before flying back home. I offered a reward as incentive so if someone found it they might consider returning it to me instead pawning it.

    I was texted right away by a guy named "Steve" who was a member of ""

    I figured he was probably a scammer. He called and left me a voicemail too - so I verified the website, and his phone number area code, which actually was from California.

    I called him back (Friday at 9:00pm) and I provided him some more details about where

    I thought I may have lost my ring near the beach. He was nice and sounded legit on the phone, and didn't ask for any money from me. Steve went out right away, and within an hour (Friday at 9:52pm), he had recovered my ring and texted me a picture that lookedlike my ring.

    I was shocked and beyond happy! And and I couldn't believe it - and so I asked him to provide a clearer picture of the front of the ring (the first was taken with a flash in the dark area where he found it).

    He sent a clear picture when he got home and it was definately my ring! We arranged shipment, and a few days later, it is back on my finger as I type this message! I'm so grateful for Steve's help. He is the real deal! So, if you ever lose a ring (or keys, or phone, etc) and need help - even from out of state - might be a good place to turn for help (rather than hoping some honest person might see your ad on Craigslist like I did - I got lucky!)..... and if you lose something at the beach near LAX, call up my new found friend

    Steve - he is amazing!

  • Having the ring found was umm lost for words " a miracle!!" (2017)


    While on my Honeymoon in Santa Monica I lost my wedding ring at Venice Beach. A young lady saw me and my wife Kyla searching in the sand and advised there are "guys with metal detectors" walking the beach who could find it?

    Immediately we jumped on google and did a search. We called Steve and explained the situation. He was with us in about 10 mins and ready to get his hunt on!

    It took him about 2-5 mins and found the ring! With out Steve we would have gone back to New Zealand with no ring and my wife and I wold have been devastated. I cant thank him enough!

    Having the ring found was umm lost for words " a miracle!!" I don't know what I would have done if Steve never crossed our path.

    Thanks so much!"

  • Steve, thank you for putting a huge smile on my (and my wife's) face. You're clearly a passionate and talented guy (2017)


    I'm incredibly grateful for Steve's help last night. I figured I'd leave a voicemail and hear back from him the next business day, being that it was 8:30 at night, but he picked up my call and said he'd meet me at the volleyball court in 30 minutes. Seriously? And the search process was equally impressive – it took him all of about 10 minutes to find my wedding ring, which could've been just about anywhere on/off the court. Steve, thank you for putting a huge smile on my (and my wife's) face. You're clearly a passionate and talented guy, and I hope many others will read this post, give you a call, and experience the same excitement and relief that I did last night. Thank you again, Steve. God bless!

    Wes Putnam

  • This was your 3rd ring in as many nights and you simply kick ass at making people happy. (2015)



    You are the man! Thank you so much for coming over tonight. I know you were busy and enjoying your evening, yet you made time to make our night. You are a great man for doing this work. This was your 3rd ring in as many nights and you simply kick ass at making people happy. Thank you so very much and many blessings to you and your family!!!

    Warmest Regards,

    Brian & Sara Morrison

  • Thankfully you came to the rescue and I'm so grateful (2015)



    Thanks again for your help last night. You can't imagine how devastated I was when I realized that the ring was missing, and then again after 2+ hours of digging through the sand on my own.

    Thankfully you came to the rescue and I'm so grateful that you were will and able to help on a Sunday evening. Briana and I truly appreciate your service and will certainly recommend you to anyone we know who finds themselves in a similar situation.

    Hope your other calls were successful and that you didn't get home too late.

    Again, much appreciated and all the best!

    Greg and Briana

  • Steve, you are an amazing human being! (2015)


    Steve, you are an amazing human being! JuAnne wasn't sure if she lost her rings at the beach or left them at home. When we got home and did not find them, we were in a panic.

    I began googling places to purchase a metal detector and started youtubing instructions on how to use one when i came upon website.

    I am naturally suspicious of anything on the internet but i came upon your name and blog on the website and read through a few of the incredible stories and decided to take a chance. You were 2 hours away and relaxing and did not hesitate to drive out right away to help.

    When you met me on the beach, a kind employee at the restaurant was helping us comb through the sand with a sifting shovel but to no avail. After only a few minutes of searching, you pulled out some scrap metal and bottle caps and I already started to lose hope.

    But then you stopped and dug out something - I heard clanking in your shovel and I saw a smile on your face and I knew

    you found one of the rings. You found the engagement diamond ring I gave to JuAnne 11 years ago!!

    Then you found her wedding band in minutes. I can't tell you how incredible that moment is when you pulled her engagement ring out of the sea of sand.

    It would be so easy for someone in your position to take advantage of these type of desperate situations, but you are such an honest and generous person and i can tell that you genuinely want to help people.

    Through this experience, we learned 1.) never wear jewelry to the beach 2.) there are still good people out there in the world and that is inspiring. Big shout out to network for connecting me with Super Steve!

  • Steve is the type of person that renews your faith in humanity. (2015)


    The outpouring of appreciation for Steve you see on his blog in the form of email responses is certainly shared by me.

    In fact, there should without a doubt be a statue of Steve by the Hermosa Beach peir. At the very least they could rename the airport after him.

    Steve is the type of person that renews your faith in humanity. I've been known to lose things from time to time as a general personality flaw and few things these days is worse than losing your phone.

    For a change, this wasn't ADD but my buddy Darius attempting an impromptu sneak attack / tackle as we were walking in to wrap up an otherwise phenomenal beach day. As is well known 85% of attacks happen from behind so I'm at fault here too for not picking up on it sooner.

    Leveraging some college rugby skills I didn't know I still had I spun out of the tackle feeling pretty invincible. Unfortunately I immediately noticed the wait in my pocket was gone where my phone had been. Inexplicably it had vanished beneath the sand.

    Doubt set in, had it been stolen earlier? We confirmed on find my iphone it was somewhere nearby and not moving away or powered off. That lead to our amateur search and rescue efforts described in Steve's write-up that were obviously unsuccessful.

    After 30 mins or so of searching it really started to set in. I was in LA early for a business trip. That business trip was going to be nearly impossible without my phone which is consequently required to access my company VPN. Not to mention the guys I was supposed to pickup at the airport the next day getting straight to voicemail service from my lost/dead phone.

    I literally sat down on the sand, head hung low, sorting through the impossibility of solving this predicament. Enter a friendly lifeguard with Steve's card. Sadly even when calling Steve I wasn't entirely sure if he would be willing or able to help or if he was someone I could trust.

    Steve turned out to be all of those things in spades. From here, Steve's blog tells the rest of the story.

    Thank you again Steve!

  • I cannot believe he found it!! We jumped in joy and held onto each other with tears of joy flowing down our cheeks. (2014)


    Stephanie’s Story:

    At the end of my birthday celebration at Huntington Beach my husband realized that he lost his wedding band. He lost it while playing football out in the sandy beach.

    The search was worse than a needle in the haystack. For hours we retraced his footsteps and hopelessly searched in the surrounding premises. The desperation, hurt, disappointment in my husband’s eyes were unbearable.

    I located a ring finder who agreed to go back to the beach at 1:30am but was unprepared because his batteries were dead and his equipment was not working.

    Unwilling to give up, we continued the search in the dark until 3am with couple of our friends. We went in a line up and searched step by step with flashlights hiding from beach patrols with no luck.

    It was a very restless night for us. We just had just celebrated our one year anniversary last month and can’t believe that this really happened. AND of all days on my birthday after such a wonderful day. We cannot accept the fact that it’s gone.

    The sentimental value of the ring cannot ever be replaced. Luckily I found Steve from I called Steve at seven am and he picked up the phone right away. He agreed to drive an hour down to meet us at 10:30am.

    He searched the premises under the beating sun. He was very determined and professional. Inch by inch he meticulously searched with a metal detector and a sifter marking searched areas as he go. After 3 & a half hours exhausted from the search previous day and lack of sleep we lost all hope and left home.

    Steve was so encouraging and optimistic. Even after we gave up he continued searching. He told us not to give up and he will go over the area once more and expand his search. He promised that he will locate our ring and refuse any reward until he locates our ring.

    We have already accepted the fact that the ring was lost forever. We even located the same exact wedding band to be shipped to the closest jeweler. 2 hours later we got a text from Steve with a picture of the wedding band with the message. “You’re right, it is a beautiful ring.”

    OMG he found it! I cannot believe he found it!! We jumped in joy and held onto each other with tears of joy flowing down our cheeks. Whether Steve wanted it or not, both of us gave him a huge hug when we saw him. We could not contain our happiness


    We always try to do the right thing, be a better person in life. I feel like karma was in play today and we finally got served what we deserved. Karma had led us to Steve! It is so wonderful that a complete stranger would show you the kindness that Steve has wanting nothing more than to help others. He is truly amazing!

    We gave Steve a reward while he excitedly told us multiple stories of his finds. Words cannot express our gratitude.

    This emotional event was nothing short of a miracle. I feel like our vows got renewed today. We are forever thankful to Steve Smith who gave our story a happy ending. Thank you Steve from the bottom of our hearts!


  • At 12:30AM I had received a Text from Steve saying he found the ring. I saw this and jumped out of bed in pure excitement. (2014)


    Hey Steve,

    Just wanted to thank you again. I am still so excited that you were able to find the ring. It truly means so much to me. Here is my story for your blog.

    Best Regards,


    My Grandfather had given me a ring a couple years back. I wear it all the time and love representing him as he has always been one of the most important people in my life. Unfortunately he got sick due to old age and passed away on Aug. 27 2014. Of course I was devastated and all I had from him was the ring he gave me. So I wore it. The funeral was on the following Sunday and on Monday a friend of mine wanted to take me to the beach to try and take my mind off of things.

    It would have been a nice day but it turned for the worst when the ring he gave me fell off my finger. Once again I was devastated and did not know what to do. I had lost something that I held so close to my heart. I searched and searched with no luck. I went online and found Steve, who came over as soon as he got the call.

    Just talking to him I could tell he was determined to find the ring not for personal gain but just to put a smile back on my face and do something good for someone else. He searched and searched combing a large area on the beach. Still with no luck, Steve put on a water proof suit and got into the water, searching while getting hit by wave after wave… but still after several hours, we still had not found the ring.

    At the end of the night, I told Steve that I appreciated all his hard work but I did not want to waste anymore of his time because I felt that there was a possibility it was deeper in the ocean than I had guessed. I thanked him and we both walked away disappointed.

    The next day I received a call from Steve. He told me how much he wanted to find the ring for me and that he was going back to the beach and continue searching at 10PM at night during low tide. I was speechless.

    The fact that a man I just met was so caring and determined to put a smile on my face completely surprised me because I had thought the ring was gone. Steve had different plans. So he went out late at night and expanded the search to a wider range.

    At 12:30AM I had received a Text from Steve saying he found the ring. I saw this and jumped out of bed in pure excitement. Steve is the best there is and I could not be happier to have met him. Not only because he did the impossible in finding my ring, but also because it was a pleasure to meet a man who is so genuine and caring about what he does for people. I would like to thank Steve with the bottom of my heart. I never would have found it without him.

  • Steve – we could never thank you enough for what an amazing blessing you were to us (2014)


    What a miracle it was that we met you Steve!

    Our 1 year anniversary was less than 2 weeks away. My husband lost his wedding band while he was surfing in pretty rough conditions. I immediately assumed that it was lost forever, somewhere in the belly of the sea. But we still went back to look for it the next day, and that’s when we met Steve.

    He graciously offered to help us look for the ring until he had to leave for the day. In that short time, he wasn’t able to find the ring but we shared our information and told him about the inscriptions in case he was to ever come across it.

    The next morning, we were surprised when my husband received a text from Steve telling us that he was going to go back and look for our ring. That afternoon, my husband thought he’d swing by and do some more looking himself, and when he got there, he saw Steve was still there, waist deep in the water searching for our ring. My husband realized that if Steve wasn’t able to find it, that we probably wouldn’t either, and he left the beach. A few hours later, Steve sent us a text to tell us that he’d found the ring!

    The following night we met up with him and he shared the incredible story about how he’d found the ring. It brought me to tears! What a miracle it was that we met Steve!

    Steve – we could never thank you enough for what an amazing blessing you were to us and how dedicated you were to finding our ring. Thank you a million times, from the bottom of our hearts – you’ll never know how much this meant to us!