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Lost Wedding Band at Four Seasons Resort Ko Olina…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Bailey from Phoenix, Arizona. While celebrating his honeymoon at the Four Seasons Resort he was in the cool lagoon with his new bride tossing a ball back and forth when his ring flew off into the water. They immediately began a search with goggles in the waist deep water but the ring disappeared. I agreed to go the next morning early as it was getting late in the day when I received the call. Bailey described the location and I started my hunt at 6:30 AM. After completing the search with no luck finding the ring I called Bailey and asked him to meet me at the lagoon to go over the location so I was positive I did a complete search. He was sure I covered the area of concern but I wasn’t satisfied. This time I started on the extreme Southern side of the grid and worked North. Just as I was about to conclude the search on the extreme North side of the grid I got a screaming target on the Nox. after a few scoops there in the basket was Bailey’s Wedding Band. He was sure the ring fell straight down but the location means it probably flew off his finger while throwing the ball. Always extend those grid searches. Come to find out Bailey just graduated from the Air Force Academy and knew my Nephew George who graduated with him a few weeks ago. Very small World!!! Aloha to Bailey!

Lost Gold Wedding Band at Ala Moana Beach Park Lagoon…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a phone call from Alexcia stating her husband Jon just lost his White Gold Wedding Band in chest deep water at Ala Moana Beach Park. I was just finishing up an errand at the drugstore and told her I could be there after I stopped home to get my detecting gear. They had to take the baby home to Manoa and said Jon would return immediately and meet me at the Park. 15 minutes later we were walking out to the water for the hunt. Jon explained to me that he was wrestling with his wife and other family members when his ring slipped off in chest deep water. Jon entered the water with me and was my seaward marker of the grid search. The area was sterile and on about the 7th leg of the grid search I got a nice 13 on the Nox in belly deep water. The ring had a tall surface area and the first few scoops were unsuccessful. Finally on the 5th scoop there was Jon’s white gold wedding band in the scoop. Jon was so thankful and his wife would be extremely pleased also. No dog house for Jon. Aloha to Jon!

Lost Tungsten Wedding Band in Naia Lagoon Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring hunt began when I got a call from Robert whose retired Army and lives in Pearl City. While enjoying the day at Naia Lagoon he was swimming with his grandson and while assisting him to shore Robert’s Tungsten Wedding Band came off in waist deep water and disappeared in the murkiness. After posting on craigslist for a metal detectorist assist my good buddy Mike informed Robert to get a hold of me as the resort’s detectorist. We agreed to meet the next day after work. We both work on Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam JBPHH. After arriving Robert showed me the location and I fired up the Nox to conduct the grid search. On the fourth leg and dead center in the grid I got a nice tone and in one scoop there was Robert’s ring. Robert was obviously ecstatic and told me he was now “Out of the dog house”. Aloha to Robert!

Lost Ring Lanikai Beach Oahu: Found!

from Honolulu (Hawaii, United States)
Contact: 1-808-282-6978

It began early Sunday morning with a referral phone call from another of the Ring Finders here on Oahu.  He had received multiple calls for lost items and could not possibly make them all in the same day.  He asked if I would take the call for a lost ring at Lanikai Beach on the east side of Oahu.  I was more than happy to and immediately called the client, Stewart, for the details to recover his lost wedding band.  Stewart explained that he had been tossing a football back and forth with his son on the shoreline.  Something felt wrong and he looked down at his left hand and immediately noticed that his wedding band was missing.  Yikes!  As soon as he had the opportunity to he did a bit of research and looked up TheRingFinders.com and gave us a call. Not knowing exactly where the ring went missing he knew about where within 30 yards or so.

I met Stewart on the beach about noon in the general area where he and his family had been relaxing and playing the day before.  Stewart placed me in the center of the general area of where he thought he had lost the ring ranging from knee deep water to the damp sand.  Being forever the gambler I asked him if he wanted me to start to the right or to begin my search.  Stewart said lets go left, so I faced left, turned on the metal detector and tuned it for the  sand conditions and started swing the coil.  Almost immediately I hear a solid BEEP! looking as the screen it says a solid target about 3 inches deep in the sand.  So I inserted the scoop gently into the wet sand and pulled it out.  Looking in the scoop I saw a gold colored circle and immediately asked: “Is this your ring?”  Stewart looked in the scoop smiled and said “You Found It!”.  He immediately took the ring and put it back in its rightful place on his left hand.  Any further visit to the beach the ring will be on a leash.  Although the search was a short one it was great that the missing ring was found and back where it belongs.  Aloha Stewart!



Lost House, Work and Vehicle Keys and FOBs at Bellows Beach…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This Key hunt began when I got a call from Andrew who is doing his residency at Tripler Medical Center and hails from Indianapolis, Indiana. While enjoying a day at the beach with his friends he realized his keys went missing. The only thing for sure was they were on the beach. Whether in the sand or water he wasn’t positive. Andrew’s best guess was when he set up the area with beach chairs they must have fallen off into the sand. I started an search of that area which was thirty by twenty feet. Only found 36 cents. I asked Andrew during his transit from the car to the area we searched and since he had his keys hanging from his finger did he do anything in between. He said Yes about thirty yards away his friend came over and helped him carry the chairs & umbrellas he was carrying. That area was marked by a wood pile stood up like a tee-pee. You can see that in the above pic. I hunted around that area but still no keys. Those FOBs area $500 apiece Andrew told me. Looking down the beach I told Andrew lets walk down the beach away and see if they pop up. I truly believe the hand of God played a role in this recovery. Over a football field away from the original hunt area I got a target on the Equinox at the high tide mark in the sand. Wet & dry sand transition. I scooped down and lifted the scoop. To my utter amazement there were Andrew’s keys in the scoop. Are you kidding me? This cannot be happening. Andrew wasn’t even sure what path he took down the beach. Honestly this became a haphazard hunt and I never in a million years thought we were going to find these keys. Look at the tremendous amount of trash on the beach. Thankfully very little was metal. We also determined much of it was from the Japan Tsunami of 2011. I actually found a barnacle and coral encrusted plastic milk crate from Tendo City, Yamagata Japan during this hunt. My friend Chris confirmed it was in the area devastated by the Tsunami. Andrew is obviously very thankful and told me he was actually shaking while holding his keys again. Aloha to Andrew!

Lost Family Heirloom Diamonds & Gold Engagement Ring at Naia Lagoon Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a panicked call Wednesday evening from Victoria who was on her 1st Anniversary vacation with her husband Justin. They are from Memphis, Tennessee and were staying with friends in Ewa Beach. While enjoying the cool waters of the lagoon with her husband Victoria’s stunning family heirloom Diamonds and Gold Engagement ring slipped off in chest deep water and disappeared. A search party was gathered but even with nets the ring was hopelessly lost. Marriott Resort personnel told Victoria about my services and she called. I agreed to shoot right over from Kaimuki but it was getting dark fast. When I arrived the girls were no where to be found. Then two gentlemen approached me and asked if I was there to hunt for a lost ring. I said, “Yes but where is the young lady I’m talking to on the phone?” Victoria was actually over in Lagoon 2 thinking that was where she lost the ring. After we determined the ring was in fact lost in Naia Lagoon 3 I started an immediate grid search. After about 15 minutes it was pitch black and nearly impossible to keep my bearings in the water. Along with everyone had a different idea as to where the ring was lost. I spoke to Victoria and said, “I’ll start fresh first light the next morning.” She was hesitant but I assured her the ring wouldn’t go anywhere in the calm lagoon. I arrived the next morning around 6AM. The sun wasn’t up yet but there was enough light to start the hunt. On the fourth leg in thigh deep water I got a screaming 9/10 tone on the Equinox and in one scoop there was the stunning ring in my scoop. I texted Victoria the good news and she and her husband Justin immediately drove to the resort for the recovery. Smiles & hugs and Anniversary saved. Aloha to Victoria & Justin!

Lost Gold Wedding Band at Bellows Air Force Beach…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began last Monday when I got a text from Tyler who is a US Navy Commander living in Aiea on Oahu and is stationed at SUBPAC. While enjoying the day with his lovely wife Kristin and daughter Violet, Tyler held Violet’s hand as they walked along the beach. As the waves were coming up the sand slope pretty far, he didn’t want them to knock Violet down. At some point Violet adjusted her hand and accidentally pulled Tyler’s Gold Wedding Band off and it fell into the sand. As Tyler reached down to pick up the ring a wave washed in and erased the ring from his view. It was gone! Tyler immediately took note of his location and marked it with a stick. When I called him back he sent me photos of the location and asked when I would be able to look. I had other ring hunts lined up so I told him possibly Friday. The beach is off limits to metal detecting but my company All Island Treasure Detectors helped the Air Force clear the recreation area of unexploded ordnance (UXO) several years back and I’ve been given the opportunity to hunt for lost wedding rings on a few occasions without any drama. Thursday night we arranged to meet the next morning at Bellows Beach around 9AM. Tyler and his family arrived and we parked within a few yards from where Tyler lost the ring. Tyler gridded out the area he felt the ring was lost in. It wasn’t very large but the surf was up and pounding the shoreline. I started dry and worked through the wet sand and finally into the water. It got to the point I couldn’t swing my detector anymore because of the waves. To that point I only found a Lincoln Shield Cent and a ring from a pull tab. I told Tyler I did what I could but wanted to extend out the grid search just in case. I could tell Tyler & Kristin were looking as if this wasn’t going to end happily. Then on the second extended leg of the grid search the Excalibur got a screaming low tone. This had to be the ring and sure enough after a quick rinse there in the scoop was Tyler’s Gold Wedding Band. He and Kristin were on the other side of the grid so I yelled over to them, “I got it!” They both ran over and sure enough it was Tyler’s ring. With great elation and relief Tyler & Kristin were both so very thankful. Tyler told me this was actually the second time his ring was found. I’m praying their won’t be a third time. Remember to extend those grid searches! Aloha to Tyler, Kristin and Violet!

Lost Platinum Wedding Band at Four Seasons Resort Ko Olina…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began as I was completing a hunt in Lagoon 4 with Terry. Matthew from Dallas Texas called and said he lost his ring a few hours ago in either the lagoon or the surrounding area of his lounge chair at the Four Seasons Resort at Lagoon 1A. I told him we’d be right over. Terry & I split the tasking upon arrival. He did the wet & dry sand and I went into the water. Thankfully Matthew only went in the water to his waist as he was rough-housing with his son. I started a grid pattern in the water and was going out to chest deep water in case the ring got flung. The area was sterile as I hunted it the previous weekend. After about 15 minutes and in about knee deep water I got a nice 16-17 tone on the Equinox and in one scoop there was Matthews’ Platinum Wedding Ring in the scoop. I yelled over to where Matthew and Terry were chatting after completing the dry sand search and said, “Got it Matthew” He came running out into the water to confirm and the shock on his face was quite evident. Vacation saved and Matthew out of the dog house. Aloha to Matthew!

Lost Platinum & Diamond Engagement Ring at Pililaau Army Beach…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Reshell who lives in Kaimuki on Oahu. While enjoying some R & R at the Pililaau Army Recreation Center Beach her Engagement ring fell out of the beach chair’s puka storage and fell into the sand. Her Wedding Band had fallen too and she was able to spot it but the Engagement ring was gone. Being on the opposite side of the island from my home and rush hour traffic fast approaching Google maps said it was going to be 1 and a half hours to get there. Reshell was staying at the Center so I told her I would start making my way over. After a little over an hour I decided to call her to be watching for my car. Reshell’s went to voicemail. I tried several times with no luck. When I arrived I talked to the Military gate guard and they knew right where to find Reshell on the beach. It was at that time she noticed her phone was in silent mode and called me to apologize and to meet on the beach. We got to the beach area which was very small because of the shore break and thankfully the beach was sterile. After a quick hunt the ring wasn’t where the other ring had fallen as Reshell had the sense to mark that spot with a rock. I decided to start at the rock wall and work down to the wet sand. As I approached the rock wall I got a loud 6/7 tone on the Nox and one gentle scoop and there in the scoop was Reshell’s beautiful ring. Reshell thought maybe when she leaned the beach chair against the wall is when the engagement ring fell out. In any case the ring is back on her finger and she was tremendously relieved. Aloha to Reshell!

Lost Gold Honeymoon Ring in Aulani Lagoon Ko Olina…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring hunt began on November 11, 2018 when I got a text from Paul from Moreno Valley California. While on vacation and enjoying the day boogie boarding in Aulani Lagoon Paul’s Gold Ring slipped off and disappeared in about 8 feet of water. Paul told me his wife bought the ring for him while on their Hawaii honeymoon 20 years ago. I figured this would be an easy scuba hunt. I searched at least three times on scuba in the area Paul thought it was lost but I didn’t find his Gold ring. Then this past Saturday while scuba detecting for another ring in the Aulani lagoon I found what I thought was Paul’s ring. It had been nearly 5 months so I texted a picture to Paul to confirm. Bingo! It was the ring indeed. I mailed the ring on April Fool’s Day and as you can see in the pic above the ring is back on Paul’s finger in California today. So glad to make this return. Aloha to Paul and his Family!